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© As part of the Manage:’s investigation the employee will be dealt with sympathetically and should be encouraged to make a statement conficming details of the harassment or bullying and dates on which is cccuzed and any witnesses tit. © Bach of the witnesses identified by the employee wll then be interviewed as wil the alleged harasses bully. If appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken against the harasser/ully. “The employee must be kept informed of all developments at all states. When the disciplinary procedure has concluded (and whether or not the alleged baraster/bully has been disciplined or dismissed) the Company will, if reasonably practicable, endeavour to accommodate the employee's wishes if he or she ‘wishes to be transferred toa different place of work within the Company. Where stress has lead to conduet and performance problems (© These should be reviewed and 2 plan for improvement should be putin place, having established the cause of the problem and dealt with it accordingly. (© Icexight, in the mesntime, be appropriate to make certain adjustments to the employee's work to make it ‘more manageable. Medica! Opinion ‘This should be sought, where appropriate, particulary if the symptoms manifested by the employee indicate a dependency on drink or drugs (whether prescribed or not) and/or where the employee does not accept that he fo she has a problem and/or that continued employment is damaging his/her heals. Employees disabled by stress “They wil not be dismissed unless termination is justifiable and provided that the company has frst considered ‘and putin place reasonable adjustments, where appropriate and taken medical advice if necessary. Counselling and support mechanisms ‘These may be available and the employee wil be afforded reasonable time off work with pay to attend counselling and support sessions, A confidential helpline: ‘As an employee might fear that his oc her employment or promotion prospects might be adversely affected if they admit they af suffering from stress, the Company encourages employees to contact a counsellor from the Employee Assistance Programme on telephone aumber 0800 317 517, Advice and assistance will be given by trained counselors within the organisation, Any employee can telephone for advice in confidence concerning their condition, the causes of it and eppropsiate action, which might be taken to assist cher, ‘Termination of employment “This might be appropriate if, having established the cause ofthe problem and considered all reasonable options cor adjustments, continued employment is damaging or likely to damage farther the employee's mental well 3412 Whistleblowing Introduction ‘Tae Company at all times conducts its business with the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Tt expects ‘ll employees to mainten the same standards in everything they do. Employees are therefore encouraged 10 {xport any wrongdoing by the Compaay or ts employees hat falls short ofthese business principles. “The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 protects employees who report wrongdoing within the workplace and iz ib the sim of this policy to ensure that as far as possible our employees are able to tell us about any ‘wrongdoing at work which they believe has occurred ori likely to occur. ‘Ape. 2008 tesue? 31