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IMPORTANT: PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN TO HUMAN RESOURCES Together, this handbook and your Contract of Employment constitute your Contract of Employment with the Company. The terms of your Contract that are specific to you are contained in your letter; the standacd terms of your contract are as stated in this handbook unless specifically ‘covered in your leter. The terms of your contract supersede the Handbook, If there are any items of your Contract that you do not fully understand, please contact the ‘Human Resources Department. The Company reserves the right to alter the terms of your Contract, normally to improve them, but in most instances you will be notified in writing in advance of such changes. You will have the opportunity to discuss them with either your managet of a member of the Human Resources Department. ‘Your offer of employment is made to you upon certain conditions, which are described in your Contract of Employment. ‘Please return a signed copy of this leter to confirm your acceptance of these tesms. PRINT NAME DEPARTMENT SIGNED BY EMPLOYEE, DATE Ag 2008 ‘sue?