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Assembly of God. 25th March 1979 Please, dear lor, send Revival! A Heaven-sent, Holy Ghost Revival! Revive your Church and save perishing souls! The great ‘passion in the heart of God ie to bring the lost back to Hinself. He wante us to be His partners in thie Gospel Rescue oper ation. He gave His Son, will,ve give ourselves? The greatest thing we ean do in bringing in God's plan is 10 PRAY! When the Holy Spirit Youcheo tho heart of a man, he is drawn into the prayer-place, then al the rest of thet man'é Life grove out of prayer. The serving and the doing; all we ere and all we ever will be grows out of our prayer- Life, He plans that we should be prayer channels, receiving our life from Him, and winning others through intercession and witness. Satan fears prayer, he hates prayer. He does all he can to keep the Guristion from Lis imece. He uses the things of the old nature in us fo break our touch with God - sin, selfishness, an unforgiving spiz- is. "Satan fears the man who lives in touch with God, who always seeke to" please hie Saviour. Seten sries to frustrate the praying Christien by hindering answers to prayer - and he has power to do this, temporarily. (Dan 1012-13) There 18 a battle going on in the spirit-worid. There is a host of evil spirits around us, under Satan's control. They are everywhere. (Bph 6.10-17) Paul tells us how to overcome them. He uses the figure Oa Roman soldier amed for the conflict, but notice that when he cones to the 18th vorse he drops the figure, and in place of "fight~ ing" or "wrestling", he pute in that with which in our case the figating io done ~ ‘Always praying". That is to say, "Praying 1s fignting" - our fighting ie praying! The Lord Jesus'hes vanquished the whole evil world (Col 2.15). And now when we are praying we are INSISTING THAT BIS VIOTORY SUALL APELY! Satan ie not chained ~ yet. He hap trenendouo power (But not over the blood~washed, Spirit-fillea child of God). Prayer is taking from the e®Semy that which he has no Fight to hola! Prayer, in the Spirit, by the power of the Blood, and in the nane of Jess overcomes #h6 Bvil Onell God needs our prayers! He asks urgently for our prayers (Eph 6.16) Our prayers help Hin Prayer gives God an open vey into our lives, and through our Lives to those for whom we prey. Tho whole purpose of prayer is to claim the victory of Jesus! He has taken the world ~ and we are to take possession in His nane! Satan will fight! He has power to fight! He will object! He won't lot go until he mot. But prayer is invincible through the Blood of Ghriet and the power of the Holy Ghost. But ve will have to pray, pray, and pray ~ always praying and not fainting ~ end not one thing ye prey for shall be withheld! Glory! The Moming Wath oar prayer subject thin vook ie that we shal} all be fitted out with THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD! (Read Bphes. 6.10-18 again). Pray that every one of us chall be filled with the Holy Spirit!” Pray thet every one of us chal be searched by His Spirit, emptied of all that would hinder, surrentered, dedicated, and consecrated. All for Jeous - AL for Joous! Pray that there may be a thirst for God, a hunger and thirst for righteoumess, and a determination to pray- through for a mighty spiritual break, - sweeping through the Church! The Mighty Word of God. Don't neglect the Word of God! There is power in 4t; power to make as whet God wants us to bel It aenctities, cleanses, enpowers, instructs. It was by His Word that the worlds were created; it is by His Word souls are paved; ty Wie Word and Hie Spirit that Revival will cone! Don't despise it by neglecting it! That ia dangerous! Soneone has sald, "Otier tooks vere given for our information, but the Bible waa given for our TRANSFORMATION! Praise brings revival! ‘ie hath pat a new song in ay mouth, even praise unto our God; pany shall see it end fear, and shall trust in the Loni". (Pe 40.3) "Whose offereth praise glorifieth We,and to bim that ordereth hie conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God". (Pe 50.23)