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Cable extrusion

Let your production soar at a glance

Sampsistemi supplies a complete range of machines
and equipment for the wire and cable production. + High production speed
Manufacturing solutions are characterised by top + Energy consumption savings
linear speeds and guarantee minimal energy dis- + Production savings through
persion. The outstanding versatility is based on an optimised process solutions
extensive range of extruders, designed to process + Minimum distance between
different types of materials including thermoplastic, extruder and extrusion head
cross link polyethylene, halogen-free and fluoridated + Extrusion group with heating/
cooling systems and drives suitable
The highly innovative extrusion solutions feature rapid
colour change; reticulation by migrating chemical for all main insulation materials
agents including liquid silane injection and physical + Long-lasting extrusion barrels and
expansion processes for polyethylene, polypropylene screws made by anti-wear material,
and fluoropolymer ensuring top-quality end products
+ Material saving thanks to high-
Systems are personalised to meet specific require- precision compound dosing unit
ments. All our solutions can be easily integrated on + Different versions of auxiliary extruders
your existing production line and control system. Our + Quick and easy reel changeover
engineering team is at your disposal to provide you
with innovative, highly productive manufacturing
solutions. + Fast and effficient PLC network
line management
+ Line supervisor featuring specific
+ HMI (Human Machine Interface)
incorporating a user-friendly
industrial touch screen
+ All main cable quality control
instruments integrated
+ All main cable markers and
labellers can be easily integrated

Sampsistemi 2
Extrusion lines

Automotive wire insulation


Electronic wire insulation

Building wire insulation
Building wire sheathing
Building wire sheathing with
SZ process
Power cable insulation
Power cable sheathing
LAN & Telephone
wire insulation
Coaxial cables insulation
Medium and high voltage power
cable insulation
Extruder technology
Unwinding & Winding solutions
Software solutions & Services
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Automotive wire insulation lines

Pay offs Hysteresis Extruders Extrusion Vulcanization Cooling Wire dryers Take-ups Coiler System
brake heads group troughs supervisors
SV 630 CD FR 300 I SAMP 35-25 TX 6 D TU 5 VO VR 7 C WD 7 AV 560 D MD 330 SU L
SV 800 CD SAMP 45-25 TX 6 V VR 7 TC WD 12 AV 630 D SU P
PO 800 SAMP 60-25 TX 6 V2
SAMP 80-25 TX 6 DL
MHV 80-20 TX 6 VL

High-speed automotive wire insulation lines engi- Line types

neered to produce low voltage automotive cables. AI A1: with 2 extruders, for stripe/skin process
It is possible to insulate T3 classification standards AI A3: with 3 extruders, for stripe/skin quick colour change
using thermoplastic materials and cross linked flame- AI A4: with 4 extruders, for stripe/skin and insulation quick
retardant polyethylene (XLPE and HFFR). colour change
AI V1: horizontal vulcanization with 2 extruders
Automatic colour change of insulation, skin and stripe AI V3: horizontal vulcanization with stripe/skin quick colour
with minimum scrap and at the maximum production change
speed, without slowdown.

at a glance
+ Quick colour change process without scrap
+ Easy and quick extruder group feeding
+ Minimum distance between extruder and extrusion

head, thus no material stagnation and constant

work pressure
+ In-line coiling (MD 330)

Extrusion group for vulcanization line with

automatic stripe colour change system

Sampsistemi 4


Line supervisor - Production table

Horizontal extrusion group

Conductor Conductor section Wire Ø, max. Insulation Speed, max.

Bunched (Class 5) 0.22 - 7.0 mm² 5 mm PVC, PE, XLPE, 1500 m/min
TX 6 V2

Cross-head with 2 X-Flow systems Quick colour change process

Sampsistemi 5
Electronic wire insulation lines

Pay-offs Hysteresis brake Extruders Cooling Wire dryers Take-ups System

troughs supervisors
SV 630 CD FR 300 I SAMP 35-25 VR 7 C WD 7 TU 800 SU L
SV 800 CD SAMP 45-25 VR 7 TC WD 12 TU 1250 SU P
PO 800 SAMP 60-25 AV 560 D
SAMP 80-25 AV 630 D
AV 800 D
AV 1000 D

Engineered to produce insulated copper conductors using Line types

thermoplastic and flame-retardant with halogen-free mate- WI A1: 1 and 2 extruders for skin/stripe process
rials (HFFR) WI A2: engineered for HFFR materials

Extrusion group
Vertical main extruder

at a glance
+ Non-stop production automatic reel
+ Compact design
+ Material saving thanks to volumetric
and gravimetric dosing stations
+ Cooling trough equipped with
thermoregulation, motorised multi-
pass section and ceramic coated

Sampsistemi 6
SV 800 CD AV 630 D

Dual flyer pay-off Dual automatic take-up with gravity chute

Conductor Conductor section Wire Ø, max. Insulation Speed, max.

