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Article August 2016


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Uma Sankar Mishra

Siksha O Anusandhan University


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Saroj Kumar Sahoo1, Uma Sankar Mishra2, Sandhyarani Sahoo3

1Lecturer, PG Department of Business Administration, Sambalpur University, Jyoti Vihar, Odisha, India.
2Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, IBCS, Faculty of Management Sciences, Siksha O Anusandhan University,

Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

3Assistant Manager, ICICI Bank, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

Nothing happens by the angels movement in the corporate houses, except some natural calamities. Either it is a planned action
or exploitation of opportunity as or when it comes. It seems that Nestle has clearly inculcated this truth and hence took the ethical
issue in the way of viral marketing! In another way it may be understood that Nestle failed to anticipate the Indian legal issues and
legal procedures for food products. At the end, Maggi although suffered a lot for its sales and revenue, it could have gained a mileage
for the future. That is why, even by higher price than the past; there is a very good response to the Maggi noodles from the market
after its re-launch. So it remains a question to every company/analysts/researchers nowadays that is there scope to take positive
mileage from the legal & ethical issues relating to the food products in Indian markets?

Maggi Noodles, Nestle, Legal & Ethical Issues, FSSAI, MSG & Lead Component in Noodles.
HOW TO CITE THIS ARTICLE: Sahoo SK, Mishra US, Sahoo S. Maggi saga in India: An ethical issue or uncontrolled viral marketing!.J.
Advances in Bus. Management 2016;2(3):140-145, DOI: 10.14260/jadbm/2016/33
INTRODUCTION Table-1). The wariness of company can be understood easily
The Real Test of Maggi Noodles Taste by looking at the performance of Nestle-India and Maggi
"We felt unfounded reasons resulting in confusion and the noodles, which is in question-mark after recalling noodles
trust of consumers was shaken, hence decided to withdraw the from market and stopping its production, because many states
Maggi noodles from the market, but we apply the same quality of India banned the famous '2-minute' instant food after tests
standards and methods in the world, here in India too. Our showed them containing taste enhancer MSG (Monosodium
tests have found that Maggi is absolutely safe"- said Paul Glutamate) and lead in excess of permissible limits. However,
Bulcke, the global CEO of Nestle in a press conference in a small relief for Nestle India was that West-Bengal state
Delhi[1] (Economic Times, 5th June 2015). These statements government had not taken any action as no objectionable
reflect the degree of wariness of the global CEO, Nestle found with five tests that had been conducted on the product
regarding the Maggi noodles in the worlds largest potential in central as well as state laboratories, according to the opinion
market, India. This above said press conference coincided with of said state government.[2]
the central food safety regulator (FSSAI), which ordered
Nestle-India to recall of all nine approved variants of Maggi About Nestle & Nestle India
instant noodles from the market, terming them "unsafe and Nestle, a Switzerland company was founded in 1866 by Henri
hazardous" for human consumption. This nightmare news of Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. Employees around 3,39,000 in
Nestle broke-out on Uttar Pradesh FDA's findings, while filing factories, operations and other business activities in almost
a case in the court of law in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India. every country (197 countries) in the world are working. The
Subsequently various states of India like Delhi, Gujarat, Kerala, company has 442 factories in 86 countries. Nestle sales for
Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Odisha, Tamil-Nadu, J&K, Uttarakhand, 2009 were 108 billion Swiss francs (CHF) and 91612 million
Bihar, Assam, Maharashtra banned the Maggi noodles with CHF in 2014. Operating profit was 15.3% of sales in 2014.
various test reports and other states are on the line to ban the Going to the history of the Maggi product, in 1870 the Swiss,
Maggi noodles. Even Indian army notified its personnel not to Julius Michael Johannes Maggi (1846-1912) inherited family
take Maggi noodles. After such issues, union health minister, business, a mill in Kemptthal, near Zurich, wanted to engage
India Mr. J P Nadda said that his ministry had received reports the factorys women workers to prepare a quick nourishing
from all states and assessed them and We have come to the soup and hence Maggi product started its journey. The
conclusion that the food safety & standards have not been company has product portfolio of most of the food & beverage
adhered to by Nestle company for Maggi products and that is category and claiming to give consumers tastier and healthier
why we have given instructions that all nine products products to enjoy at every eating occasion and throughout
(variants) should be recalled from the market (details in lifes stages. The brands under various product category are
Financial or Other, Competing Interest: None. Cerelac, Gerber, Gerber Graduates, NaturNes, Nestum (Baby
Submission 01-07-2016, Peer Review 04-07-2016, foods); Nestle Pure Life, Perrier, Poland Spring, S. Pellegrino
Acceptance 30-07-2016, Published 08-08-2016. (Bottled water); Chocapic, Cini Minis, Cookie Crisp, Estrelitas,
Corresponding Author: Fitness, Nesquik Cereal (Cereals); Aero, Butterfinger, Cailler,
Uma Sankar Mishra,
IBCS, Faculty of Management Sciences, Crunch, KitKat, Orion, Smarties, Wonka (Chocolate &
Siksha O Anusandhan University, confectionery); Nescafe, Nescafe 3 in 1, Nescafe Cappuccino,
SUM Hospital Road, Kalinga Nagar, Nescafe Classic, Nescafe Decaff, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Nescafe
Ghatikia, Bhubaneswar-751003, Gold, Nespresso (Coffee); Buitoni, Herta, Hot Pockets, Lean
Odisha, India.
E-mail: Cuisine, Maggi, Stouffer's, Thomy (Culinary, chilled and frozen
DOI: 10.14260/jadbm/2016/33 food); Carnation, Coffee-Mate, La Laitire, Nido (Dairy); Milo,

