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Recruitment Employees with responsibilty for recruitment will ensuse that individuals sre not exchided from employment con the grounds thet they are known of suspected to be HIV infected. Neither will they be excluded on the basis dhat they ate considered to be high stk because of their sexual orientation. To this end, employees responsible for recruitment will not question applicants about their sexuality or about the possiblity of infection. Where dusing the recruitment process, an individual does choose to reveal that be or she is infected, the ecruiter should seek confidential advice from the Human Resources Department on how to proceed. Confidentiality ‘Ang employee who becomes avare that a coleague is HIV infected wil treat this information as confidential and wil not disclose it to anyone else within ot outside the organisation without the person's consent. Any breach ofthis rule wil be regarded as a eerioos disciplinary offence and may rel in summary dismissal. Tf however, the employee is concerned about the health and safety implications of non-disclosure, he or she hould seek advice fiom the Human Resoucces Department only, who will then deal with the matter as necessary. Should the Company doctor become aware that an individual is HIV infected, he or she will not be expected 10 reved that information without the pesson’s prior content ualess failure to disclose would of could result in the ‘employer being in breach ofits health an safety obligations tothe infected employee or others. Where, as a result of HIV infection, the individual is refused membership of the Company pension, private health inrurance of life assurance schemes, those involved wil not be expected to disclose the reason for cxelusion without the person's prior consent. Victimisation ‘Any employee who hacases,vctimiss or discriminates agnnst a colleague (or potential recruit) who is known of thought to be HIV infected will be guilty of an act of unlawful discrimination and will be dealt with in Secordance with the Companys disciplinary proceduse. Such offences will usually constitute gross misconduct fad result summary dismissal, Dismissal No employee will be dismissed purely on the basis of being HIV infected or having AIDS. Continued employment will éepend upon the extent to which performance is affected and whether health and safety is put Gask. Where the individuals health deteriorates, he or she wil be dealt with in accordance with the ‘Organisations -bealth procedure. Prior to termination the employer will consider whether it can make any ‘reasonable adjustments to prolong employment. Education Employees will be instructed about company policy and procedures in relation to AIDS and will be reminded Of ther duties and obligations in dealing with infected individuals. All staff will be provided with information bout the nature and spread of AIDS and will be advised of any precautionary measures that the company Gecides to adopt. Falluze to observe any safety rules and regulations considered necessary will be regarded as 2 Sesious disciplinary procedure. Employees who tavel abroad in the course oftheir work will receive specific fdvie about any particular hazards existing i countries to be visited and precautions to be taken. Fist aiders will seceive specialist training in how to protect themselves and others against the disk of contracting AIDS. For example, they will be instructed in the appropriate techniques to be followed when treating injured persons, dealing with spillage of body fuids and administering artificial respiration ‘gr 2008 Isbue 7 28