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In all cases, your manager will determine your training needs in conjunction with you and the Human Resources Department. If you feel there are any specific areas of training that would benefit you, please discuss them wich your manager 324 Further Education Policy If you are studying for a recognised professional qualification, for example in accountancy, you may receive time off for snady and examinations and Gnanclal assistance towards your professional fees, where your ‘manager feels these would be helpful to both you and the Company. For further details on the support availble contact the Human Resources Department, 33 Health and Safety ‘This ection is a summary of the Health and Safety policy and further details can be obtained from the Business Services Department. ‘The Board of Directors has fll egard for the occupational Health and Safety ofits employees and others who have occasion to be on the Company's premises and fully accepts the implications of the statutory duties Jimposed upon it. The Ditectors ecognise thei cesponsibilites in the rea of Health and Safety and the need to enlist che acive support of employees ar every level in achieving satisfactory standards, Employees are reminded of theix own responsibilities to take reasonable care for the Health and Safety of themselves and others and to co-operate so far as is necessary to allow any statutory duty or requirement on the Company to be performed or complied with. ‘The Company aime to achieve high standards in Health and Safety management and performance. The objeciver of the Company Health nd Safery policy are: © To promote standards of health and safery and welfre that comply fly with the requirements of any relevant starutory provisions and approved Codes of Practice. © To develop health and safety awareness and an individual responsibility for health and safety among employees at al levels, ‘To encourage fll and effective consultation on health and safety matters. ‘To provide all employees with the information, instruction, taining and supervision they need to work safely and efficiently. © To maintain a safe and healthy working environment for employees with adequate facilities and azrangements (or thee welfare © To ensure the satisfactory implementation and subsequent monitoring of the Health and Safety Policy ‘throughout the Company. ‘To achieve the above it i necessary to define the duties of certain persons. These are set out in the Company Health and Safety policy, which is avalable from the Human Resources Department and all managers. 334 Housekeeping Employees of srvato serves are to eat all Company property with care and upon leaving the workplace to leave thie workstation in an orderly fashion. ‘Any damages should be immediately reported to your manager or supervisor. The deliberate or willful damage or theft of Company property will result in disciplinary and legal action in every case. All employees are sesponsible for keeping their work areas clean. All waste is to be disposed of in the containers provided, ‘ollets and other areas of the building are to be kept clean and tidy. Dirty or blocked toilets should be reported to the Business Services Manager immediately ‘i 2008 fetus? 43