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Curry Step Back

i) Hepatoduodenal (connects Liver to duodenum).
a. Contains portal triad, proper hepatic artery, portal vein and common bile duct

ii) Patient has 22.q11 deletion. What deficiency does he have
a. CATCH-22
b. Cleft Palate, Abnormal face, Thymic Aplasia, Cardiac Problems, Hypocalcemia
iii) Patient gets stabbed in the Mid-axillary line of the 10th intercostal space à SPLEEN
iv) Anterior talofibular ligament à
v) Pain in hypothenar region after punching a wall, what was cause?
a. Fracture triquetrum
b. Fracture of 5th MP joint
c. Fracture of ring finger joint
d. Don’t remember 4th option
vi) Long term COPD TX à she put ipratropium
vii) Direct Inguinal hernia is medial to what structure?
viii) Testicular cancer matastasis to which Lymph node? à Paraotic Nodes
ix) Scrotum lymph node à Inguinal and External iliac
x) Later humeral epicondyle attached to à
xi) Which vein do you give IV fluids that’s easy to find superficially?
a. Brachial
b. Femoral
c. Popliteal
d. Subclavian
xii) ABG in an anxiety attack?
xiii) Increased EPO in polycythemia vera
xiv) Which nerve do you block for inguinal hernia repair?
xv) 95% in LA what happens to 02 consumption distal to block and to rest of ventricle.
a. Decreased distal and no change in rest of the ventricle( not sure)
xvi) Origin of diverticulum
xvii) Lady was coughing so she suppressed her cough by holding it for 10 sec. When she got
up she was lightheaded . Why?
xviii) When do you hear S3/S4?
xix) Increase PTH à Increased Vit D synthesis
xx) Dark urine after blood transfuision why?
a. Intravascular hemolysis
b. Extravascular hemo
c. RH Mistmatch
d. Don’t remember
e. Don’t remember
xxi) Calcuate TPR using CO = MAP/TPR + Map = 2/3DBP + 1/3 SBP
xxii) GFR using creatinine
xxiii) Mesangial deposits in nephrotic syndrome
a. Membranous proliferative “tram track”
xxiv) Why increase PP with aortic regurg?
xxv) Increased afterload = isometric phase of muscle contraction
xxvi) Pancoast tumor w/ Horner Syndrome à Where is the tumor
xxvii) Make sure you go over PTH
xxviii) Weight loss, diarrhea, other symtoms à Hyperthyrodism
xxix) Blood stool transmural inflammation à Most likely Crons
xxx) Removal of thyroid gland
xxxi) MOA of cyclosporine
xxxii) Described Marfan à fibrin defect
xxxiii) Blue Sclera à Collagen CI
xxxiv) Laryngeal notch? Pouch something innervation?
xxxv) Last layer in abdominal hernia ?
xxxvi) Middle lower lip drainage? Submental
xxxvii) Glucose filled fluid coming out of nose after trauma? Which bone is broken?
xxxviii) Mandible protrudess to the right when open, what muscle is damaged?
xxxix) Drug for BPH
xl) Decreased vital capacity à fibrosis
xli) Remvoing ileum à Absorption problem
xlii) What does SMA supply?
xliii) Patient has TB, what do you do for the family members?
xliv) Increased sodium and decreased K+ which part kidney affected à CD
xlv) Low sodium diet effects what?
xlvi) GH stimulates IGF-1
xlvii) Corticosteroids affect which cells in the lung à Type II pneumocytes
xlviii) What prevents peripheral edema? Lymphatics
xlix) Dx of ascietes à Shifting dullness?
l) CVA + WBC in urine , no cast à Acute pyelonephritis but Chronic was also a choice
li) Free following communication between all 4 chambers of the heart problem?
a. Tetralogy of Fallot
lii) Beck’s traid à Cardiac tamponade
a. Patient had decreased BP, muffled heart and JVD