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 140 Case Study

Nesquik, Nestea (Drinks); Chef, Chef-Mate, Maggi, Milo, Performance of Nestle-India & Maggi Noodles
Minors, Nescaf, Nestea, Sjora, Lean Cuisine, Stouffer's (Food In 2014, an estimated 250, 000 tonnes of Maggi products were
service); Boost, Nutren Junior, Peptamen, Resource sold in India. Nestle India's revenue from Maggi noodles is
(Healthcare nutrition); Dreyers, Extreme, Haagen-Dazs, around Rs 2,500 crores a year. The instant noodles make up
Movenpick, Nestle Ice Cream (Ice cream); Alpo, Bakers 31.5 per cent of Nestle India's revenue[5]. Maggi commands
Complete, Beneful, Cat Chow, Chef Michaels Canine Creations, around an 80 percent share of India's noodles market in terms
Dog Chow, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, Gourmet, Purina, of revenue (Source: 9th June 2015, Business standard). In one
Purina ONE, Pro Plan (Petcare). hand, overall noodles market is growing continuously in India
Nestle having its mission of "Good Food, Good Life" and and in other hand India is the second largest single market for
culture reflecting the ideas of fairness, honesty and long-term Nestles Maggi brand, with retail sales worth $623 million in
thinking, entered in India in the year 1912 when it began 2014 across noodles, table sauces and other products,
trading as The Nestle Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company according to Euromonitor International. And the prepared
(Export) Limited, importing and selling finished products in dishes and cooking aids category contribute nearly 30% of
the Indian market. After India's independence in 1947, the Nestle Indias revenue, according to a January 2015 research
economic policies of the Indian Government emphasised the report by French banking and financial services firm, Societe
need for local production.[3] Further Nestle set up its first Generale. Maggi in India is synonymous with noodles and
factory in 1961 at Moga, Punjab, India, where the government completely dominates the market with 63% share in 2014.
wanted Nestle to develop the milk economy and later on This means that the brand has a lot to lose, Lianne van den
offered agricultural services to educate, advise and help the Bos, a food analyst at Euromonitor, said in a note (details in
farmer in a variety of aspects like increasing the milk yield of Figure-1 & 2, sources: quartz-India,
their cows through improved dairy farming methods, to
irrigation, scientific crop management practices and helping The Facts Behind: Ethics or Over-emphasised
with the procurement of bank loans. Nestle India limited Promotional Activities
introduced Maggi to the Indian consumers with the launch of The mind-boggling point is that company strongly claiming
Maggi 2 minutes noodles, an instant food product in the year Maggi noodles are safe, still Nestle-India had to withdraw the
1982. The Company's activities in India give livelihood to one noodle product from the markets before going to the court of
million people including farmers, suppliers of packaging law. Though this media-shy company never before publicly
materials, services and other goods. Milk collection centres of put its self-investigated quality report, said (by the global CEO
Nestle ensure prompt collection, fair prices and other such in press conference, Delhi) that no lead found in 1,000 Maggi
sustainable business practices, which made Moga not only batches tested internally, product quality and safety is of
into a prosperous and vibrant milk district today, but also a paramount priority, we don't have data from any of the third
