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Assembly of God. 6th May 1979. "PRAYER SANCTUARY" BULIATIN". No.3La Dear Prayer Partners, Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of God, the Mighty Creator, being willing to meet with us in prayer? To me, Hie grace is azazing! Astounding! Listen to His invitation - "Draw nigh to God and He will draw nign to you" What condescension! Well may the Pselnist exclaim in awesome wonder, "Wno is like unto the Tord, our God, who dwelleth on high; who humbleth Himself to benold the things that are in Heaven and in the earth! He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill, that He may set him with princes!" (Psalm 113.5-8). and then with a heart of praise he cries, "Blessed is the man whom Thou choosest and ceusest to approach unto Thee, that he may dwell in Thy courts". Of course it is only in the name of the lord Jesus Christ that we may approach Him. What power and privilege there is in that name! Is there a greater promise in the whole Bible than John 14.14? "Ig ye shall ask anything in My name I will do it!" It is the sane as if Jesus Himself prayed. It is the same as if He took us by the arm and presented us unto Hie Father saying, "Father, here is one of My friends. He loves Me and I love him. Please give him anything he aske for in My name". The Heavenly Father would bend forvard and say, "What ould you like Me to do, My child? You may have anything you ask for when My Son aske for it". ‘THE MORNING WaTGH Prayer is so simple. It is like quietly opening a door and olipping into the very presence of God, there in the stillness to listen to His voice, or perhaps to petition, or to listen. It matters not, just to be there in His presence - in prayer! ‘This week's PRAYER SUSJEGTS: (1) The Billy Graham Meetings. (2) Our Pastors, the Officers and the workers. (3) The Congregation and our young people. (4) a Revival break-through! “RELL HB COME" He WILL come! The "Little while” must end sone blessed dey - and we Delleve, SOON! And then? Oh, the joy! We shall see Him ao He is! Let us then bend all our energies to serve Him faithfully. "Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape ali these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man. For as a snare it shall come upon all thea ‘that dwell on tne face of the whole earth" (Read Luke 21.7-36) THE WORD OP GoD The amazing Book! Those two wonderfil pillars, the Ola Testament and the New, will stand yhon ieaven and Barth have passed away! They stand af the two extrenitiee of time, spanning the intervening ages. Like a mighty river tho gonerations flow beneath to eternity. Gur generation ip not nov in ite needs, what the other ages required, we require ~ but probably our need is more urgent! How can a powerless Ghareh find a new dynanie Zor these dreadful days? How cen defeat be turned into victory? How can the indifferent and hopeless be aroused? How oan we oxperience a spiritual avakening that will revitalise faith, ani give Life, point, parpose and power to a sin-sick world? The atswer! A Holy-Ghost, Bible-based, life-transforning RBVIVAL! ‘The message for todays world (as for every generation) is THE OLD- PASHIONED GOSPEL OP GOD'S ORAGE. God wants. to work through a Bible- loving, Spirit-filled, out-and-out, Sanctified people! God used His Word, fie Spirit, and’such a peoplo,in the past to shake the earth — and He WILL DO Tb AGAIN gay ye cour ow you? Just a thought. "Some folk’ go every where preaching the Gossip" (Bat not you, I hope!)