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Prayer Blleia No. 24h (2) THEY WALK WITH cop" Walking with God is the highest privilege e Christian can enjoy. God's people are so dear to Hin, He longs for their fellowship. Walking with God meane communion with Him, depending on His guidance, submission to His Will, confidence in His love, a mind conformed to His mind, and delighting ones self in the lord. Such a life was Bnoch's, for "noch walked with Goa" (Gen 5.22) He experienced three hundred years of glorious living - life on the highest plane. Life indeed! Walking with God means over deepening revelation of Hinself. He delights to unfold to us the glories of His Person, the purposes of Hie love, and the wonders of Hie grace! How privileged were those two Gieciples on their way to Bumaus! They listened to the best of all Teachers expound to them the Scriptures. How much they learned in that brief hour or two! How much more may we learn as we walk with Him in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. As we valk in His company we fing that "the things of earth grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace". The things eternal become more vivid. But privilege brings responsibility. The Christian is not only one who who walke with God ~ he is aleo called upon to witness for God in a world full of hostility to our precious Saviour. " Noah walked with God" in an age when the world was fest ripening for Judgment; when God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and ‘that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (Gen 6.5) Yet Noah witnessed for God. Peter tells us ‘that he was a preacher of rigateoueness (2 Pet 2.5) If we walk with God we will be no less faithful. No man who walks with God can be indifferent to the world around him, He sees a world lying in the lap of the Wicked One, He oan never grow accustomed to the thud of Christhess feet on the way to a lost eternity. He will weloome every opportunity of winning men for Christ. To be idle would be treason! Then again, those who walk with God scatter blessings where ever ‘they go. They are easy to live with, They are gentle to all. They eam fron Him Who ia meek and lowly of heart. Like His, their lives are winsome, attractive and dignified. Do they ever cause strife in the Church? Hardly! For all who weik with God seek the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. In short, they are a blessing to their fellow Christians. Those who walk with God live vigorous and victorious lives. They live triumphantly! They love righteousness and hate iniquity. They walk in the highway of holiness. Their lives are permeated with the fragrance and sweetness of the Rose of Sharon. They walk with God! BIBLE STUDY gND MEDITATION, "Waiting on the Loni" Reasons why we should wait upon the Lord. (Tum up references) Zo avoid disappointment - Psalm 25.3. (Ashamed means disappointed) uprightness and integrity - Psalm 25.21. renewed strength and courage - P8.27.14; Isaiah 40.31: life, help and protection ~ Ps 53-16-20. yr gn inheritance ~ Ps 37.34: freodon fron the bondage of sin - Ps 39.7-8. answers to prayer ~ Ps 40. a full ealvation - Ps 62-1: Rom 8.25: our daily supply ~ Ps 104.27-28: revelations of God Himself - Isaish 25.9 God Himself ~ Isaiah 26.8-9. wondrous things from God - Isaiah 64.41 the goodness of God - Lament. 3.25: the Holy Spirit - Luke 24.49: Acts 1.4-B. For hope ~ Ps 150.5-6, For instruction & guidance ~ Ps 244-5, ssenbly Meetings - Sunday 10aM and