Solid (Class 1) 0.35 - 2.5 mm² 5 mm PVC 1,500 m/min
Stranded (Class 2) 1.0 - 6.0 mm² PE
Bunched (Class 5) 0.22 - 7.0 mm² XLPE

Sampsistemi 7
Building wire insulation lines

Pay-offs Braking Rod break- Extruders Cooling Pulling Accumulator Take-ups System
systems down machine troughs element supervisors
SV L FR 500 I MT 400 C SAMP 35-25 VR 12 MC 600 AC 400 V TU 800 SU L
PO 800 FR 500 M SAMP 45-25 VR 12 C AC 600 H TU 1250 SU P
PO 1250 SAMP 60-25 VR 12 T TU 1600
PO 1600 Annealers SAMP 80-25 VR 12 TC AV 800 D
SV 800 CD RC 500 SAMP 100-25 AV 1000 D
SV 1000 CD RC 600 SAMP 120-25 Wire dryer AV 1250 D
SV 1250 CD WD 12 AV 1600 D

Engineered to insulate low-voltage building wire with Line types

various thermoplastic materials including flame-retard- BI A1: 1 and 2 extruders for skin/stripe process
ants such as reticulated polyethylene and halogen-free BI A2: 2 extruders, high productivity
compounds. BI A3: 3 extruders for stripe/ skin quick colour change
The range is completed by THHN cable manufacturing BI A4: THHN wire insulation and sheathing
equipment where cables are jacketed with nylon. BI A4-HS: THHN wire insulation and sheathing in line
with rod break-down machine

BI A2 The new revolutionary MULTIFLEX 25 extrusion module

allows you to apply both insulation of Liquid Silane and
HFFR materials on one single machine. It can be integrated
on existing Sampsistemi extruders.

at a glance
+ Quick stripe/skin colour change system
+ Minimum distance between extruder and extrusion
head, thus no material stagnation and constant
work pressure
+ Volumetric and gravimetric dosing stations for base
material, colour and/or catalyst
+ Cooling trough equipped with thermoregulated
and motorised multi-pass sections
+ High speed dual automatic take-ups
up to Ø 1250 mm without foundations

Horizontal extrusion group in "V" position

Sampsistemi 8
MT 400 C

AV 1000 D
Rod breakdown machine
Drawing capstans

Dual automatic take-up

with dancer

Conductor Conductor section Wire Ø, max. Insulation Jacketing Speed, max.

Solid (Class 1) 0.5 - 10.0 mm² 10 mm PVC PA 1500 m/min
Stranded (Class 2) 1.0 - 16.0 mm² PE 2400 m/min*
Bunched (Class 5) 0.5 - 25.0 mm² XLPE
XLPE Liquid Silane

*) Tandem with rod breakdown machine

Sampsistemi 9
Building wire sheathing lines

Pay offs Extruders Cooling troughs Wire dryer Pulling elements Accumulators Take-ups System
PO 12500 SAMP 35-25 VR 30 WD 30 MC 800 AC 600 H TU 1250 SU L
PO 1600 SAMP 45-25 VR 30 T TR 800 C AC 800 H TU 1600 SU P
PT 2240 SAMP 60-25 TR 1200 C AC 1000 H AV 1600 D
SAMP 80-25 PT 2240
SAMP 100-25 PT 3000
SAMP 120-25

Process types
Single-layer: application of sheathing with one extruder
Co-extrusion: simultaneously filling and sheathing and filling + sheathing + skin
Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups, one for filling and one for sheathing

Line types
BS A1: 1 extrusion group with simple layer process
BS A2: 2 extrusion groups for filling and sheathing

at a glance
+ Simultaneous insulation of different materials
+ Motorised cantilever and portal pay-offs and
+ Horizontal accumulators to ensure constant feed
+ Different pulling elements including dual capstans
or caterpillar
+ Different extruder barrel heating/cooling systems
for maximum flexibility

Extruder and cross-head with automatic by-pass

Sampsistemi 10
PT 2240
PT 2240 portal pay-off/take-up (10 tons)
Max speed: 500 m/min

Conductor Cable Ø, max. Insulation Speed, max.

Assembled 30 mm PVC 500 m/min
cables PE

4000 N at 170 m/min
TR 800 C

Sampsistemi 11
Building wire sheathing lines with SZ process

Pay offs SZ Extruders Cooling Pulling Accumulators Take-ups System

Groups troughs elements supervisors
PO 800 SZ 16 SAMP 35-25 VR 30 MC 600 AC 600 H TU 1250 SU L
PO 1250 SAMP 45-25 VR 30 T MC 800 AC 800 H TU 1600 SU P
PO 1600 SAMP 100-25 VR 30 CA TR 800 C AV 1600 D
SV 800 CD SAMP 120-25 PT 2240
SV 1000 CD SAMP 160-25 Wire dryer
SV 1250 CD WD 30

Sampsistemi has patented a system for the high speed manufacture of flexible cables. Designed with a dedicated extrusion
group, cables are practically stranded at the point of extrusion. Conductors and filler are then separated by a fine layer of
plastic material, meaning that traditional talc powdering stations are no longer required, with all the obvious environmental
advantages that this entails. A submerged torsion locker caterpillar keeps the cabling in place as the plastic sheath cools
immediately after the extrusion group.
It is therefore possible to keep the pitch and still produce at surprisingly high speed.

