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Company Cards are for business se only ‘+ Personal expenditure on the Company Card is stiely prohibited © all original Company Card payment slips must be retained by the employee and be sent to the Finance Department 2s soon as possible following the relevant expenditure together with 2 duly completed and authorized expenses form as provided for in the Employee Handbook, and 1s The Company Card must be setumed to the Compzny immediately on the termination of the employee's employment for whatever reaton or on request at any time during employment ‘The Ceedit Card Companies send al statements directly to the Company for payment ‘Any atempt to knowingly o falsely claim expenses or any other action in breach of the Company's guidelines “fl evule in action being taken uader the Company's disciplinary procedure. 3.4.16 Car Allowance Policy Car Allowance ‘This payment wil be paid to all employees who aze ented on a monthly basis, and will be identified as 2 epasite payment on your pay-elip. This will not be taken into account forthe pusposes of slay reviews and pensions. ‘Travel Expenses ‘The Company will reimburse you for the use of your private vehicle atthe curent rate (Information avalble from Fimmce or the Human Resources Dept) for business miles only, for all models of cat. This Gguse will etjnu to be based on the Euromix (similar bands of vehicles used by vehicle manufacturers when calcslating ‘Elcieney) and really apples purely to petrol costs. Promotion and Changes of Grade Should you be promoted or have a change of grae this may affect your level of ear allowance. Notes on the Law Insured Usage Ttis the esponsibility of the employee to ensure that adequate insurance cover is acquired to cover the vehicle for Business Use. Loss officence Tithe event that you lst the sight to drive (e revoked by a court) the Company reserves the right to withdrww the payment of the car allowance until you have the sight to dive reinstated, The Company may take