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‘We recognise that employees may not akrays feel comfortable about discussing their concerns intemal, Npeculp ithey beleve thatthe Company itself esponsible for che wrongdoing, ‘The aim ofthis policy fo SePeee that employees ae confident that they can raise any matter with the Company that concezns them in che (Tage that it wil be taken scious, tated as confidential and that no acon wil be taken arias them. ‘You are encouraged to use the procedure set out below if you have any concerms a ll about wrongdoing at oak including any criminal offence a alure to comply with legal obligations, « misariage of justice, a health Und efety danger, an environmental risk ora concealment of any of these Proceduse 1 appropriate, discuss the matter with your lie manager in the Gist instance, ‘An informal approach to line manager will be treated as completely confidential and will not result in any report to anyone within the Company uoless you agree. 1 the mater requzes father investigation such an investgntion willbe cared out and you willbe informed of the outcome ofthe investigations and what, if any, action has been taken. 1 you remain unhappy about the speed or conduct ofthe investigation or the way in whic the mates has bos eoeed, pou shoul seer the mater toa member of the board of dizeetos. When they have investigated your Coplaine they wl tl you the result ofthe investigation and what, if any, action has been ken, “The Company undertakes that no employee who makes a bona fide report under this proceduse wil be subjected to any detriment asa rsul in accordance with eecon 47B ofthe Employment Rights Act 1996, 15 saeeetet that you believe you ae being rubjected toa detriment by any person within the Company because of Jour dession to invoke the procedure, you mt inform the assisting person immediatly and spproprie {ctoa will be taken to protect you from any reprisals, Ii should become clear that the procedure has not been invoked in good fit, eg: for malicious reasons oF 0 pursue» petonal gradge aginst another employe, this will eonsitate misconduct and wil be dele wth Etcordance with the ters of the Company's disciplinary procedure “The Company is keen to heat of any concerns that employees may have sbout wrongdoing at work and ‘encourages them to use the procedure described above wherever posible. “The Company recognitesthece may be mater that cannot be dealt wih ntenaly and external authorities wit see erreterne involved. Where this is necessary, the Company reserves the right to make such 2 referal ‘without your consent. 3.113, Expenses Policy “The purpote of this polit govern the proces by which tavel ad eteament expents are sinbursed dara tis polcy sets eminem requirments apple toughest the Company and apples to allemployecs Advances for tavel expenses ‘Advencer are Ltd according to the signing Approval Limit of the person authorising the advance. Serdement © A comprehensive chim mutt be made foreach week using the approved form. Only one claim Pez employee per week will be accepted. (© Expenies will normally be cebussed onthe Thusday of each week, payment being restved into = Employees bank accouat 3 working days Inter, providing they ae secived fally authored by he Gredeondny The excepson to this css presented to Finance during the Sst week of any month, these Til be pall por montvend (-2 week ate). The Finance Department wil reimburse the caim by pang get 2008 32