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Plein air

ecolodge & ecotende per il glamping

19 febbraio 2008 -

La natura, l’acqua chiara e l’aria pura stanno
diventando una “merce” sempre più rara e
sempre più desiderata. Non può essere sprecata.
1 - alcuni esempi nel mondo
Africa - Seychelles
Africa - deserto
Africa - savana
Sud Africa - Marataba
Australia - foresta pluviale
Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista is Costa Rica’s only sustainable treehouse community

located on over 250 acres of pristine rain forest in the Osa Peninsula.
Shown is the Lantern House by Romero Studios. Represented by Osa
Peninsula Properties.

Karijini Eco Retreat was thrilled to have recently been

granted Advanced Eco Tourism Status as a result of a large
number of environmentally sound initiatives implemented at
the Retreat.
Filippine - Polinesia - Brasile- India - Honduras - ecc.
2 - le tribù del glamping
Ciò che vogliono le tribù del glamping

Trovare tutti i confort

 avendo l’impressione di essere degli esploratori

Strutture spartane
Alcuni giochi delle tribù eco-
 ma di grande fascino turistiche
escursioni e trekking,
mountain bike e cicloturismo,
Sapere dove andare equitazione,
 per poi sentirsi liberi di perdersi climbing,
Volo (parapendio,
deltaplano, aliante, …)
Le tribù si aggregano intorno a giochi, fonti di identità e edonismo. enogastronomia e piaceri
della tavola,
Ogni gioco è natura
prodotti locali
 ma richiede servizi e strutture specifici
tarzaning, ecc…
Il territorio

Natura, paesaggi

Silenzio, spazi, profumi, vista

Qualità dell’offerta gastronomica

Non inquinamento

Bassa densità dell’antropizzazione Nei territori ancora preservati, non costruiti, l’assenza di
strutture da punto critico diventa punto di forza. Dal nulla è
possibile creare ex-novo un territorio seguendo criteri
rigorosi di sviluppo sostenibile.

Questo particolare tipo di morfologia naturale ed i suoi prodotti non richiama un turismo generalista ma
un turismo con connotazioni “genetiche” ben precise:

Di movimento lento
Non standard quindi intraprendente e curioso
Allo stesso tempo adattabile ed esigente
Fisicamente attivo/sportivo
Turismo delle tribù, del passa parola, che diffida dei
pacchetti turistici e detesta l’affollamento. Un pubblico in
cerca di autenticità, scoperta e relax. Un pubblico mosso
da una parola eternamente magica: evasione
Snodo del posizionamento


Tribù del Glamping

3 - Prefab
5 eco-principi

Smart Eco Energy Water Healthy

design materials efficiency Conservation environment
Prefab: i vantaggi

Negli ultimi anni è nata una nuova, importante, corrente dell’architettura e del design
incentrata sulla progettazione di unità abitative prefabbricate di nuova concezione cui
principali obiettivi sono:

- minimizzazione dei costi

- minimizzazione dell’impatto ambientale
- minimizzazione dei tempi di costruzione
- alto livello di design
- uso di materiali naturali e riciclabili
- uso di energie rinnovabili
- avanguardia nella sostenibilità ambientale

Alcune di queste sono pensate in particolare per le vacanze.

Sebbene, come abbiamo visto, alcune destinazioni si stanno specializzando nel glamping
fatto di ecolodge ed ecotende, ad oggi nessuna destinazione turistica al mondo è
caratterizzata dall’alto livello di design delle strutture.

Improntare il plein air anche sull’avanguardia del design presenta alte potenzialità in
termini d’immagine.

Sono in tal senso ipotizzabili fruttuose collaborazioni con architetti italiani di fama mondiale
quali, ad esempio, Gae Aulenti, Antonio Citterio, Massimiliano Fuksas, Piero Lissoni, Atelier
Mendini, Renzo Piano, Marco Pilati, Matteo Thun, ecc.

Summer house, Hardanger

Principal Architects: Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen

A self-initiated and self-financed project. The main dilema for emerging architects is finding clients willing to take a
chance with young, enthusiastic architects that have limited experience? When we first started our firm, instead of
looking for clients we went looking for plots, to build an experimental structure. Doing this, we could pursue our
architectural vision in line with our convictions: uncomprimising, original and respect for the landscape.

Headed by architect Eric Bigot, the driving concept behind ZenKaya is to make building a house as simple as buying a
car. ZenKaya is a fusion of modern technology and practicality which will give you peace of mind. This prefab is
delivered completed ready to live in and comes in a lot of sizes and customized features.

With its clean lines and glawing surface, the Modular Dwelling embodies California’s new prefab architectural
movement. These custom built dwelling blend minimalist styling, industrial materials and a modernist’s attention to detail
to create a usable environment that is truely unique. Designed to be easy to transport, quick to assemble and
aesthetically pleasing, the Modular Dwelling mixes the design philosophies of Charles Eames and Richard Neutra to
create a living environment that is the ideal blend of form and function.

