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40-=lotemet Use «© Your role may mean that you have limited, business use to the intemet. If this is the case your line ‘manager wil explain this. + Itis the responsibly of the employee to ensure that they use che Internet n an acceptable mannee and in accordance with current legislation. «s Gain authorisation from IT before downloading any software or material from the Intesnet. If you Gowaload material thi is normally stored via your personal profile and a copy retained on the ‘company servers and can be detected by IT 1+ Downloading personal material onto the company systems (ia any form), that may be classed a8 offensive, obscene, abusive, defamatory, menacing or indecent is steicly prohibited. Such matesal cen Sometimes be transmitted onwards by accident sather than design both inside and outside the company. “+ When you access Internet sites, those sites retain a record of your vst. ‘Cookies’ are placed on your PC. witha copy on the server, to enable them to contact you in the furare. These may be removed 10 roid unwanted contact, You must also be aware that when you view material on an Internet site this Tee actually download matedal that then stored on the nerwork servers and may be accessed ot viewed by others. You ae responsible for ensuring that your personal use ofthe Internet is reasonable and that mate Jou accers or view does not cause offence or interfere with the work of others. Excessive activity, TJownloading large images and moving images can significantly affect the performance ofthe sytem, «Tf accessing sites for personal use, do not save your password onto your workstation ifthe ste Contains seesitive and confidential information eg, online banking fails, The company will not be Table if these sites are accessed without your authority. «Tris not permited to provide access tothe Internet fr thied partes, the IT Department wil provide any 39 pares with the appropeat internet acest. Tris intended that rach ute be regulated by the Company inthe same manner as it would regulated occasional use by tied parties oft other facilities, sch as its telephone and IT support systems. Please remersber that failure to follow the company policy on internet usage may cesult in it being, ‘withdrawn, or even disciplinary action. 50=Emal Use Employees can send message to external sources via dhe Intemet. Once the message has left the Company eas bn the Inteaet theze is no guarantee as to the delivery dime or to the privacy of your message. Any ‘Reveager sent via the Internet are at xk of being read by people other than those to whom the menage Sraseca The Intemet is not 2 secure environment and every message sent will pas through several systems before getting to its intended audience Electronic mails treated in law the same way as paper based communications. Email is « posental source of Prien in Igal mates. ‘Consideration should alvays be made when sending « message a8 10 if you would Sad the sametmersage in writing, Examples of such “dangerous” content would be information that could be ‘Scumatoy, be offensive or be othervse damaging fit were diaclosed. In any cate electronic mal shookd not fount dat would contain such content. After a message is sent, it cannot be retzacted or deleted from the secipient’s mailbox. ‘All electronic communications Gacluding email) and other files transmitted, received or stored on the Company’ computer resources ae the property of areato services. As suc, the Company ceais the absols Sgro tess and search any and all such commnicasons and fies witia the disciplinary procet, $1 eerloyet are advised to keep pesonal zecords at home, sb arvato servis cannot guarantee pivacy and/or sexteontalty of any information stozed in or transmitted over the Company’ computer resources, By wing Sr eEeR and Internet acuess provided, every employee agrees that he or she is aware of this policy, as it may be amended from time to time. «Emails intended for one person only can easly be forwarded to those who were nor the intended secipient. ‘i 2008 iebue t 39