Process types
Co-extrusion: simultaneously filling and sheathing at a glance
Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups,
one for filling and one for sheathing + Simultaneous insulation of different materials
(e.g. EPDM+PVC)
Line types + Constant and high speed production
BS B1: SZ group, co-extrusion filling/sheathing system + Wide range of cable manufacturing
BS B2: SZ group, 2 tandem extruders for tandem + High speed dual automatic take-up for reels
filling/sheathing and filling + sheathing + skin up to 1,600 mm
BS B3: SZ group with patented system and 2 tandem
filling/sheathing extruders

Extrusion group with
Sampsistemi patented SZ process

Nose of SZ
stranding unit

Filling cross-head
Stranding at the point of extrusion

Mobile caterpillar for wire torsion

locker for SZ process

Sheathing cross-head
with tool guide

Conductor Conductor section Wire Ø, max. No. of wires, max. Filling Sheathing Speed, max.
Solid (Class 1) 0.5 - 10.0 mm² 30 mm 7 x 6 mm² EPDM PVC 400 m/min
Stranded (Class 2) 1.0 - 16.0 mm² 5 x 16 mm² PVC PE
Bunched (Class 5) 0.5 - 16.0 mm² HFFR HFFR

Sampsistemi 13
Power cable insulation lines

Pay-offs Extruders Cooling Wire dryer Pulling elements Accumulators Take-ups System
troughs supervisors
PO 1250 SAMP 35-25 VR 30 WD 30 MC 800 AC 600 H TU 1250 SU L
PO 1600 SAMP 45-25 VR 30 T TR 800 C AC 800 H TU 1600 SU P
PT 2240 SAMP 60-25 TR 1200 C AC 1000 H AV 1600 D
PT 3000 SAMP 80-25 PT 2240
SAMP 100-25 PT 3000
SAMP 120-25
TE 120-32
TE 160-32

Engineered for high-speed insulation of Line types

power cables. Depending on line compo- PI A1: high-speed insulation line for conductors up to 120 mm²
sition it is possible to insulate cables with PI A2: high-speed insulation line using HFFR for conductors up to 120 mm²
traditional thermoplastic materials, flame- PI B1: insulation line for conductors up to 300 mm²
retardant halogen-free compounds or liq- PI B2: insulation line using liquid silanes for conductors up to 300 mm²
uid silanes.

Extrusion group: 500m/min

at a glance
+ Non-stop production
+ Wide range of cable manufacturing
+ Top quality end products
+ Operator friendly LINE
+ Long-lasting extrusion cross-heads made
by anti-wear material, ensuring top-quality
end products
+ Excellent wire pulling units
+ High speed dual automatic take-up
for reels up to 1,600 mm

Sampsistemi 14
Conductor Conductor section Wire Ø, max. Insulation Speed, max.
Solid (Class 1) 1.0 - 300.0 mm² 30 mm PVC 500 m/min
Stranded (Class 2) PE
Bunched (Class 5) XLPE
XLPE Liquid Silane
Caterpillar unit
10000 N at 135 m/min

TR 1200 C
Sampsistemi 15
Power cable sheathing lines

Pay-offs Extruders Cooling Wire Pulling Accumulators Take-ups System

troughs dryers elements supervisors
PT 2240 SAMP 45-25 VR 50 WD 50 TR 1200 C AC 600 H PT 2240 SU L
PT 3000 SAMP 60-25 VR 50 T WD 150 TR 1800 C AC 800 H PT 3000 SU P
PT 4200 SAMP 80-25 VR 100 TR 2800 C AC 1000 H PT 4200
PT 5000 SAMP 100-25 VR 100 T PT 5000
SAMP 120-25 VR 150
SAMP 160-25 VR 150 T

Engineered to apply sheath on round and flat Line types

assembled cables with various thermoplastic materials PS A1: Basic sheathing line up to 60 mm
PS A2: Filling/sheathing line up to 60 mm
Process types PS B1: Basic sheathing line up to 150 mm
Single-layer: sheathing application with one extruder PS B2: Filling/sheathing line up to 150 mm
Co-extrusion: tandem filling and sheathing
Tandem extrusion: two extrusion groups,
one for filling and one for sheathing at a glance
+ High flexibility line
+ Wide range of cable manufacturing
+ Non-stop and high speed production
+ Motorised portal payoffs


Extrusion group
with oblique auxiliary extruder

Sampsistemi 16
TR 2800 C PT 4200

Caterpillar unit
19000 N at 105 m/min Portal take-up drive wheels: max 40 tons

Conductor type Cable Ø, max. Filling Sheathing Speed, max.

