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Avvenbly of God. 29th aprit 1979 “PRAYER SANCTUARY BULLETIN" - flo 30 Dear Prayer Partners, in your prayer-time this morning you are going to Ley noid on God ant defeat the eneny! Hallelujah! JESUS LIVES!! Tne Gnristian life ie a warfare! Tt denands conquest, aivence, action! Our Church is mainly a home-base - it is not an end in dteelt. Vien a Ohuren becones self-centred and self-suffic~ {ont it has lost ite purpose. We Live to conquer for Jesus in our daily lives! The Goopel of Jesus Christ frees men fron the tyranny of Sten, It gives men the right to lige, liberty and eternal life! Tt penetrates every sphere of Living! It makes each a king! What @ Goepel! What 2 Saviour! What a Calling! What glorious Victory! God's message is so vitel in this late hour and we mist spare 20 effort or expenso to get it out to every man ~1OW! Every Christian 19 a soldier for Jesus, ani mist use the equipment provided. Bphesiane 6.15-18 sete 1¢ out: (ALL IN HIS POWER!) {. Amour for protection - Verses 14-17. 2. Weapons for the battle - " 17-18. (2 Cor 10.3-5) (a) The Sword of the Spirit. (b) "All Prayer" Bach morning as we meet the Lord, we put on the amour, take the weapons, receive strength and our commission fron the Counander- in Gnief! then facing the Gay, we enter the conflict against th World, the Flesh and the Devii!~ IN HIS STRRNOTH AND VICTORY THE NORNING wanes. Tast week we emphasised the need Zor the FIRE OP THs HOLY GHOST 0 BURN IN OUR HEARTS (Matt 3.11-12) Have we been waiting upon the Lord for this? God requires more than a luke-vam affection. He denands that ve love Hin with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (Matt 22.37; Mark 12.30; Luke 10.27). There must be flame upon the altar! and isn't He worthy of it? Glory to His Name! dn easy-goirenorality ie not ousfictent either ~ He denands 2 hunger after righteousness (Matt 5.6) and a THIRST! (Heb 12.10,14) rae geal of ‘Tay House ten ne up" (John 2.17) and Isaiah 59.17. "Holy ie the Lord!” He desires that our witnessing enowld be nore than the discharge of a duty ~ it should be a burning, consuming PASSION ~ a near’ Zert COMPASSION for the Lost! "Of’ sone have with Four, pulting then ont of the fire" (Gade 22-25.) — (2 dor 5.14) "L kiow thy words, that thou ari neither cold nor hot; ‘0 ten because thou art luke-wam, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of My mouth. ge many as I love, I rebuke and chasten ‘be ZBALOUS THEREFORE AND REPENT". (Rev 3.15,16,19). "E put thee in renenbrance that thou stir up the gift of God" (2 Tim 1.6) "Yea, I think it stir you up, by putting you in remembrance" (2Peter 1.15 and chapter 3.1) won, Tora, Send the Fire just now". ‘is WORD oF GD ~ His PROKTSES. If we would NOW the preciousnes of God's promises, enjoy and experience then, we nist MEDITATE mich upon then. Someone has said, "They are like grapes in the vinepresa; if you tread them fhe wine will flow". Henenber when you take a precious promise that Sis cop speaking. That proniae’ 19 as true es God Himself. He te fhe Uachangoable One ~ never alters ~ mover vithdrays ~ 80 20% one iotal fe 40 the Almighty, the One who wade Heaven ond earth! fe times ite fulfilinent according to Hie ovm insorutible wisdon. Never teo Goon ~ never too late! Being the Word of a God so true, go wise, 80 powerful, how can I help but believe the promise? By modifating, absorbing, cousidering that pronise, that portion Of the Word of His Power becomes part of MS! As it is creative, T Shall experience ite potency, enjoy ite sweetness, and most purely obtain ite fulfiliment! Oh, What power there is in that Yord of dod! Tet it sink in to Jour mindy your heart, your spirit, your soul, Lay hold of it! Stain it! wake it YOURS! Wats GOD WS HAVE! Hu 19 OUR FATHER!