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Page 1 of 3 Johnson, John From: Jordan, Jill Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 6:22 PM roe =, Subject: FW: Oncor Relocation for Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Attachments: image002.ipg fyi Jill Jordan, P.E. ‘Assistant City Manager 214-670-5299 Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 To: Dugger, Rebecca Ce: David Lott; Standifer, Sarah; Jordan, Jill; Craig, Kevin L SWF ‘Subject: RE: Oncor Relocation for Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Rebecca, During the construction of the MHH Bridge piers it was discovered that the sand lens about 15 feet down (and deeper) were very wet and unstable. These sand lenses caused excavation problems for the drilled piers, in one case the excavation caved in and endangered the equipment performing the driling. Subsequently, the location equired casing to prevent caving in of the bore hole. Additionally, the sand lenses created so much pressure on the casing that was left in place. Further field investigations have shown that these sand lenses extend under the East and West Levees and may impact the stability of these levees. As soon as funds are available we will be performing detailed investigations and analyses to determine the extent of the problem and what corrective action ‘must be undertaken. Until we complete our investigations, as proposed change in the levee system in this area will be carefully evaluated and analyses by the party requesting the change will be required. We have been trying to schedule a meeting with Oncor to discuss our concerns. But have been unable to do so at this time. In the case of Oncor, the boring logs provided show the sand lenses to be large and very wet. Thank you Gene T. Rice, Jr., P.E. CESWF-PM-C 817-886-1374 From: Dugger, Rebecca [mailto:rebecca.dugger] Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 10:15 AM To: Rice, Gene T SWF David Lott; Standifer, Sarah; Jordan, Jil 5/19/2009 Page 2 of 3 ‘Subject: RE: Oncor Relocation for Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Gene, Can you please provide me with details as to the “significant problems during construction” caused by the sand layers, the “post-construction remediation measures” that will be required, and the “substantial risk’ caused by the construction (| assume there was a study done to determine the specifics of the substantial risk)? Also, is TXDOT aware of the above? Thanks Rebecca Rasor Dugger, P.E. Director Trinity River Corridor Project (214) 671-2 fe ] | | | - ~~ From: Rice, Gene T SWF [rit oT) Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 11:23 AM To: Benoy, Warreg Jill; Russo, Ray S SWD Ce: Craig, Kevin L SWF; Perrin, Les SWE; Branch, Anita SWF; Dugger, Rebecc2jgguamamanameny ‘Subject: Oncor Relocation for Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Importance: High Good Morning, This morning we had an internal (Fort Worth District) meeting to discuss the current Oncor / Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge proposal. There are a number of issues that will require additional discussion with Oncor, including: 1. The boring logs show sand/water at 12' depth. The bridge piers that were installed on the riverside of the levee encountered these layers and caused significant problems during construction. Furthermore, the construction of these piers will now require post-construction remediation measures to alleviate the "substantial" risk caused by the construction. 2. When the proposed entrance ramps to the new NTTA Trinity Parkway are superimposed over the area, the proposed relocation site of the tower that is west of the bridge is in direct conflict with the ramp alignment. This tower will likely have to be relocated off the levee due to this conflict. 3. Two pressure sewer lines (12' and 16' diameter), one on each side of the bridge, currently pass under the levee. These sewer lines create additional challenges to construction of a diaphragm wall, if such a wall were to be proposed as a remediation measure. Potential options are to move the towers off the levee or build a series of diaphragm walls to avoid the pressure sewer lines. Geotechnical Branch has not completed a full review of the plans/designs, but the issues identified would be show stoppers without further planning/design. 5/19/2009 Page 3 of 3 have already contacted Oncor, TxDOT and the city requesting a meeting this afternoon (3 December). Ifyou have any questions, please contact me. Thank you Gene T. Rice, Jr, PE. CESWF-PM-C 81 374 5/19/2009