Assembled cables 170 mm PVC PVC 300 m/min

Sampsistemi 17
LAN & telephone wire insulation lines

Pay-offs Drawing machines Extruders Cooling troughs Wire dryer Take-ups System
with integrated supervisors
SV F MT 250 RC 4AP SAMP 35-25 VR 7 C WD 7 AV 560D SU L
SV R MT 250 RC 6AP SAMP 45-25 VR 7 TC AV 630 D SU P
PO 630 SAMP 60-25 TU 800
PO 800 SAMP 80-25 TU 1250
PO 1250 Skin-pass module TE 35-25 F
SP 250 TE 45-32 F
TE 60-32 F
TE 60-32
TE 80-32

LAN & telephone cable producers know the im- Line types
portance of process stability and repeatability TI A1: for telephone cables with solid PVC, solid PE and chemical
very well. With Sampsistemi lines, the setting-up PE foam
is fast and rejects are minimal due to standard- LI A1: for LAN cables with solid PE or physical PE foam
ised and harmonised line components; indeed, LI B1: for LAN cables with solid FEP or physical FEP foam
drawing, annealing and pre-heating are part of and solid PE or physical PE foam
an avant-garde global system which includes the
extrusion group, ergonomic cooling troughs and
reliable dual spoolers. at a glance
Moreover, customers also benefit from having a
single supplier and a single team of engineers + Reduced set-up time with reduction of reject material
who can flexibly work on the whole line during + Mobile main extruder
commissioning and service. + Pneumatic dancer controlled by line supervisor
+ Drawing shaft bearings mounted on cartridges to facilitate
+ Conical drawing cones to prevent contact between wire wraps
and ensure a top quality end product
+ Self-aligning drawing dies for perfect wire roundness
+ Thermically and electrically insulated annealing and
pre-heating pulleys

+ Constant pre-heating temperature with closed-loop

temperature control
+ All line components are modularly engineered with the same
Sampsistemi criteria
+ Self-centering extrusion cross-head with by-passes
+ Highly reliable dual automatic take-up with wire wraps
protection during reel change-over
+ Wide range of take-up solutions

Sampsistemi 18
Solid PE / Chemical foam PE / Physical foam PE Insulation comparison
Copper 0.51 mm 0.51 mm 0.51 mm
Capacitance 218 pf/m 218 pf/m 218 pf/m
Insulation Solid Cehmical foam Skin + Physical
process PE + skin + skin foam + skin
OD 0.915 mm 0.828 mm 0.780 mm
Foaming ratio 0 35% 60%

Skin thick. 0.05mm Skin thick. 0.05 mm Inner layer thick.

0.005 mm
Skin thick. 0.05 mm MT 250 RC 4AP
Production speed 2,500 1,850 2,200
PE weight kg/km 2.01 1.04 0.596

Foam/Skin process with chemical expansion
Production sample with Sampsistemi line
LI A1 - LI B1
- Foam/Skin and Skin/Foam/Skin processes with physical
foam process
- Special pre-heating up to 200° C (LI B1)
- Skin pass module for the production of data cable
- Extruder screw designed to reduce and keep melt pressure
constant at the gas injection point
- Stable automated extrusion process with limited fluctuations LAN cable (Cat 6) with FEP
in capacitance and diameter Process Foam/Skin + Stripe
- Nitrogen injection unit controlled by line supervisor Cu Ø 0.51 mm
- Fixed-centre extrusion head, with fine-tuning device for opti- O.D Ø 0.88 mm
mum wire concentricity Expansion 50 %
- Dual or triple extrusion head with striping capability Line speed 500 m/min

LAN Telephone
Cores insulation Cat 5 e, 6, 7 and higher Std. Telecom
Conductor material Copper Copper
Ø Inlet wire (soft/hard) 3.0 / 2.7 mm 3.0 / 2.7 mm
Ø conductor 0.32 - 0.90 mm 0.32 - 0.90 mm
Cable Ø, max. 3.0 mm 3.0 mm
Insulation materials PE, PP, FEP PVC, PE
Process Solid and Physical Foam Solid and Chemical
Expansion level, max. 50% FEP 50% PE
70% PE
Line speed, max. 3000 m/min 3000 m/min
Ø Tolerance ± 0.01 mm (for insulation ± 0.01 mm (for insulation
thickness < 0.3 mm) thickness < 0.3 mm)
± 1% (for insualtion ± 1% (for insualtion
thickness > 0.3mm) thickness > 0.3mm)
Eccentricity tolerance F>0.96 F>0.95

Sampsistemi 19
Coaxial cable insulation lines

Pay-offs Calibrating Extruders Cooling trough Pulling element Take-ups System

trough supervisors
PO 630 VT SAMP 35-25 VR 7 TC MC 600 AV 800 D SU L
PO 800 SAMP 80-25 VR 7 TCA TU 800 SU P
PO 1250 TE 35-25 F VR 12 T TU 1250
TE 45-32 F
TE 60-32 F Wire dryer
TE 80-32 WD 12

Mini and micro-coaxial cable insulation lines:

Foam/skin & skin/foam/skin processes
Line types
CI A0: insulation line for micro-coax cables with FEP and PE
CI A1: insulation line for mini-coax cables with SRL frequency up to 1 GHz
CI A2: insulation line for mini-coax cables with SRL frequency up to 3 GHz

at a glance

+ Wire preheater
+ Main extruder with smooth barrel and physical foam
+ Extruder screw designed to reduce and keep melting
pressure constant at the gas injection point
+ Limited preheating time for fast line set-up
+ Stable automated extrusion
+ Extrusion cross-heads equipped with a fine-tuning
centering device
+ Extrusion group suitable for striping process
+ Nitrogen injection unit controlled by line supervisor
+ Dual automatic take-up with full-speed reel change

