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Prayer Bulletin No. 256 OH, THAD PERILOUS, CALAMITOUS, SINGIE SIN! (No.25) nbet us ley aside the ein which doth 60 easily beset us" (Heb 12.1) Other translations read: "the sin that doth so readily entangle our geath S"itne sin that subtly encircles us" - "The sin which so easily submits one to calamity". ‘us nave sone sin we ere especially prone to, which hangs on to #P Giiincles our feet, exposes us to calamity. Sach of us has some wet point through which the tenpter tries to obtain access. Yes, sone parasite, some dead fly in the ointment. Roan spoilt his walk with God by dreakenness; abrehan lost his influ- tose with Abimeleoh through deception; Moses was stut out of Canaan Goceuse of bad tenper; Marian became leprous through criticism; Achan net his goon through covetoumness. With all the Bible Saints there 4e the qualifying "but-"; sone vorm gnawing at the good roots; some Grooled trait-in an otherwise upright life. and so it is with oun Selyes."He 1s a fine nan, but - what a bad temper!” - "she is a kind Zoul, ‘out ~ What a bitter tongue!" ~ "Great chap, but - so mean!" Oh, Brother/Sister, it applies to us all. We all have a besetting sia - a ein we are particularly liable to. nat is the cause of these Sesetting sine? It might be a weakness in our naturel teddranent! Tt Eight bea oin we indulged in before our conversion. It could be induo- fed by our cecupation, the company we are compelled to keep at wor. Yoo, it could be a weakness in our character ~ inherited. Dut thero it is 1a frail link in the chain, and if we break, it is at that point! What ig your besetting sin - your Zly in the ointment? Is it pride, Forecling iteci? in haughtineas, dress, boasting? Ie it irritability? femper? One outturst of ungovernable temper can undo years of Godly Tiving! Is it obstingnoy? You call it fimmess, but its really pig headetness, selzishness. Is it carelessness, undue laxity? Not carc~ fal about Little matters. You neglect to reply to letters, ozten late, Yreak promises, fail to keep appointments. Is it worry? Apt to get depressea? But why worry - God lives and reigns! Is it greediness? [ove of money? It may be a festering envy - jealousy. Oh, bow this robs the heart of peace. Ie It sensuality? Ts your mind a cage of iinelean birds? Do you find it hai to Keep your mind clean and pare? Oh, Brother/Sister, It is dangerous to be blind to our"single cin.” We’ should be very conscious of this which "so easily subaits us to calanity". Of course, all ein 49 calanitous ~ but thet besetting sin Beware of judging yourself free of the bulk of sin ~ those sins toward which you have no bias! A Christian is no stronger than his weakest point! Danger lurks in unsuspected places! Whatever the viper of your life, claim victory over it! Get rid of it! There are three things we must observe if we are to be free from SINGIE SINS ~ The FIRST IS - Face up to it! Drag it out into the light. SECONDLY Realise that it can and must be conquered - and that Jeous CAN GONQUEH IZ! Don't say, "I can't heip it - it's ay weamess! You can help itt Ho has left no loop-hole in providing victory for you. His Blood avails! His blood cleanses from ALL sin! No matter what it 1s that clings to our lives, the nail-scarrea hand can tear that entang- ling, encircling, calamitous thing to shreds and make us more than gongterors, Hallelujah! Lagtly - We must abide in Him day by dey. avery day a fresh infi21: of life and strength can be received and absorbed, as vo wait upon Him. That besetting sin is a chain that tethers the eagle to the earth. It holds you down! It must be snapped - and Christ oan do it! eee SS reataee eons Lord shall renew their strength - they she unt up ae eegles, they shall run and not be weary, 1 w and not faint". (Isaiah 40.31) eee BEATER ~ How long showl4 we pray? mong God's children make your prayer medium long, as Jesus did in the Upper Room (John 17), When in @ crowd, or with the sick, dying or unfortunate ~ short (as Jesus prayed at Lazarus's grave, or when feed- ing the 5000.) When you are alone with your Father in the secret place, pray as iong’as you like (When Jesus vas alone in the Garden of Geth- Senane, or on the Mountain - then Ee prayed all night.)