thriving hub of industrial activity of India. The company party tests conducted on Maggi noodles, with our consumers
continuously focuses its efforts to better understand the in mind, we shall work with the authorities to clear this
changing lifestyles of India and anticipate consumer situation, I am very confident that we will be back as soon as
centralised research and development activities helping the possible, which is our prime objective. Further, the following
company to create value that can be sustained by offering data can give a path to companys business intention in India.
consumers a wide variety of high quality, safe food products at Nestle is one of the biggest advertisers in India, spending over
affordable prices. Nestle India manufactures products of truly Rs 400 crores on advertising a year. Its ad spends on Maggi
international quality under internationally famous brand brand alone is near about Rs 150 crores. Company made the
names such as Nescafe, Maggi, Milkybar, KitKat, Bar-one, top Indian celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit,
Milkmaid & Nestea and in recent years the company has also Preity Zinta as its brand ambassadors. Nestle India has
introduced products of daily consumption & use such as Nestle disclosed having spent Rs 445 crores on 'advertising and sales
Milk, Nestle Slim Milk, Nestle Dahi and Nestle Jeera Raita.[3] promotion' in the year 2014, while the expenses towards
Research and Development (R&D) in India is a part of 'quality testing' was less than 5 per cent of such amounts.
Nestle- S.A.s global R&D network and supports all markets Similar has been the trend over the last five years, when the
worldwide with new product development and manufacturing 'advertising and sales promotion' expenses ranged between
excellence for Noodles. It is also a centre of expertise for local Rs 300-450 crores annually, while expenditure on 'laboratory
Indian cuisine within the Nestle R&D network and offers or quality testing' moved between Rs 12-20 crores. The
assistance to culinary, confectionery, nutrition and dairy expenses towards employees have risen the most in the last
products in the South Asia Region (SAR). It has the new R&D five years - up by about 75 per cent from Rs 433 crores in the
Centre in Manesar, and Nestle South Asia Region aims at year 2010 to Rs 755 crores in 2014. The advertising and sales
greater regional consumer focus. R&D centre in India reflects promotion expenses have risen by 47 per cent from Rs 302
the Nestle spirit of R&D-Business partnership towards crores in 2010 to Rs 445 crores in 2014. In the same period,
developing winning concepts, suited to the local consumer.[3] the 'laboratory or quality testing' expenses rose by 45 per cent
The corporate business principle of Nestle has 10 major from Rs 13 crores to Rs 19 crores. The company follows a
dimensions of the company. They are nutrition, health & financial year ending December 31. The financial accounts of
wellness; quality assurance & product safety; consumer Nestle India further shows that the expenditure towards heads
communication; human rights in the business activities; like 'travelling' and 'training' was higher than the same
leadership & personal responsibilities; safety & health at towards quality testing. While travelling expenses have risen
work; supplier & customer relation; agriculture & rural by 27 per cent from Rs 54 crores in 2010 to Rs 68 crores in
development; environmental sustainability, and water.[4] 2014, the training expenditure rose by 51 per cent from Rs 25
crores to Rs 38 crores in the same period, the expenditure

