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© Calls from these phones are expensive and should be used on company business only. © Calls berween company mobiles are free of charge ofthe current Vodafone contract. Incorrectly prepared claims Ifa claim is lacking the appropriate approvals or there are missing receipts the form will be retuned to the employee. Exchange Rates © Claims made in currencies other than sterling must be supported by a seceipt for the purchase of currency. ©The effective exchange rate shown on this receipt should be used to calculate the expense claim. © Commission charged on foreign currency transactions is an allowable expense, Parking fines “Any patking fine settled by the Company will be deducted from the employee's next expense claim together ‘with zn administration fee of £50. Spousal Expense © Reimbursement of spousal travel i bsolutely prohibited Business Mileage ‘e Business Mileage in private cas is reclaimable a follows: 32 pence per mile fora private car ‘© Business mileage with a company car allowance is reclaimable at the following rats: Pesrol Diesel Less than 1400ce 10p 9p Occ 2L 2p Over 2. 4p 2p Further business mileage information can be found in the Mileage Expenses Policy dated 8% Febroary 2005, 3.114 Accepting Gifts ‘Always actin the best interests of the Company, especially if your work requires you to deal with suppliers. Do ‘aot accept gifts or incentives from suppliers or clients, which could influence, or even appear to influence your judgement. If you feel you are being putin position of conflict between the best interests of yourself and the Company, discuss the siution with your manager. Never be put in the position where you cin be accused of acting from self-interest. In the same way, you should not make or offer any gift of payment to any customer, potential customer, broadcaster, or competitor, or provide any such person with any benefit ~ including complimentary merchandise or service ~ of such value tht it might be interpreted as an attempt to unreasonably influence that person. 3.115 sue Of Company Credit Card or Charge card ‘The Company may issue employees with a Company credit card or charge card (a “Company Card”) Employees who are issued with a Company Card must comply sticty with the Company's rules governing their we. In particular: they mast adhere to the credit limit specified by the Company; they must keep the Company Card secure they must immediately advise the Company Card provider, eg, Barclycard, ofthe loss or theft of a ‘Company Cards Agi 2008 ‘seve 1 35