Sampsistemi 20
CI A0 Production sample with Sampsistemi line
Cables insulated with fluoropolymers are traditionally used in aerospace, military
and nuclear applications, where a high level of fire resistance, good electrical
properties and exceptional chemical resistance are a priority.
Extrusion process parameters and the extremely high cost of fluoropolymers
have been an obstacle to their use in cable insulation. With longstanding experi-
ence in fluoropolymer technology, Sampsistemi has engineered a special ex-
trusion process which
at a glance includes gas injection
foaming. With this sys- Micro-Coax cable (7x0.18 mm) with FEP

+ Main extruder with 5 thermoregulated zones tem insulating wire with Process Foam/Skin
+ Bimetallic barrels for PE and FEP insulation fluoropolymers is no Skin thickness 0.05 mm
more difficult than poly- Cu Ø 0.54 mm
+ Extrusion heads made from anti-wear materials O.D Ø 2.08 mm
ethylene insulation. CAPAC 58 pF/m
Expansion 54 %
Line speed 220 m/min

CI A1 - CI A2
Mini-coax cables, CATV cables and radio-frequency cables are primarily char-
acterised by their electrical impedance and the speed with which signals are
Production sample with Sampsistemi line
propagated. The common denominator of both signal propagation and dielectric
constants is the cable insulation material.
Nowadays, market demand requires very low dielectric constants which can only
be achieved by physical foaming extrusion processes. With a wealth of experi-
ence in physical foaming by nitrogen injection, Sampsistemi lines can obtain a
dielectric constant of 1.2, which corresponds to a polyethylene foaming degree
of 81%.
Other important cable parameters, such as low attenuation and structural return
loss, require extremely high Coax cable RG 59 with PE
at a glance precision from all extrusion
Process Skin/Foam/Skin
line components, since it Cu Ø 0.816 mm
+ Structural return lost frequency up to 3 GHz is necessary to achieve O.D Ø 3.59 mm
+ Calibrating and degreasing group a line speed stability of CAPAC 52 pF/m
1/10000 without extruder Expansion 70 %
+ Dual capstan with tension gauge Impedance 75 Ohms
output pulsing, no problem
+ Melt flow regulation unit
for lines by Sampsistemi.

CI A0 CI A1 - CI A2
Conductor Soft copper Soft copper
Copper clad aluminium Copper clad aluminium
Copper clad steel Copper clad steel
Conductor Ø 0.2 - 3.1 mm 0.64 - 2.9 mm
Cable Ø, max. 7 mm 12 mm
Insulation material FEP, PE, PP PE, PP
Expansion level, max. 75% PE 81 % PE
55 % FEP
Line speed, max. 700 m/min 300 m/min
Ø Tolerance ± 0.01 mm (for insulation thickness < 0.3 mm) ± 2.0 % (for insulation thickness < 5 mm)
± 1.0 % (for insualtion thickness > 0.3 mm) ± 1.5 % (for insualtion thickness > 5 mm)
Eccentricity tolerance F>0.95 F>0.94

Sampsistemi 21
Medium & high voltage MHV lines at a glance
power cable insulation lines
+ High, constant line speed
The SAMP MHV line is designed for + Layer thickness, diameter and
the continuous production of XLPE concentricity control
(optionally EPR) insulations on me-
+ Cable quality control during
dium voltage cable cores.
ramp-up and ramp-down
+ Stable temperature control
for homogenuous melt
+ Water-cooled extruders
+ Automatic production
parameters set-up

Pay-offs Accumulators Master capstan Extruders Extrusion Cross-linking Cable twister Pulling Take-ups
heads tube elements
PT 2240 AC 1200 H MC 1800 MHV MHV 80-20 TX 50 MHV TU 50 MHV CT 1200 MHV TR 1200 C PT 2240
PT 3000 AC 1600 H MC 2600 MHV MHV 100-20 TX 70 MHV TU 100 MHV TR 1800 C PT 3000
PT 4200 MHV 160-25 TX 90 MHV TR 2800 C PT 4200
PT 500 Pre-heater MHV 200-25 PT 5000
100 kW

Well-proven Controlled temperature

triple-layer crosshead stability at any time
The insulation process is executed by Cross-linking of the insulation materials
a well-proven, triple layer crosshead is done by an inert gas (Nitrogen)
equipped with an independent pressurized within a catenary tube and
centering unit for each material flow heated-up by 8 independent zones.
channel distributors
The production parameters set-up is
The three water cooled extruders, automatically adjusted and homog-
MHV type (see page 27), are designed enised by the SAMP MHV-CAL soft-
to process sensitive polymer and ware to reach maximum production
elastomeric materials at a low melt speed while maintaining a constant
temperature. insulation thickness.

