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33.2 Display Seren Equipment Regulations ‘The above regulations, Known as DSE, apply where display screen equipment (VDUs, word processing, equipment, etc) is habitually used asa sigificane part of normal work. As an employes, the dues of arvto “Assess display sereen equipment workstations and reduce any risks ‘Ensure chat workstations satisfy minimum requirements Plan display screen work to include breaks or changes of activity Provide information and teining for users Provide eye and eyesight tests for users eee ee For fll details of the DSE policy, inclading how to obtain an eye test, please speak to the Human Resources Department 333 First Aid Ifyou have an accident or need medical attention at work contact 2 First Aider, There are trained Fisst Aidess throughout the building and details of their names, clephone numbers and locations are displayed on notice bousds. In the event of an accident, whether requixing medical atention or not, contact your Fist Alder as soon as it Ihappens. A sumber of First Aid boxes are available containing basic medical supplies for immediate medical ‘assistance, Ifyou use any ofthese supplies, notify a Fest Aider who wil arrange for it to be replaced. I is a legal sequzement to document all accidents in the workplace, so report your accident to your smanager/supervisor. In an emergency, contact the switchboard who will contact the emergency services on ‘your behalf 1f you would lke to be a Fest Aider, please talk tothe Human Resources Department who will arange suitable ‘ssining, where appropriate, Agr 2008 isoue