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Prayer Bulletin No. 30b oNPasston, “yhen He saw the multitude, He was moved with compassion” Oar God is a God of compassion. Over and ove? again in the Old Testament we read, “Thou art a God full of compassion" (Ps 86.15) Tt was conpassion that brought Jesus fron Heaven. ‘The sane loving synpathy prompted Hie whole 1ife-work, He helped, lifted, caved, amd mended "the braised reed and rekindled the stoking flax" He was moved with conpessisn asile sav the people, neglected, tncared for, "They were scattered as sheep without having a’ chep- herd" ot that they were withowt religious leaders - there were plenty of then! but the spiritual condition of those leaders was Geploratie! They were indeed false shepherds. The purest compassion is that which yeame over the souls of men, for this touches eternal destiny! If spiritual relationships are right, all else will follow (Matt 6.33). Jesus didn't view the people en-ness, but eo infividuals, responsible iasortal beings, Thal were eteraaliy lost. He likenéd tae multitude to a harvest field, reedy for the reapers - but there were no reapers! The harvest va truly plentecus, but it was ready to fall, to spoil, to rot on the ground, Oh, the concer, the pity, the tears! Do Wi share His compassion for our generation? As we walk our Streets, ov many cf us, as we lock at those harassed, weary faces, eel a surge of heart-conpassion? Lost! lost! iost! 4s we make our way to Church to commune with our dod, what of the multitude we pass pleasure bent? No thought of God. ~ caring hothing of their eternal destiny! Do we ever Lift a silent prayer fo God for then? Gr are ve indifferent? Do we care at all? Probebly the Christian's greatest need today 1e ~ COMPASSION! Tt alone aoves the heart tovard the needy, the sorrowful, the sinfui ~ with concerned love, pity and tenderness. How do we get this compassion?” Tt cones with the new life in Cariet that we received af cur conversion. Tt comes as Jesus is bom into our hearts, But it cones a0 a tender plant that must be nurtured and developed. It mst be cherished and cultivated as an havstual attitude, @ way of Life. How do we cultivate this compassion? 1, Through daily comminion with God, as we allow His resurrected Tite to flow into our hearts, He beautiful nature, Tis lovely disposition becomes ours (2 Cor 3.18) and His own compassion Becomes part of our nature (Rom 8.9) His Spirit operates through the Word of God, and to know its Efanstorming power we must feed our souls upon it ~ meditating, absorbing its yondzous truths. Yor it to do ite part in prodacing Compassion it must show sa the condition of the lost ~ and ve should prayerfully meditate upon auch portions as relate, viz., Eph 2.25) Natt 3.22} 10.28; 15.40-42; 49-50} 18.8-9325.95; Matt 25.41,46; Luke 16; Rev 14.11;19.20; 20.10-1: Mark 8.34-7. HEAD 8868" SoRTPTUNBS! ‘Picture the Horror of a Christless eterity Inagine the suffering! It's awful! Tt's terrible! Ite shocking! BUT 128 TRUE! Jesus said it!" and He as TRUTH! 3. Ae you look upon the unsaved MEALISE THAT THEY ARE LOS?! Lost Sota individuality and collectively! Young and old; rich & poo (Rom 5.12; 2 Cor 4.3; Luke 16.11; 19.10; John 3.36; acts 4.1: Jet your heart nove ost in deop concemy, in intinite pity aid tenderness. Lift your heart and silent prey for each, committing thea to the compassionate Jesus! ALWOxD OP WASNTNG. With Jeous, coupaasion waa and is a principle OF aotionT To cultivate 2 conpassionate heart and then 50 NOTING As0OFT? 15 DANGEROUS. Your heart will ultimately callous & harden. What then are ve to a6? I. WINNESS! sk the Lord to open a vay to tell then about Jesus. 2. PRAY! Pray specifically and eamestly for thea. 3, supPoR? the Lort s work so that Pastore, Bvangelicts and diner workers may be enabled to win aoule for Jesus!