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icectly into the same bank or building sociery account as your salary is paid into. No payments can be made to credit card accounts. © Allexpenses shoul be cleat specified onthe sembursement form. Documentation of expenses must be ‘fasted and must lala the ORIGINAL VAT RECEIPT. Photocopies, ered card receipts and credit Crd statements are not alowsbe ‘All seceipts must be clase, ndcating the ease /teson, the prspants and other slevant information. ‘A cams must be correly authored before submission to Finance, ic. signed by the employes and approved by the manages © Chis coveing 2 tine period older than one month wil only be accepted if there isa valid reason for belated submiston. Meal Expenses ‘Meals will be reimbursed when incurred for the following reasons: © Travel, meetings, entertainment and special work requirements. © The cost of entertaining other arvato services employees will not be reimbursed unless previously approved by the manages. (© Where two oF more arvato services employees are present at the same Company fanded function; the highest level employee must pick up the bill @ For employees, an allowance of {30 a day wil be paid for meals and general expenditare when traveling fon business outside the country. This is reduced to £15 ifthe tip does not require an overnight stay. Receipts and an expense form should be provided to support the allowance, however in exceptional czcamstances where no receipt i given the allowance wil stil be paid. © Within the UK, actual expenditure will be reimbursed when the claim is supported with the correct documentation (ecsipts et). © Under no cizcumstances should entertaining costs be billed direct to the Company. Hotel and Accommodation © Overnight stays, especially ia London are expensive and should be kept to a minimum, The por authorisation ofthe Head of Department must be given for overnight stays. © Hotel charges shouldbe settled by the employee snd reclaimed, (©All resonable costs can be rechimed, ths DOES NOT inchodeinzoom movies, mini bas, health cub charges, newspapers ec “Laundry costs cannot be rechimed unless reveling avay from home fora minima of one week, When traveling, telephone calls from hotel zoom should be kept to a minimam and wherever possible a calling card should be used. (© Whils traveling, one personal call per dey i allowable. The Inland Revenue limit for Income tax purposes is 5 pounds per day in the UK, and 10 pounds if absoad. If your call charges come to more than this, you ‘will not be able to reclaim the excess. ‘Taxi Fares (© Taxi fares ate seimbursable provided that a specific business reason is provided. (© Expenses incurred between home snd place of work are NOT allowable unless after 9pm. (© if an employee has 2 company cat (or cath equivalent) taxi fares in the UK may only be reclaimed in ‘exceptional circumstances. (© All taxi fare claims must be supported by a receipt. Agri 2008 ‘sous 1 33