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Employees will be expected to participate in the communication process and to foster interdepartmeatal co fperation and feedback to those communicating information. Employee representatives where appropriate, ‘ill cascade information to thei tearm members Methods Communication will take place via team briefings, of similar one to one discussions and company meetings ‘Managers should use the range of communication channels currently available, which inchude noticeboards, ce ‘mail team briefings and Intranet Evaluation Communication channels will be regulatly monitored to ensure that communication is clear and concise, regular, systematic and objective 3.1.20 Seeusity Do not leave personal belongings, such a purses and wallets unattended as thefts from the Company premises may occur. Please help us to reduce the risk by taking great care of your own and Company property. You Should note that our insurance policy does not cover the theft of personal items. Anyone losing personal property on Company premises should inform Secuity. ‘Don't hesitate to challenge anyone taking Company property out ofthe building and if you see someone acting, suspiciously, please report him or her to the security staff. 3.4.21 Visitors [All visitors to the Company premises must be received initlly by the receptionist who wil issue them with a pass and inform the employee concerned oftheir arival. Only visitors on Company business will normally be flowed access to Company premises beyond reception. All visitors must be met be the receiving employee ‘and no visitors should be allowed unaccompanied access to Company premises. When the visitor leaves, they ‘should leave by their point of entry and return their pass to reception. 3.22 Quality and Productivity Management fsvato uses 2 number of databace tools and information sources to ensure high quality standards and a high level of productivity. These may include a time management system (to measure effective hours worked) ‘well as other tools or information rources as required. All information is stored securely in a Management Information System. Furthermore, arvato will use a range of additional tools and procedures to ensure high quality and productivity. 32 ‘Training and Development 3.24. Induction Objectives ‘Tne objectives of the Company's Induction policy are to ensuse that all employees whether fll time, part time, temporary employees, matemity retumers or intemal movers are speedily integrated into Company culture, Dasiness processes and the requirements oftheir job. It is fact that more employees leave during their frst three to six months of employment than at any other time, so itis essential that thei induction is effective and ‘thorough in order to teduce staff rumover through early leavers and to ensure that they start to full their role effectively within the shortest time possible. ‘The induction proces is divided into three pars © On the job induction (© Human Resources Induction © Feedback and Review Agi 2008 ‘soe 1 4