Each heating/cooling zone is equipped The cable is cooled by a water

with a separate heating and cooling circulation system, optionally also by Powerpack™ Extruder Drives made
element, directly applied to the barrel. gas if completely dry processing is by SAMP.
Proportional valves connect directly required.
to the PID control guaranteeing very
tight and stable melt temperature

Sampsistemi 22
+ SAMP MHV CAL software
to set-up production parameters


supervision software for the
complete line control and
consistent quality results.

Line specification MHV 36 MHV 66 MHV 220

Cables voltage range kV 6 - 36 6 - 66 36 - 220
Conductor section
Highly stable (Al and Cu) mm² 25 - 630 50 - 1200 50 - 1200
Metal tensile strength, max Cu: 45 Cu: 45 Cu: 45
processing for N/mm² Al: 25 Al: 25 Al: 25
non-stop production. Cable Ø range mm 14 - 50 20 - 70 30 - 90
Semicond. Layer
(Inner and External) mm 0.4 - 0.8 0.4 - 1.2 0.4 - 1.2
To guarantee the continuous production
flow, from the payoff on, the conductor Insulation layer mm 2.5 - 8 2.5 - 10 2.5 - 23
is stored in an entry accumulator Cable weigth, max kg/m 7 14 18
with an integrated dancer to assure a Insulation material XLPE, EPR XLPE XLPE
constant cable tension before entering
the Master Capstan. Line set-up
This unit is the line speed Master and
Total line length m 200 200 220
guarantees the line speed stability. A
capacitive position sensor controls the Extruder platform height m 15 20 20
speed of the "exit" Caterpillar. Angle at Crosshead degree 19 25 25
A third Helper Caterpillar with a Tension factor 107 160 160
controlled torque is located before the Gearing speed, max. m/min 50 25 25
takeup station, maintaining the cable Temperature Cable °C 90 90 90
within the pulley and its support rim.
at tube exit, max.*
The complete extrusion process is Temperature Cable °C 50 50 50
easily controlled by the SAMP line at take-up, max.*
supervision software MHV-SYSTM with Curing method N₂ Gas Gas Gas
a very user-friendly operator interface,
guaranteeing consistent high quality * At conductor surface
cable production.

Sampsistemi 23
Extruder technology –
the core of extrusion knowhow
A fundamental part of any high per- Linearity – Perfect output
formance line, Sampsistemi extruders
across all screw speed at a glance
are born from the longstanding expe-
rience and commitment of our expert ranges + Barrels with a forced feeding
team of engineers. Our TE extruders zone
are renowned for their high levels of As output per screw revolution is the
same for all screw speed ranges, it + Barrels made from nitrited steel
productivity and flexibility. Sampsistemi
extruders answer to any requirement suffices to pre-set rpm according to to increase hardness and lower
from high speed cable insulation to insulation thickness and cable produc- wearing
skin/stripe processes, automatic col- tion speed to keep product diameter + Barrel thermoregulation by means
our change systems, sheathing lines. within tight tolerances, both during ac- of electrical heaters and fans
celeration and deceleration. + Screws made from nitrited steel
+ Screw profiles optimised to barrels
Top output values at low Reliability + Stable & accurate thermo-
melt temperatures and high High quality pays off! regulation
back pressures + Fast line set-up thanks to
We conceive our machines with a reduced preheating time
Excellent output stability is assured by view to constantly cutting maintenance + Efficient & quiet barrel cooling
a forced feeding zone and an accurate costs. + Monitored melt pressure to
screw design. We utilise top quality resistant com-
An optimised L/D ratio ensures smooth prevent barrel overpressure
ponents. Totally reliable reducers and
plasticization of thermoplastic com- + Automatic crosshead clamping
excellent barrel and screw surface fin-
pounds with top output values (up to ishes are all absolute musts at Samp- + User-friendly process supervision
1500 kg/h). sistemi and ensure that you produce for quick and simple product
efficiently over time. changes

Options and
accessories for
best quality results
at any time

Sampsistemi 6
Extrusion modules
for maximum flexibility
in cable production

SAMP Extruder Dosing

Unit at a glance

The SAMP Extruder dosing unit is a + Virtual “0” scrap material

gravimetric solution that allows you to + Automatic cleaning process
save materials thanks to the accurate + Accurate dosing system
weight control. + Operator friendly
This system includes several hoppers + Huge viewing panels
for different kind of plastic granules + Complete control from SU P/SU L
(e.g.: colour, catalyst and basic
The all phases of the process are
automatically controlled by SAMP


Work all thermoplastics on

at a glance one single machine
+ All insulation materials including With Multiflex 25 you can now work all
Liquid Silane and HFFR thermoplastic materials on one single
+ Maximum fllexiblity in production machine. This includes all materials
with less investment which are commonly used for the
+ Easy installation on existing cable production like Liquid Silane and
lines even most resistant, anti-flammable
materials like HFFR.
+ Fast material changes
+ Future-safe investmens

