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Reimbursement of Transportation costs ‘© All cavel must be booked through the approved supplier, with the correct ‘Travel Requisition form completed and authorised. Advantage should be taken of on-line bookings, promotions and ‘no frill? ticlines where possible. © Teavel (ights, teans, car hire ete) must be booked at the least expensive rates offered for the selected route, using the choice of carirs offered. (© All domestic travel and inteenational flights with a length of flight les than four hours should be at economy fare. For fights longer then fous hours business class travel is permitted at the best sate valable. FirstClass travels prohibited ‘Where there is company paid travel, ALL used travel coupons / recejpts and unused tickets smust be attached tothe expense claim. (Car Reimbursement (© Business use of personal cars will be reimbursed at a per mile rate established by the Company. © Commuting expenses to the employee's primary business location are not considered 2 business expense tod are not reimbursable. Use of Rental Cars (© The class of car that can be rented must be appropriate for the business puspose and be agreed with your manager before commitment. © Nothing larger than a mid-sized car may be ented in any case Fuel costs will be seimbursed on the receipt amount. ‘Wheee practical ensute hire cars are renuned filly fuelled (F required by the hire company) to reduce charges Additional Costs © Additional Costs ate expentes incurred during a business trip. These costs are reimbursable to the extent of the teceipt amount and if they are business related, © Replacement receipts (tel: made receipts) are not acceptable. Entertainment Costs © Entertainment costs cover the cost of inviting business partners to meals. The invitation must serve the [purpote of cresting, retaining or enhancing business relationships. ‘The reazon for the invitation and the Basiness associates present at the meal must be stated on the receipt (© Eotertsinment between company employees is not allowed and expenses incurred will not be reimbursed, ‘unless previously agreed with your manages. © Where two or more employees aze present the bill mast always be pad by the highest-ranking employee. ‘Telephone calls © Ifyou need to make business calls from home these willbe reimbursed to you. © Ifyou regulaiy use your home phone you may also claim for a portion of your rental costs. Rental costs ‘reimbursed will be returned on your PYID and will be taxable a 2 benefit in kind. Mobile Phones ‘© Mobile phones are provided to specific individuals only when approved in writing by the Director, ‘Aprt 2008 tebuet 34