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2.0. Telecommunicasions ‘Yous line manager will inform you whether itis permitted to make or receive non business telephone calls. Ia any case any-unusoal or excessive use of Company telephones may be refezred to the appropriate Manager for investigation, and please be awate that all company outbound calls whether fixed or mobile are routinely ronitored, The use of personal mobile telephones in the woek place during working hours is not permitted 1c will be considesed misconduct and subject 10 disciplinary procedure misuse of the Call Centre telesets. Misuse includes, but is aot limited to, unplugging telesets, defacing telesets, deliberately curing cals, and deliberate acts known to avoid taking legitimate calls. At the end of your shift you must cosreetly logout of the teleset 3.0-=Computer Use “© Under no eizcumstances is it permitted to install any software, whether supplied direct or accessed fiom the Internet (including games and screen savers) onto your computer. To have any software {stalled you must contact the IT Department and they will install it for you if permitted for business ppurpotes If you are in doubt sbout software thet you are operating you should raise this with a rember of the IT Department. Unauthorised or unlicensed software in ure on the company system Could sesult in the company facing significant fines or legal action. «Te is aot permitted to shutdown any desktop computer, except laptop computers, as automated ‘maintenance is carried out 2 night 1+ All removable media, such as USB devices, floppy disks ete are not permitted unless expressly allowed by the IT Department. + Itis not pezmitted to remove cables from any desktop computer or telephone, and its not permitted to move any item of computer or telephony equipment. © You are given a unigue usemame and patsword to access the business network. This is to ensure audit tail and itt strictly not permitted to give anyone else your username and password, Sharing passwords or siting them down can result in others accessing your system and files without Euthossation If you forget your password the IT team will reset this for you and you will ‘automatically receive a prompt to change your password every 30 days. © Teis not permitted to logon to more than one computer at atime. This restriction is also enforced by a central policy by the IT Department. This is to ensue the integrity of each Logon. “© When you leave your workstation unattended ensure that you lock your workstation so that your cemmals and work remains confidential (ctd+-Alt+Delete). + At the end of your shift you must logout of the workstation and NOT switch the workstation off + Should you leave your computer locked without acivity for a period of greater than 55 minutes then {you will be forcibly logged off your workstation and may lose unsaved data as a result. This policy Only applies to user groups designated as ‘hot deskin’, for example CSR's. +The company system operates ant-vinus software to protect us against external virus threats It is not peemitted to interfere with, of attempt to stop, the anti-virus software in any way. «© You are responsible for ensuring that ou back up and save all ritial business information onto the company network. Ifyou decide to save work onto your local workstation you aze sexponsible fr the backup and safekeeping ofthat dats, ‘© Ieis not permitted to store non business files on the computer network. Examples of non business les are MP3 mute files and SWE game executables, ahough the IT Department wil make the final determination as to the business use of any given file «The only peemitted remote access to the company network is through equipment and methods supplied and supported by the company. The only current approved methods are BagMall for email ‘nly access and using a company supplied laptop using a company supplied SeeuselD VPN cad ‘ap 2008 iebue t 38