Sampsistemi 25
Low voltage and telecom extruders
For thermoplastic compounds

Extruder size Motor type Number of thermo- Screw max. rpm Screw torque
regulated zones (kNm)
SAMP 35-25 AC 3 220 0.48
SAMP 45-25 AC 4 200 1.57
SAMP 60-25 AC 4 150 3.17
SAMP 80-25 AC 5 120 10.00
SAMP 100-25 AC 5 100 20.00
SAMP 120-25 PowerpackTM 5 80 30.00
SAMP 160-25 Powerpack 5 60 60.00

For liquid silane*

Extruder size Motor Number of thermo- Screw max. rpm Screw torque
type regulated zones (kNm)
TE 120-32 PowerpackTM 6 80 30.00
TE 160-32 PowerpackTM 6 60 60.00

*) It is possible to extrude liquid silane with 25 Ø extruders by using MULTIFLEX 25

For physical foaming

Extruder size Motor Number of thermo- Screw max. Screw torque

type regulated zones rpm (kNm)
TE 45-32 AC 5 200 1.02
TE 60-32 AC 5 150 2.80
TE 80-32 AC 6 120 4.80

For fluoropolymer compounds

Extruder size Motor Number of thermo- Screw Screw torque

type regulated power(kW) max. rpm (kNm)
TE 35-25F AC 3 220 0.48 kNm
TE 45-32F AC 5 200 1.02 kNm
TE 60-32F AC 5 150 2.8 kNm
TE 80-25F AC 6 120 4.8 kNm

Barrels, screws and cross-head clamps made of corrosion-resistant materials

Special high-performance ceramic heating elements for barrel temperatures up to 500°C

Sampsistemi 26
Medium and high voltage extruders
Extruder size Motor type Number of thermo- Screw Screw torque
regulated zones max. rpm (kNm)
MHV 60-20 AC 4 40 5
MHV 80-20 PowerpackTM 4 30 9
MHV 100-20 PowerpackTM 4 25 17
MHV 160-25 PowerpackTM 5 40 45
MHV 200-25 PowerpackTM 6 25 90

at a glance
+ Extrusion screws
+ Screw thermoregulation unit
+ From 6% up to 33% more + Automatic cross-head clamps
+ Melt temperature monitoring
productivity than current
+ Vacuum type compound hopper loader
technology + Master-batch colour and catalyst
+ High performance temperature dosing units
+ Compound preheaters or dehumidifiers
control resulting on shorter + Gravimetric compound
ramp-up time weighing station
+ Various compound
+ Virtual “0” scrap material loading systems
+ Accurate dosing system
+ Automatic cleaning capabilities
+ High torque motor:
SAMP Powerpack™

Sampsistemi 27
Complete your line with
Sampsistemi unwinding & winding solutions

Sampsistemi offers a wide range of

wire & cable unwinding and winding Product range
machines. We design our solutions
adapted to the specifics of your prod- + High-speed dual flyer pay-off
uct and process. + Single motorised pay-offs and
Our pay-offs and take-ups are de-
signed for maximum rigidity and stabil- + Dual automatic take-ups for
ity to conveniently employ even large continuous flow
reels reliably. Fastest speeds and easy + Self traversing portal pay-offs
reel change contribute to the profitabil- and take-ups
ity of your extrusion line.
MD 330: Coiler A variety of safety features, supported
by thorough testing and strict quality
protocols during assembly and run-off,
guarantee operator's safety in daily

Portals assembly at Bentivoglio/Italy

Sampsistemi 28
Dual flyer pay-offs at a glance
+ High speed unwinding
+ Automatic wire change
+ Welded wire detection
+ Easy handling
+ Easy installation
+ Fine tuning cones
+ On board electrical equipment

SV 630 CD
Reel flange Reel flange Reel weight
Ø (mm), max. Ø (mm), min. (kg), max.
SV 630 CD 630 400 600
SV 800 CD 800 560 1200
SV 1000 CD 1000 500 2500
SV 1250 CD 1250 630 4500

Single motorised pay-offs & take-ups at a glance

+ Compact design
+ Accurate electronic traverse
+ Adjustable tension control
+ Easy reel handling
+ Easy installation
+ Operator friendly
PO 1250

+ Zero preventive maintenance

Pay-offs Take-ups Reel flange Reel flange Speed

Ø (mm), max. Ø (mm), min. (m/min) ,max.
PO 630 630 315 700
PO 800 TU 800 800 450 500
PO 1250 TU 1250 1250 630 500
PO 1600 TU 1600 1600 800 500

Sampsistemi 29
Self-traversing portals
for pay-off & take-up

PT Series
The new TU and PO series has been
designed for a wide range of reels in
CV lines, insulation and sheathing ex-
truders, lead extrusion lines, stranding
lines as well as rewinding lines.

