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Stage 3 - Final Written Warning TE obese ig stil a fale to improve and conduct or performance is stil unsatisfactory, or misconduct it qafteendy serious to watrant only one writen waring but insuflient serious to justify dismissal Go effect Taek fet nod foal watten warming), a inal writen warning wil normaly be given to the employee. This wil re deta of the complain, wl warn that dist wil result if there i nt satisfactory improvement snd 0? Site of the ight of appeal A copy ofthis final writen warning will be kept by the manager and on the ‘Aaividvals personal Gle but it willbe spent after twelve months (in exceptional caes, the pesiod may be Jonge) subject t satisfactory conduct and performance, “Examples of behaviour for which warnings may be issued include: (© Excessive lateness or absentecism. © Failure to achieve an acceptable quality or rate of work. © Rudeness to manager, colleagues, those who work for you or clients ‘Breach of Company mules; for example, pursuing 2 personal matter on Company stationary. Stage 4 - Dismissal Trecaduct or performance is stil uasatsfctory and the employee sil fils to seach the prescibed standards + the cmployee has committed an offence which consnates gross misconduct, dismissal will normaly ent Gaty the spprepeate senior manager can fake the decsion to dismiss, in consulason with the Humes Ressurces Deparment. The employee wil be provided, st soon at reasonably practicable, with written eatons for dismissal, the date on which employment will terminate and the right of appeal. Gross Misconduct ‘The following lst provides examples of offences, which are normally regarded as grost misconduct: “Theft, fraud, deliberate faificaion of records Fighting, asault on another person Deliberate damage to Company propery Setious incapabilty through alcohol or being under the influence of illegal drugs Serious act of insubordination Breach of BPI Code of Conduct Delibesately sceesting another employee's mail or files Prolonged internet abuse Misuse of computer equipment or systems [Misuse ofthe time recording system eg, Blick, Interflex wee weer eee 1 an employee is accused of an act of gross misconduct, they may be suspended from work on nose! pats Shale ihe Company investignes the alleged offence. Tf, on completion of the investigation and the if Gocblinary proseluse, the Company i sxtsGed tht gross misconduct has onused the sel wll normally be ‘pummaty dismissal without notice or payment in liew of notice. Ian employe is dismised for gross misconduct this wil normally be without notice oF payment in leu of ps 2008, tsbue t