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(© In the absence of suitable altesnative work, the employee will be told that the employer has no alternative Dut to dismiss. The employee will be invited to give his/her views on this before the final decision is taken (© Employees may appeal against their dismissal by writing to their Line Manager atthe company’s address, stating the reaton for thei appeal. The appeal must be made within 7 days. 3.1.8 Alcobol and Drugs Under no circumstances may aleohol be consumed on Company premises unless itis legitimate business entertaining or allowed expressly by your manager. “Anyone drinking on Company premises other than as described above and anyone, whose work performance is affected by alcohol consumed outside Company premises, may be lisble to instant dismissal [Anyone taking illegal drugs on Company premises and anyone whose work performance is affected by drugs taken outside Company premises may also be lable to instant dismissal, “The company endeavours to ensure that employees! use of either aleohol or drugs does not impai the safe and. efficient running of the organisation or the health of its employees. Alcohol and Drugs Policy ‘Managecs should be aware that the misuse of drugs or slcohol by employees might come to light in vasious ‘ways. The following characteitcs, especially when arising in combinations may indicate the presence of an alcohol or deug-celated problem. Absentecism Instances of unauthorised leave Frequent Friday and/or Monday absence Leaving work easly Lateness (especialy on returning from hunch) [Excestive level of sickness absence ‘Strange and increasingly suspicious reasons for absence Unuswally high level of sickness for cols, fs, stomach upsets Unscheduled short-term absences, with or without explanation High accident level © Atwork © _Blkewhere eg driving, at home. Work performance © Difficulty in concentration © Work requires increased effort © Individual tasks take more time (© Problems with zemembering instructions or own mistakes Mood swings © Lestabilcy © Depression © General confusion gi 2008 lebue t 26