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Misconduct ‘An employe's alcohol or drug problem may come to light a 2 mitigating factor ina disciplinary interview, Tt should. be tested as a mitigating factor for certain “less serious” disciplinary offences, such as poor timekeeping or lateness, provided the person is prepared to undergo treatment, Self-refercal In some instances, employees may seek help and advice themselves, Intervention Managers who feel an employee's unsatisfactory performance may be drugs of alcohol related should arrange ro hold a meeting with the employee. ‘Treatment ‘Wht canployees acknowledge that they have «problem and are given help and testmens this willbe on the nderstanding tat © Whilst they are undergoing treatment, they willbe on sick leave and wil be ened to the usual company sick pay bene. © ery effort shold be made to ensute tat on completion ofthe recovery programme employes are able to ren to the same or equivalent work. © However, where such a return would jeopardise ether «satisfactory level of job pesformance or the UeSyeve recovery, the Manage in conjunction wth a member ofthe Human Resources Department Sal iclicw de fl Gacunstances sucounding the ease and a agrez course of action to be taken. This Thuy ince the offer of tutable ateroative employment, oc the consideration of reiement on the pelnds ofl health or dismissal (Before a destion on misslis made, it should be dacused with the Employe and an up-to-date media opinion obtained) Relapse ‘Wher an employee, havig received testment, suffers s relapse, the company will consider the case on is individual ‘mesa. | Medical advice wil be sought ia an attempt to ascertain how much moze ‘Centment/cchabitation tne is Hkely to be requized fora fall ecovery. At the Companys discretion, more {remtment of schabltation time may be given in order to help the employes to zecover fll. Recovery Unlikely I afer employees have received treatment, recovery seems unlikely, the company may be unable to wait for the employee any longes. Tn such cases, dismissal may result but a most cases a clear warning willbe given to the employee beforehand, anda fll medical investigation wll have been undertaken. Serious Misconduct caused by Alcohol or Drugs Intoxicated employees [fan employee is Known to be, or strongly suspected of being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs during working thous, the company doctor may be consued. Arrangements will be made for the employee to be escorted fom the Company premises immediately. Disciplinary action will take place when the employee has had time to become sober. Consumption of alcohol on the premises ‘Employees are forbidden to consume alcohol when at work or to bring it onto Company premises under any Circumstances other than that which is described ia paragraph one of this section. Any breach of this ral will ‘erult in disciplinary action being taken, whichis likely to result in summary dsmises. 3.1.9 AIDS Policy Screening No potental o existing employee willbe required to submit toa test for HIV infection. ‘ap 2008 Isoue t 27