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Mt tame Sigua er a ce 20 Wataoson Sure, Lveypel Meseyae 1 6 ‘Toto O15) S030 Te a 815 W080? Fa, D191 SIS JOBSEEKERS ALLOWANCE MrE RIBSSKOG iat 3 5 Leather Lane Lnerpent ake Ref, $c2700670 Date: 8h Februsy 2009 Dear Me RIBSSKOG ‘A doubt has arisen on your cai for Sebsesher's Allowance as it appears that ‘There were circurstances wich caused your job to ent 2 A decision willbe made whether payment of lobseeker's Altowance willbe affected > You wil te noufed ofthe dessin a soon a8 8 made, = We will lat you know whuc effet we decision nas on ue payment of Tbsecker's Allowance andlor the award of National Insurance credis. ease nw ae sl ooking fr wo ee seul comcast provide sie em 's wi. isi made, lease see the enclosed leafler BSLA8, itis important that you read i Yours sincerely SAlok Braddan Dermott ES48s