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+ Ben when emails are deleted they remain archived by the company for a period of up to 5 years (for legal and disaster recovery purposes) and fos that reason emuils most be considered as peemanent documents ‘+ Email communications canaot be considered as 100% secure. If ending information that i highly ‘confidential please contact the IT Department to and they will help in arranging fora secure transfer. 61=Monitaring ‘You should be aware that the company IT systems are monitored to ensue that the system performance is ‘maintained and to ensure compliance to compaay policy. For this reason you should not assume 100% privacy in the use of company systems. ‘Monitoring takes place in the following way: + Montsng ema ef ie ties of ema sie of eae, language conned in emails, recipient and troder dete An tutorated procs i ted and emais (eg ge ema or ema from a unwanted ‘Sure te held dal leused byamenber of TT management. Ena ae aot opened less forthe pore of ivestigating abuse ofthe sytem oro detec tinal sty or where the performance Sethe sytem afectel and wheze pots wil sat be opened without the pemstio othe individual employee + Monitoring Imemet aii. This i cared out oui to ensure stem performance is maintained. Inthe coe of ths monitoring tay be prise for IT to view Sea of Tiere sites vist. Material dowloaded fom the lcernet thts taved on the aetwork may also be sen by «Monitoring oftware on hard dives, T spot check software on hard dves fo ensure that ulceted or pnted sfraze aot being used on company equipment An automated process checks your hard deve emote identifing unlicensed oe unauthorised toferae «Monitoring phone cords (neloting in some oes al ecording)- TT regu checks Ged line and IPoble tlhe record to ensure fompany poles are yphela Where necevay individual reports {an be protued to suppor: dacpinny proces + Monitoring workstation logon and logoff procedures IT produces report hat det any incomet Togom and goto company worstains «Monitoring wesksaton shutdowns, 7 prodaces &repor tht dts aay workstaoa shutdowns contasy to company poly + Monitoring anv oftware, IT prodaes a epot hat deta any vrs infections Information gained in the process of monitoring will only be used for the purposes of maintaining this policy and not for any othe purpose, ‘Any employee who has breached the terms of this Policy Document may be liable to disciplinary action. Depending on the severity thie may amount to gross misconduct, which could lead to immediate dismissal, 3.119 Communications Policy “rvato services is committed to encouraging a two way fow of information amongst all employees providing them with opea, honest ind timely information about the Company business inchuding is furare plans, deta of how employess contabute to Company success and issues affecting individuals and teams within the organisation. Responsibilities Line Managers will be accountable for the timing and quality of communications to members oftheir teams, ‘exchange of information between departments and encouraging the expression of employees’ views ‘gs 2008 tseuet