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It is an offence under the Road Traffie Act to diive (or attempt to drivel) a vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs. Ifan employee is under medication, thea its the employees responsibility to check with 2 qualified {individual (Doctor, Chemist et) that its safe to drive whilst taking that particular medication, 3.4.47 Exit Interview Policy “The objectives ofthe Company's exit interview are to enable Human Resources to explore the person's reasons for leswing and to use the exit interview information to influence the way in which the Company motivates, manages and rewards its peopl. 'A representative from Human Resources will ually conduct an interview with the employee before they leave the Company. Employees wil be asked o give their consent for feedback to be given to their line manages, by signing the form. 34.18 IT Acceptable Use Poticy “The IT Acceptable Use Policy, covering the usage of the Company's computer and telecommunications equipment (Electronic Service) is sipulated in this document. Electronic Services include, but is not limited to, e-mail, Internet, telephone, photocopiers and fax. 10> General Statement “The Company encourages the use ofits Electronic Services 25 essential to the efficient and timely conduct of business. However, misuse of these facilities directly affects the Company's systems and therefore the Companys ability to do business, as well as exposing the Company to legal and zeputationalssk. This AUP is intended to provide guidance for acceptable use of the Company's systems, ‘Access to the Company's Electronic Services is evailable to you primarily for business use. Personal use is permitted within reason, unless expressly not permitted by your line manager for any season, and having regard 1 the guidelines set out below, Use of the faites may be logged and monitored and disciplinary action may ‘be taken if the facilities are abased or put to unsuitable use. These provisions do not mean iti permitted to use ‘Electronic Services instead of engaging in legitimate work. In particule, you mast not use the Companys systems for the following: 1+ sending or forwarding offensive of inappropriate statements pertaining to race, sex, disability, religion ‘or any other personal characteristics sending or forwarding abusive, offensive or defamatory messages soliciting business for individuals inside or outside the Company misusing confidential or propsietary information deliberately flooding or disrupting electronic trafic inside and outside the Company sending or forwaeding chain letters or castifed advertising pledging the Company's credit other than for legitimate business use tusing the Company's time, materials and equipment to conduct an outside business interest generating or displaying material, whether in text, pictures or any other form which may be segarded fr offensive, particulasly on the grounds of race, sex, disability, religion or any other personal charsctesistis. «© processing any material which infsinges the copysight or other intellectual property rights of third parties engaging in say other illegal o wrongful conduct corrupting or destroying other users data violating the privacy of other users disrupting the work of other users gi 2008 ieeue t 37