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COMPARATIVI: mettono a confronto ____________ elementi

Es. Milano è più grande di Reggio _____________________
Londra è più bella di Reggio ______________________
Gli aggettivi e gli avverbi corti (1 sillaba) e gli aggettivi con 2 sillabe che
finiscono con Y aggiungono ________________ (Y diventa _____)
Gli altri aggettivi e avverbi usano __________________
Questo comparativo è seguito da ___________________
Es. Laura è alta come Marta ____________________________________
Prima e dopo ogni aggettivo o avverbio si inserisce _________________
Es. Il mio vestito è meno costoso del tuo __________________________
Si usa ________________ prima dell'aggettivo o dell'avverbio e dopo si mette
SUPERLATIVO: mette a confronto un elemento con un gruppo
Es. Laura è la più giovane della sua famiglia _________________________
La Cina è il paese più inquinato del mondo ____________________________
E' il film più lungo e noioso che abbia mai visto _________________________
Gli aggettivi e gli avverbi corti (1 sillaba) aggiungono ________________
Gli altri aggettivi e avverbi usano __________________
Il superlativo è preceduto da ____________ (come in italiano) ed è seguito da
_____ oppure _______ (se dopo è indicato un posto) oppure _________ (che)
GOOD - BETTER (comparativo) - THE BEST (superlativo)
Laura è migliore di sua sorella a scuola __________________________
Laura è la migliore della sua classe ___________________________
BAD - WORSE (comparativo) - THE WORST (superlativo)
Mark è peggiore di Mike in inglese ___________________________

Mark è il peggiore della classe in inglese _______________________

Exercise n. 1
Write comparative sentences using the verbs in brackets
1. My house is (big) _____________than yours.
2. This flower is (beautiful) _________________than that one.
3. A holiday by the sea is (good) ____________than a holiday in the mountains.
4. The weather this summer is even (bad) __________than last summer.
5. I think mathematics is (difficult) _____________than English.
Exercise n. 2
Complete the sentences. Use the comparative.
1. Joe’s car isn’t very fast. He wants a _____________ one.
2. My job isn’t very interesting. I want to do something ___________________
3. The weather isn’t very warm today. Yesterday it was ___________________
4. People aren’t very polite today. In the past they were ___________________
5. This sofa isn’t very comfortable. That one is _____________________
6. This coat is nice, but I think the other one is ______________

Exercise n. 3

Write three sentences using comparative adjectives

1. __________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________

Exercise n. 4

Complete the sentences with a superlative and the appropriate preposition:

a. This building is very old. It’s the oldest building in the town.
b. It was a very happy day. It was _______________________________ my life.
c. It’s a very good film. It’s _______________________________ I’ve seen.
d. It was a very bad mistake. It was _______________________________ my life.
e. It was a very cold day. It was _______________________________ the year.
f. She’s a popular singer. She’s _______________________________ the country.
g. He’s a very boring person. He’s _______________________________ I know.
h. This house is very big. It is _______________________________ I’ve ever seen.
i. My cousin is very tall. He is _______________________________ I have.
j. Laura is a very pretty girl. She is _____________________ I know.
Exercise n. 5

Write three sentences using superlative adjectives

1. __________________________________________________________
2. __________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________
Exercise n. 6
Use the words to make comparisons with as . . . as.
EXAMPLE: 1. Desktop computers / be / popular / laptops Desktop computers are
as popular as laptops.
2. Microwave ovens / work / well / regular ovens
3. Motorcycles / go / fast / cars
4. This hotel room / be / big / my apartment
5. A smartphone / send messages / quickly / a laptop
6. My mother / speak English / well / my father
7. Gabi / go shopping / often / Linda
8. Trains / be / comfortable / airplanes
Exercise n. 7
Rewrite each sentence with the word(s) in brackets.
EXAMPLE: 1. My watch is less attractive than yours. (not as . . . as) My watch isn’t
as attractive as yours.
2. Sally’s shoes aren’t as fancy as Jill’s. (less) ________________________________
3. Adam exercises less frequently than he used to. (not as . . . as)
4. This supermarket isn’t as expensive as the one across the street. (less)
5. The actor’s new movie isn’t as exciting as his last one. (less)
Exercise n. 8

Write the words to fill the gaps. Use comparatives and superlatives and the correct
preposition (and article when needed)

1. The clothes in this shop are ____________ (good) ______ the clothes in my town.

2. That’s my _______________________ (bad) mark ever!

3. That’s _______________________ (disgusting) meal I’ve ever had!

4. I hope your team is _____________________ (lucky) today ________ last week.

5. They’re ______________ (happy) in their new school __________ in their old one.

6. It’s _______________________ (good) song I have ever heard!

7. Your spaghetti sauce is ___________________ (tasty) ___________ my mum’s.

8. These trousers are _________________ (comfortable) ____________ those jeans.

9. You are ________________________ (pretty) girl ___________ the class.

10. I always tell _______________________ (fun) jokes.

11. He was _______________ (good) footballer __________ his team.

12. I like wearing ___________________ (late) fashion.

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