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 141 Case Study

towards 'market research' was; however, lower at about Rs 16 newspaper, 15th June 2015 issue put a news head line - worst-
crores in 2014, up by about 69 per cent from Rs 9.7 crores five ever branding crisis: Nestle India sees more than Rs 320 crores
years ago in 2010.[6] hit from Maggi ban, which is the most critical point to think.
This is because; Nestle India said the estimated sales value of
The Aftermath: Affecting Nestle the stock in the market was worth around Rs 210 crores. Rs
There was an all-round attack on Maggi, starting from 110 crores of Maggi noodles and related products in its
government to the legal bodies and independent associations. factories and distribution centre. Further, there will be some
Government of India had filed for damages from Nestle after additional costs, for example bringing stock from the market,
this food scare involving reports of excess lead & MSG in Maggi transporting stock to destruction points". According to Brand
noodles, especially the 2-minutes Maggi that forced a Finance, an independent asset valuation consultancy, Maggi is
nationwide recall. "It's a serious matter concerning public set to lose $200 million in brand value after FSSAI ordered
health and the law allows us to go for self- taken legal steps, or Nestle to recall all its variants.[7]
legal actions, against erring entities," said one official in the
consumer affairs department of the food ministry. The claim, The Aftermath: Nestles Response
made through the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Nestle-India lost advertising inventory of about Rs 10 crores
Commission (NCDRC), which has semi-judicial powers and due to Maggi recall despite its move to air commercials of
will decide on the merits of the case and the size of any Nescafe or KitKat in all advertisement slots booked for the
damages. Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) instant noodles brand. The channels have been told to subtly
ordered not only to recall the Maggi noodles from market but replace Maggi ads with Nescafe and KitKat commercials. The
also to stop production of the same. Further, this regulator also company had stopped digital advertising for the Maggi brand
sought inspection of all brands of noodles, pasta and macaroni. as well, including the social media. Companys business
The Madurai bench of the Tamil Nadu State Consumer intension (strategy) can be further examined by the fact that
Disputes Redressal Commission issued notices to Amitabh Nestle India will eliminate low-margin products from its
Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta. This commission portfolio in the coming quarters as the company rationalises
also issued notices to CMD of Nestle India, to take samples of its products in order to improve profitability, said its
the product for tests regarding the quality & safety of Maggi managing director, Etienne Benet. Company had already
noodles complying with Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. withdrawn Nestle Eclairs, Nescafe Mild and milk sachets, as
Petitioner K. Manavalan, a city-based consumer rights activist, they were low-margin and low-growth products. While Maggi
wanted the forum to direct the actors not to promote the is also a low-margin product, the company has been increasing
product through advertisements containing "false its offerings of instant noodles under the Maggi brand.
representations" about its quality and safety. The Nestle-India told its employees not to take leaves unless
commission's presiding judicial member J. Jayaram and there is an emergency. Even those employees who had been
Member M. Murugesan said while passing interim orders to granted leave have been told to stay. The company employs
stop sales on the petition. The commission directed the nearly about Nestle India's 7,000 employees, including those
designated officer of the deputy director of health services, working at its five noodles plants in Moga, Pantnagar,
Madurai, to take random samples of Maggi noodles with Nanjangud, Bicholim and Tahliwal. Most of the executives of
tastemaker from different shops and subject them to tests at Nestle-India were going through sleepless nights. I haven't
the appropriate laboratory. It directed the safety slept for more than two hours in the past fortnight". "It's been
commissioner and deputy director of health to file a test report all about non-stop work like plant visits, meetings, tests, future
along with opposite parties' opinion regarding the safety of strategies, decisions. Worse, we don't know what will happen
consuming the noodles on or before June 18. The above said tomorrow"- a mid-level executive said, published in the
consumer rights activist sought imposition of a fine of Rs 45 Economic Times on 9th June 2015.[8] Responding to the
lakh on Nestle India and deposit the same in the consumer biggest controversies in India, Nestle had to engage its entire
welfare fund. FSSAI asked on 7th June to states to conduct team into fire fighting, even the global chief executive Paul
thorough tests on non-standardised food products such as Bulcke and executives from across the world, including
noodles, pasta, and macaroni made by seven manufacturers longest-serving brand head Shivani Hegde from Sri Lanka, to
and submit reports by 19th June. manage the crisis. Hegde had been called back from Sri Lanka,
The Nestle India stock has under-performed the who had been given on the responsibility of head, Nestle-Sri
benchmark BSE Sensex in the few trading sessions (by 4th June Lanka in February 2015 to restore the brand that she almost
2015), falling 15 per cent owing to rising concerns on sales of created from scratch.
its key brand, Maggi noodles. Nestle India has seen its stock
plummet nearly 15% from around Rs 7, 000 levels on May 21 The aftermath: Other Industry, Economy & International
on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) to Rs 5, 940 levels in Singapore authority, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority
intra-day trade on June 04, 2015, and the failing trend may (AVA) have ordered local importers to temporarily suspend of
continue as the issue had not solved till this case-study the sale of Nestle's Maggi noodles imported from India amid
completion. Nestle India may not get insurance claims through reports that high lead content, which is 2.8 PPM to 5 PPM
commercial general liability (CGL) policy, because this policy (particle per million) in 14 of 27 samples in India that is above
is a standard insurance policy issued to business organisations the prescribed limit of 2.5 PPM. Presence of excess lead is
to protect them against liability arising from any bodily injury, harmful for health. USA had rejected more snack imports from
property damage or personal injury liability, and in the Maggi India than any other country in the first five months of 2015,
noodle case only higher levels of some elements have been according to the data on the United States Food and Drugs
found and no injury has occurred. The Economic Times Association (FDA) website (Source: Newspaper, Business

