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Contact Centre Liverpool 1. Flexible working time model, shift and overtime allowances ‘As a0 outsourcing partner in a very Aexible service industry the Company has to adapt to the changing ‘olumes of their client’ businesses, To be profitable inthis very competitive environment, the Company has Seveloped a exible working time model that has been successfully uted for more than 15 yeas. [Al fll-time employees have a target working time of 40 hours per week (normally over five working days) ‘within a 2t-hour day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year working schedule. Wherever operationally potsible, shift plans will be confirmed four weeks in advance; however, it must be recognised that because of hanging business demands, chese may be subject to change at short notice, “To ensure the smooth and accurate recording of working hours, a time and attendance system known as Interfer is in operition. Al employees use this system to record their working hous, breaks and holidays ‘This sytem is operated via each individual employees personal access card. The advantage of this system is that working hours can be varied to meet operational demands and hours worked over and above the expected ‘Gmne can be ‘banked’. These ‘banked? hours can then be used, where operationally convenient, o augment Jpolidays during che current year. At the end of the year, any positive balance can be converted to time off for the folowing year. ‘As a guideline, no employee is pezmitted to exery more than +/-30 hours in his or her personal time account ‘unless agreed in advance with his or her line manager “The shift and working times will be set out in a working schedule that will be available on the Intranet. Your line manages must agree any changes tothe working schedole. If you wish to change your sift you should fl outa shift change form and submit itt your line manager a minimum of 3 day's in advance. “The monthly payment to an individual is xed and independent of the current working hours balance of this pesson, The payenent can only vary, ifthe employee has Worked night shifs or Bank Holideys. This will so be tracked by Interflex ‘The additional premium payment is made as follows: [Night time working between 22.00 and 06.00: additional 25% of basi salary excluding overtime. Shift allowances are pad in full, The hours cannot be credited to your time account, If an employee leaves the Company, the working hours account, (Interflex balance), and holiday account etc orm the basis forthe final salary calculation. 2 Dress Code From 08.00 Monday until 21.00 Friday, employees are expected to attend work dressed in smart business weat (Outide of these hours, the dress code is more relaxed akthough employees are reminded that they are still lateading « place of work and that their appearince must be clean and tidy in ature, Employees are not permitted to wear sports clothing of any tpe, at any ime, eg jogwing pants, shorts, baseball caps, and the ‘eating of clothing bearing words or images of a parisan/political nature are not permitted ‘The Company reserves the right to ark employees to leave the workplace if their dress is considered inappropsiate. of 2008 ‘seve