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Prayer Bulletin No. 31b "THAT ASTOUNDING GRACE — HUMIZITY!" The reverd for hunility is a mystery peculiar to Onristianity. Prom God's Word we leam that it is the greatest stepping stone to promotion in God's Kingdon. "Humble yourselves in the sight of God and He shall lift you up" (James 4.10.) To the bumble He promives riches, honors and life (Prov 22.4) The greatest in God's Kingdon is'the one who hunblos himself as a little child (Nett 15.4) What is humility? Paul defines it in Phil 2.3,5-11. (read this) The Lond Jesus Uhrist, the glorious Son of God, came to this earth to defeat Satan, redecn mankind and take out of the world a Bride (His Church) to reign over the universe with Him. What tools did He use to accomplish this great task? a He took human nature, the Scriptures, Prayer, a criminal's Cross and poor weak failing men end women. and in it all He used love, long-suffering, patience and HUMILITY! His humility 19 astounding! Wone of His yonis or actions were in settings of grandeur. He vas born in a stable, raised as a carpenter's son, walked the dusty roads of Palestine, chose common folk 26 His disciples, had no home of Eis ova, rode into Jeruselem on a colt, the foal of an ass, gave Himself to be crucified as a common felon. In iio teaching He refere to Himself as a lamb (not a lion), as a vine (not a mighty oak) and illustrates with a Little child rather than some wiee sage, 2 Gor 8.9. "Ye know the grace of our Iora Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He becane poor, that ye through His poverty night become rich". Matt 11,29. "Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me; for I am mock and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls". One of the glories of God is hunility. From the creation of Adan to the present time He not only denonstrated humility in many manifestations of Himself, but has used aumble men and omen. Do we quality as candidates? Lack of humility 1s one of thc greatest barriers that stand between us and a full, productive, Victorious life. Someone has said, "He thet possesses humility possesses all the other virtues".’ It is not easy, So often pride is fired by what othere might think of us; by some compli- ment that might come our way; or by our clothes, our house, our car - or e thousand other things. Dear Lord, help us! Actually we can only beget huzility when we lose sight of self and recogniee the hand of God in all we say or do. Humility is not an underestimation of ourselves, but the correct evaluation of what we are, and a right appreciation of God. After all, what have we % boast of? Have ve any talents that have been attained by our own efforts? Did we earn our salvation, or was it the gitt of Goa? Bo we motivate our lives tovant unselfish ende? Do ve esteem others better than ourselves? Do we show a genuine heartfelt interest in others?Do we accept reproofs and advice graciously? Are we willing for others to receive ihe credit for the work we have done? Do we look up to other Ohristians and dom on ourselves? Do ve give God ‘the credit for any talents we may have? On, how we need the Spirit of Jesus! We have nothing to lose but everything to gain when Christ's hunility rules in our hearts and pride is sutmerged infis will. Note these facts - God hears and has respect for the lowly, (Ps 10.17) (Ps 138.6) He extends grace to the humble (James 4.6) Phe humble will inherit both Heaven and Barth (Ps 37.11.Matt 5.3,5) Do you realise that pride is the worst sin in the wuole catalogue? Pride caused Satan's downfall (Isaiah 14.12-15; Bzek 26.1’ Humility is pride's opposite. Humility is the greatestand most outstanding Virtue! How ve need the inflow of the life of Jesus day by day - 00 that His lovely nature may be inparted to us! May the prayer of good old John the Baptist be the principle ruling our lives ~ "He mast increase, but I must decrease” Jin 3.50