Port-a-bach is a product from atelierworkshop, a New Zealand firm:

Our architecture seeks to reveal the landscape and the environment through innovation and common sense.... Without
compromising on design, we put priority on finding sustainable solutions.

The holiday home concept is built in a standard shipping container:

- portable - secure - high-level finish - designed to be environmentaly clean - comparatively inexpensive - comfortably
sleeps two adults and two children - immediate, flexible and long-term solution that enables you to use your land
without investing in a permanent property commitment - quick and easy transportation (via truck or helicopter) and
installation to any orientation with minimal impact on site - unfolding to create a living space and refolding to create a
secure unit for in situ storage or relocation.

Architect: Dorte Mandrup Architects ApS

Extent / size: ca. 10 m2
Completed / Year:2007
Photographer: Torben Eskerod

Measuring only 10 m2, Reading Nest is a small pre-manufactured structure that is designed to sit in the landscape like
an architectural folly. Being flexible in both situation and use, the owner can place Reading Nest where he or she feels
would best suit their needs, whether for study, relaxation or both.

The exterior is clad in vertically striated natural wood slats that are designed to interact well with the immediate
environment. Inside, Reading Nest is fitted with a wall of shelves, as well as a bed that can be folded into the wall when
more space is needed. A large window on one wall as well as a skylight above the bed allow for light to flood into the
space creating a bright oasis in which to study and read.

Summerhouse, Aaland, Finland Summer Houses 2, Toronto

Principal Architects: Todd Saunders & Tommie Principal Architect: Todd Saunders
Wilhelmsen Co-workers: Geneviéve Charbonneau & Maren Klovning
This house takes the form of a continuous, long, folded Hansen
wooden structure that incorporates all the functions of the
house. Here we created a clear folding structure that This is a cooperation project with the lawyer Hy
flows up, down, over and under. This structure Rosenberg and Collaborative Ventures. The project is an
transformed into all the house elements: walls, floor, roof, experiment with simplicity in terms of construction and
seating and roof terrace. (more) also to create a simple alternative designs for those
wishing to attain a modern vacation home.

The micro compact home [m-ch] is a lightweight compact dwelling for one or two people. Its compact dimensions of
2.6m [8.5 ft] cube adapt it to a variety of sites and circumstances, and its functioning spaces of sleeping, working /
dining, cooking and hygiene make it suitable for everyday use.
The New York Times says: Mr. Horden’s Micro Compact House — Mr. Bergdoll [of MoMA] described it as “a giant
livable Sony radio cube” — is topped with photovoltaic panels and has wind turbines in its walls, allowing the house to
generate its own electricity. An aluminum-clad perfect cube, with about 76 square feet of living space, the tiny dwelling
is intended for use as athletic or student housing, or as a miniature vacation house. Mr. Bergdoll met with Mr. Horden
in one of his cubes, a space so compact that the architect managed to make espresso on the kitchen counter without
leaving his seat at the dining table.
The house is commercially available — it recently went on the market in Europe — and can be delivered by helicopter or

Plan I Model: Overall size 3.658m x 12.250m (38sqm) - 2 bedroom

The I-model has been specifically designed to offer the same benefits of quality and style as the H-model, but with the
accommodation arranged in conventional Holiday Caravan layout. This is to cater for all those purchasers who long for
an H-model but simply cannot accommodate the size of the home on their land. The I-model’s own strength is it’s purity
of form.
The Retreat is built to comply with all relevant Codes of Practice required by the National Caravan Council Certification
Scheme and those approved by the British Holiday & Home Parks Association. This product is a holiday home. It has
been designed to accord with European and British Standard BS/EN3632 which include grade A and B snow loads.

Metroshed & Metrocabin

MetroShed is proud to be "eco-friendly" and a leader of building "green" prefabricated structures.

What is "green building"? Green building, sometimes called "sustainable building" or "environmental building", is
building more efficiently for the benefit of the environment, individual and community through better design,
construction, operation, maintenance and waste removal. MetroShed has taken several "green" steps to make sure we
do our part to balance MetroShed construction and the environment.
"The simple and sophisticated design allows it to exist easily in an urban setting, while the quiet strength and sturdy
attitude are comfortable in a more rugged environment."

name: MetroCabin by MetroShed

where: Orlando, FL
size: 104sf
cost: $29,500 to $34,950
construction type: pre-assembled conventional stud-framed panels

