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3.1.10 Smoking at Work Sroking is only allowed in designated areas, you wll be informed of these upon induetion by HR. Employes who wl he to ghe wp among may we he Employee Assistance Programme for help and ‘Smoking in a no-smoking ares, and sustained flue to follow the Company's Smoking at Work Policy could ‘result in action being taken undee the Company's formal disciplinary procedure. 3AM Stress at Work ‘The primary aim of the company i to ensure that its employees are kept safe and healthy at work snd are not subjected to excestive workloads, onerous working practices or a detrimental working environment which sigh, if unchecked, cause the employee stress. “The secondary aim isto identify and asset chose employees who are suffering from stress, for whatever reason, and finding it difficalt to cope by offering « confidential helpline and reasonable practicable alternatives and support mechanisms, Employees may seck help themselves from a GP, a counsellor or colleague or discuss with their manager (particulasy if itis theis belief that their work or the working environment is the problem). Any such complaints must be heard sympathetically, fully investigated and appropriate steps taken to assist. Establishing the Problem ‘Managers need to be aware that employees whose performance at work inexplicably deteriorates of whose ‘behaviour becomes ettatic or who are long-tezm absent might be sufering from stress. They might display a ‘vatety of symptoms, which ate an indication tha, far fom being a conduct or performance issue, they are Tuffesing fzom stress, for whatever reason, which is adversely impacting on them at work. For example: Absenteeism (© This might be at a high or intermittent but feequent level. © Absence might follow a pattern, for example whenever a deadline has to be met. @ Absences might be mainly slfcertifed for non-specific complaints such as headaches, nausea, stomach ‘complaints ivtable bowel syndrome ete. Punctuality © Beaployees frequently late for work or appointments © Inability to meet deadlines, Prone to accidents © At work, because of drowsiness through lack of slep or the use of alcohol or drugs. (© Away from work, for example at home or travelling to and from it. Poor performance © Aninabily to concentrate or remember instructions © Lackof attention to detail © Inadequate completion of tasks Conduct © Violent or aggressive behaviour © Drinking or taking drugs (prescribed or not) at work © Poor time keeping ‘api 2008 tsbue 29