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Rot MrFrik Ribsskog 5G270867D 4101 49:367634NDIKS ueetone Reply ‘(Continue on another sheat if necessary) 41) Please give details of what paragraph & of Wi Ribsskos cortract 8 ited. 2) How did Mr Ribsskog fail or break the 7 addadred boxe paragreph? 43) Please ave spectic dotails of how Mr Ribsskog failed 10 flow or break tho abore. 44) On what date did the final incident ocaur? 15) If this dato differs from his last date of ‘employment, woul you please stato why the delay in his tamination occured, 6) Wes Nr Riossiog wamed prior to dismissal? 9, please give the dates of Shy warnings and stale if they were fariten or oral wamings. Please foware copies of any whiten wamings i avaliable, 7) How and when was he made aware of these rules? In what way dio he fall to comply with them? 6) What evigence do you have thal Mr Ribsskog was involved? 8) How 4i¢ the incident come to ght, ‘Signed Name ( Position in organisation: a 1 Totephone Number Oi S1l 25 501% “bas gion \or TESISA2}