The goal of the Modern Sheds is "to be assembled quickly and with few tools. All models are packed flat with all the
panels pre-built and finished." Their Studio Shed "comes with pre-insulated walls and roof panels" for purposes such as
an office or art studio. They also have plans to sell larger Dwelling Sheds, ranging from 475sf to 1,260sf. These will
feature the same construction and include bathrooms and kiitchens.

name: Modern Shed

where: Seattle, WA
size: 48sf - 120sf
cost: $4,995 (no frills Garden Shed base price) to $11,980 (120sf Studio Shed base price)
construction type: pre-assembled conventional stud-framed panels
standard materials: fiberglass doors, aluminum windows, metal roof, concrete siding, maple plywood
options: insulation($750), exterior color, door and trim color, floor color, sliding glass door ($500), deck($1,025 to
$1,375), additional window ($550)

Our garden rooms & buildings can be used in a variety of ways but they are mainly used as garden offices and garden
studios. If you need a home office but don't have room indoors our garden offices & studios offer a practical space
saving solution for your home office requirements.
4 - Eco Tende
Esiste un turismo del mare che vuole stare a contatto con la natura.
In Italia sono rari i posti dove questo è ancora possibile. Lo è in alcune zone del Sud Italia.

With its origins in Safari-Tented Lodges out of Africa, Exclusive Tents specializes in supplying a unique range of ultra
luxury canvas tented accommodation around the globe from Australia to Alaska and beyond.
Manufactured to perfection, our tents are designed to be eco friendly and aesthetic, to blend into their environment and
are perfectly designed for 5 Star Eco Lodges, Luxury Resorts & Spa’s, Health Resorts, Boutique Lodges, Tree Houses
and Romantic Island Retreats etc.
All of our tents leave only a green footprint on the environment, be it by the ocean coastline, on the beach, in the
countryside, on an estate, remote logistical expedition base camps or as a private lake cabin in paradise.
Our tents are all 4-season and do well in any climates from high rainfall tropical climates to dry desert environments,
offering a unique alternative in architectural style, 5 star flair elegance and the romance of living under canvas.
With our exquisite and exotic designs our tents have also been used for pavilions, weddings, spas, yoga, meditation
and spiritual retreats.
We can custom design your tent to meet your specific requirements or we can also make minor custom changes to
existing designs to meet many of our customers special requirements.
We specialize in alternative, green, sustainable and orcanic architectural design.

Eco Structures Australia strives to lead the market in high quality Eco Tents, Eco Cabins and Eco Villas in regional and
remote area modular accommodation; working together with governments, local authorities, and partners to develop
sustainable communities
Eco Structures Australia has been founded on a long history of remote area accommodation experiences, hospitality
excellence and an earnest desire to provide accommodation solutions with low environmental impact and high social
The simplicity of the Eco Structures products design minimises the need for skilled labour for the erection and installation
of the base unit. All of the furnishings, fixtures and fittings will be freestanding units.
Our experience with the Eco Cabin indicates that each unit can be erected in 4 days, and the Eco Tent in 2 days.

ECO-LUXURY meets ADVANCED DESIGN. And the Nomad fits your lifestyle: Comfortable. Groovy. Bohemian. And
free to roam. With a roomy circular interior, a central opening for sunlight and breeze, and a rich material palette,
yurts create a unique -- even magical -- experience of rest and relaxation for those who inhabit them. Used for centuries,
perfect for today...

The Nomad is made from nature-friendly materials including:

-- Solid Core Bamboo, a renewable, flexible, strong and light material 50 times stronger than oak but lighter than steel.
Bamboo grows at rates of more than a 3 feet a day, and is increasingly being cultivated as a sustainable solution for
modern architectural applications; and
-- WeatherMAX FR, an advanced, exterior-grade, anti-flammable fabric that delivers “unsurpassed water repellency,
mildew and oil resistance with¬out relying on environmentally unfriendly coating compounds.”
- The Nomad is made close to home. It is designed, tested, manufactured and warehoused within a 150-mile radius of
Ecoshack's offices in Los Angeles.
- The Nomad is made in small batches using a hi-contact manufacturing process. (This makes the Nomad available in
relatively limited quantities.)
- The Nomad is built to last. It has a long lifespan and a handmade quality. Each Nomad is slightly unique.
- The Nomad was designed using a materials reduction approach and is without an excess of hardware and gadgetry.
This makes the No¬mad easier to maintain and recycle.

BlueForest offer a full design, consultancy, and management service for private and commercial tree house projects
worldwide. We are also happy to offer a maintenance contract for both new and existing tree houses.

With over 16 years combined industry know-how, the BlueForest team has gained previous experience as far a field as
Africa, Asia and Europe. Since the company's inception in 2003, we have successfully completed projects across the
United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.

Ecolodge Prefab & tende

Architettura Turismo sostenibile e ambiente
Plein air
ecolodge & ecotende per il glamping

19 febbraio 2008 -