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 142 Case Study

Standard, 11th June 2015). The Canadian Food Inspection alleging unfair trade practices, false labelling and misleading
Authority (CFIA) is conducting a food safety investigation for advertisements by the firm. By this suit, it has sought Rs. 640
the possible presence of lead in Maggi brand noodle products crores of compensation. However, supreme-court stayed the
imported into Canada by various firms from India. If affected proceedings before the NCDRC and directed for fresh testing
products are identified as part of the agencys ongoing of Maggi product in Mysore lab and the said court decided to
investigation, a food recall warning will be issued, said the make the hearing of the case along the case filed by FSSAI[13].
Canadian health regulator. Bahrain banned import & sales of Even after getting some reports from Mysore laboratory,
Maggi from India. Maryam Al Jalahma, primary care and public supreme-court on 14th January 2016, asked more clarification
health assistant under-secretary, Bahrain said that "The from the concerned lab and the matter was posted to 5 th April
Health Ministry has now ordered heightened vigilance at the 2016 by the supreme-court and there was no interim order by
country's ports to ensure that no more of the Indian- the time this case-let is completed. On re-launching 7, 20,000
manufactured noodles enter Bahrain.[9] units of Maggi noodles (12 packs) were sold through
The negative impact not only limited to the noodles of Snapdeal with 60,000 units (welcome kit). These welcome
Nestle, but also extended to all most all noodles manufacturers kits consist of a Maggi calendar-2016, a Maggi fridge magnet,
as they were under scanner of FSSAI (details in table-2). The Maggi postcards and a Welcome Back letter. As a whole, 45
Maggi fiasco may affect the overall food processing industry as million packs of the popular snack within two weeks of its re-
most of the processed foods are intended to be scrutinised by launch and the company is selling the noodles only in 200, 000
FSSAI and various FDA of state governments. If it is so, then it retail outlets across 600 cities and towns. It has a reach of 3.9
can be imagined the magnitude of bad impact on the economy million retail outlets.[11]
by looking these statistics. The National Accounts Statistics
2014 referred that the average annual growth rate of the Should it find a place in the Indian Consumers Mind?
processed food sector for the five-year period between 2008- It is not only the situation of Nestle India, but also similar trend
09 and 2012-13 at a healthy 8.4 percent that is significantly could be seen at other such companies as all of them spend
higher than the overall GDP growth rate of 7.1 per cent and huge sums on brand promotions and have the provision of
the manufacturing GDP growth rate of 6.6 percent for the same very less fund for quality inspection. Even the quality
period. Ministry of food processing industries has estimated inspection is not a regular managerial practice to some of the
the size of the Indian food market at $191 bn (Rs 11, 84, 200 companies, which make the Indian consumer more conscious
crores) and the sector, which is also the biggest employment and make the companies more accountable. But should not
generator in the country accounting for 12.13 per cent of the every single consumer try to find the answer of questions