The sturdy design with telescopic

cross beam features high-speed mo-
tors. Measuring systems for the wind-
ing and unwinding process and the di-
rect motor response guarantee a very
precise cable distribution on the reels.
The automatic wheel tension control
ensures the constant pressure on the
reels, independently from surface and

Mechanical and optical safety fences

guarantee a very safe operation, es-
pecially during the loading process.
Operators are supported by an in-
tuitive user interface with automated
Self-centering pintles Telescopic cross beam

Performance PT 2240 PT 3000 PT 4200 PT 5000

advantages at a Speed, max. m/min 500 300 200 150
Pull, max. daN 400 800 1300 3000
+ Space-saving, stabile design
+ Minimum setup time Reel characteristics
+ Self-centering pintles Flange Ø range mm 710 - 2240 800 - 3000* 1600 - 4200 2000 - 5000
+ Wide range of reels Barrel Ø range mm 355 - 1200 450 - 1800 800 - 2000 1120 - 3000
+ Accurate cable distribution
Overall width range mm 500 - 1800 650 - 2200 1100 - 2500 1350 - 5000
+ Safe operation
Weight, max. kg 10000 20000 40000 60000
+ Easy & intuitive HMI
+ Carefree maintenance
* special version available for reels with fl ange diameter up to 3200 mm
** special version available for reels with fl ange diameter up to 4500 mm

PT 3000

Sampsistemi 30
Dual automatic take-ups for continuous flow

AV 1250 D
at a glance
+ Maximum change-over reliability at full speed
+ Energy consumption saving
+ Easy integration to existing extrusion line
+ Zero preventive maintenance
+ Automatic reel loading/unloading system
+ Long inner wire end capability

Reel change-over area

AV 560 D AV 630 D AV 800 D AV 1000 D AV 1250 D AV 1600 D

Flange Ø, max.
DIN standards mm 560 630 800 1000 1250 1600
US standards inch 36" 42"
Flange Ø, min. mm 400 450 500 560 630 1000
Width, max. mm 425 475 600 750 950 1180
Weight, max. kg 200 350 550 1200 2000 4200
Speed, max. m/min 3000 2500 800 1500 1500 600
MD 330

In-line automatic coiling machine: MD 330

Bunched wire section mm2 0.22 - 7.00

Insulated wire Ø mm 0.5 - 5.00
Coil Ø, max. mm 330
Coil inner Ø, min. mm 100
Coil outer width, max. mm 100
Linear speed, max. m/min 1200
Automatic coiling machine

Sampsistemi 31
Software solutions for easy and fast operation,
avoiding non-productive auxiliary times

Integration and control System functions

at a glance
SAMPSIS Software package controls + Data logging
and integrates all single units into our + Statistical process control SAMPSIS line control concept
manufacturing line. + Alarm functions for quality and production
+ Process parameter memory management featuring:
Get an overall picture of the line per- + Scheduler for production timing
formance by measuring production + Reporting with pre-configured
+ Complete line control
availability, performance and quality templates
+ Process supervision
and gaining control of your complete + Monitoring of line status and
manufacturing process. performance characteristics of each + Networking and interfacing with
single unit existing lines
+ Easy data export + Wealth of automised process
Future safety + Tele-maintenance through phone and control functions
line and modem for diagnostics
Our software is modularly built ensuring upgrades and operational help
flexible and fast upgrades of single + System recovery
modules. + Help function
+ User administration matrix
+ Production history
+ Maintenance interval setting and

Sampsistemi 32
Guided user
interface for
less errors, less
downtime and less
scrap production
The user-friendly user-interface (HMI)
guides the operator through all
necessary steps of the manufacturing

All required production and product

information is stored by the PLC
for future availability. Recalling data
becomes child's play.

Networking your machine or line allows

for online trouble shooting realising
savings on expensive interventions
Single extruder page
while avoiding machine downtimes
whenever possible.

1 2

1) Pay-off status

2) Complete line page

3) Production scheduler

3 4 4) Double take-up status

Sampsistemi 33
The key to success:
Overall equipment efficiency

+ Availability
+ Performance
+ Quality
Our experience in the area of
designing manufacturing equip-
ment and supporting production
processes let you exploit your
equipment to the maximum,
reaching new levels of productivity
by optimising equipment
availability, performance and

Planning Technology development On-call service

and analysis programs
In case of emergencies we stand by to
Sampsistemi analyses your produc- When you require specific solutions get you back running, if online service
tion requirements and recommends we listen closely in order to satisfy your is not sufficient.
solutions for the demanded produc- needs to even beat your expectations.
tivity and quality. Whether you need a
single machine or a complete line, we Operator training
are your one-stop source for your wire
and cable manufacturing project. Trained operators let you exploit your
manufacturing lines to the maximum
Service plans while avoiding down-time and secur-
at a glance
ing carefree manufacturing.
Our scheduled service help you avoid + Guaranteed OEM quality
unexpected problems and keep your Continuous improvement through the lifecycle of your
line productivity and the quality of the production equipment
finished product at maximum levels. Ongoing research and development + Continuous process
effect new products but flow also into improvement
component design which can enhance + Complete project responsibility
existing lines and units. from one supplier

Sampsistemi 34




Connect to Sao Paulo

worldwide service
Stay connected with superior product-
ivity. The closest Sampsistemi service
centre supports availability, precision,
speed and productivity of your manu-
facturing line.

Spare parts

Individual compo-
nent upgrades

Individual winding,
cooling and hand-
ling equipment

Software updates
and upgrades
Sampsistemi 35
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