jobs created, followed by textiles (10.86 per cent), is central to Whether FSSAI wakes-up only when somebody else wants to
the governments plan to push manufacturing and generate find the truth?, whether ministry tries to accomplish its
jobs (Details in figure -3 & 4) [10]. In the quarter ended 30th formalities only?, should not be Indian consumers educated by
September 2015, Nestl Indias profit fell 60% from the year- the companies? Who will bear the cost of those customers who
ago period to Rs. 124.2 crores on account of lower sales. The have purchased a lot before the matter broke-out and in which
net profit came back to Rs. 64.4 crores loss, the lowest during procedure?, In which way company should deliver its social
last 15 years.[11] responsibility towards those customers who are consuming its
Maggi noodles regularly being the brand loyal and finally, how
Maggie Come-back company can ensure every noodle packet is destroyed from
On October 26, Nestle had said that it has resumed those which are recalled & dumped (Picture-1 & 2)? These
manufacturing Maggi noodles and they will hit the markets questions may be answered by examining the following facts.
after getting clearances from food testing labs. Initially, after The FSSAI issued an order only when countrywide anger
re-launch, Maggi noodles (12 packs, 70 grams, 144 rupees) on came out over the dangerous levels of lead and monosodium
Snapdeal, the e-commerce website [12]. However, according to glutamate reported in Maggi noodles. According to Yudhvir
the above report, these noodles were available in 8 states of Singh Malik, chief executive of the FSSAI, the regulator had
India. On 9th November 2015, Nestle had re-launched Maggi issued licences for such products without thorough testing
noodles in the market as the Bombay high court had lifted the because facilities in the country were not adequate and the
ban on nine variants of the fast food on dated 13th August 2015 licences will be delayed. Further, he said the Food Safety and
and asked the company to go for fresh tests.[13] Standards Act, 2006, make manufacturers responsible for
Within a week of Nestles Maggi noodles returning to the maintaining food and safety standards, which is based on the
market, the countrys apex food regulator FSSAI has moved concept of self-compliance.
the supreme-court against the Bombay high-court order that
had allowed re-launch of the noodles and that it had Sl.
Date Issues
questioned the credibility of the latest tests as samples were No.
drawn from Nestle. It should be noted here that Maggi cleared FDA of UP order recall of a batch of
30TH April
the first set of tests on October 16 which allowed Nestl India 1 about 0.2 million packets of Maggi
to start manufacturing the product and second set of tests on noodles due to excessive lead or MSG.
newly manufactured batches also declared the products as Concerned union minister, Mr. Ram
25TH May
2 Vilas Paswan reviewed report of
safe for human consumption [14]. In the meantime, national 2015
higher MSG in Maggi noodles.
consumer disputes redressal commission (NCDRC) ordered
Govt. asked FSSAI to do an enquiry of
twice (15 October and 10 December 2015) for testing of 29TH May
3 quality issue of Maggi noodles. FSSAI
several samples of Maggi noodles and the central government 2015
collected more samples.
has filed a class action suit before NCDRC against Nestle,

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 143 Case Study

Bihar court orders FIR against Mr. Sl.

Company Product (s)
Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, No.
2ND June
4 Preity Zinta (celebrities associated Maggi Nutri-Licious, Pazzta with
with the advertisement of Maggi) and Test Maker (4 variants), Maggi
1 Nestle India
two officials of Nestle. Instant Noodles with Taste Maker
3RD June State owned retail out-lets of Kerala, (9 variants).
2015 banned selling of Maggi noodles. Sunfeast Yippee Instant Noodles
Delhi banned selling of Maggi noodles ( 3 variants)
for 15 days. Glaxo-
4TH June Indian Army issued advisory to its Smithkline
6 3 Foodles noodles (10 variants)
2015 personnel not to eat Maggi noodles. Consumer
Gujarat banned selling of Maggi care
noodles for one month. Indo Nissan
4 Top Ramen Atta Masala
5TH and Tamil-Nadu, J&K, Uttarakhand, Bihar Foods
7 6TH June & Madhya Pradesh banned selling of C G Foods
5 Wai Wai Noodles (3 variants)
2015 Maggi noodles. India
Nestles global CEO, Paul Bulcke 6 AA Nutrition Yummy Noodles (2 variants)
addressed the press conference in
5TH June Delhi by defending the Maggi quality. 7 Koka Instant Noodles
8 International
2015 Then the company voluntarily
decided to withdraw Maggi-instant Source: FSSAI
noodles across India. Table 2: Noodle of Suspicion
FSSAI issued order to Nestle to (Packaged foods that are under FSSAIs Lens)
5TH June
9 withdraw all variants of Maggi
noodles from the market.
7TH June Govt. did seek damages from Nestle
2015 after the noodle scar.
Nestle had gone to Bombay High
11TH June
11 Court appealing a judicial review of
FSSAIs order of banning its noodles.
The Bombay High Court declined
appeal of Nestle, which has sought a
judicial review of FSSAIs order of
banning its top-selling nine variants
12TH June
12 of Maggi instant noodles on health
issues. The court issued notice to
FSSAI and other respondents and
posted the matter for next hearing,
June 30.
13th Bombay high court had lifted the ban
13 August on nine variants of the fast food of the
2015 Nestle India
16th Maggi cleared the first set of tests,
14 October which allowed Nestl India to start
2015 manufacturing the product.
Nestle had re-launched Maggi
noodles in the market through
15 November
Snapdeal, an e-commerce
Table 1: Issue(s) relating to Maggi noodles
FSSAI refers to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India;
FDA refers to Food & Drug Authority of India. MSG refers to
Monosodium Glutamate.

The next hearing of honourable court has not come till this
case-study completion, so details can be referred from other

News of Economic Times, 9th June 2015[8], Business standard,
12th June 2015.[15]

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 144 Case Study

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13. PTI. Supreme court orders fresh testing of Maggi at
Mysore lab, The Deccan Chronicle 16 December, 2015.
14. Dutta A, Mookerji N, Jog S. Maggi case: FSSAI moves apex
court. The Business Standard 17 November, 2015.
15. Jog S. Nestle India challenges Maggi ban in Bombay HC,
Terms ban arbitrary, argues that no prior notice was
given; alleges company not given proper hearing,
Mumbai. Business Standard 12 June, 2015.

J. Advances in Bus. Management/eISSN-2395-7441/pISSN-2395-7328/Vol. 2/Issue 03/ Jul-Sept. 2016 Page 145

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