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NORTHT) EXAS DISCOVER THE POWER OF IDEAS GRETCHEN M, BATAILLE, PRESIDENT February 16, 2010 Dear Foundation Board Members, This is a very difficult letter to write to my friends and supporters. I remain honored and humbled that you have been a member of the UNT Foundation Board and appreciate your service on behalf of the University. As most of you have heard, I resigned as President of the University of North Texas last week, effective February 28, 2010. Until this past week I was anticipating a long and successful tenure as president of UNT. But, as many of you know, things change—or as both Chinva Achebe and William Butler Yeats wrote, sometimes “things fall apart.” As much as I wished to complete the many initiatives that we started at UNT, I determined that all things considered it was in the best interests of the university for me to resign. am sure that over time the reasons for my resignation will become clearer, and UNT will be able to emerge stronger, ready to take its place among the great universities of this country. I will continue as president for the next two weeks ‘and then will remain in Denton to assist in the transition. 1 am proud of the many accomplishments UNT has had over the past three and a half years, and I have been fortunate to lead this university ata time when we could aspire to become a vibrant public national research university while simultaneously retaining our commitment to Closing the Gaps to ensure a better tomorrow for the people of Texas. I know that this building process will continue, and Tam confident that UNT will emerge as one of the great universities of Texas and the Nation. UNT is a great university, destined for great things. I encourage you to continue to be a part of the future of the University of North Texas. Again, thank you for your support of UNT. After February 28", I can be reached GMD | will retain my UNT email address gretchen and you can also email meat 1185 Union Cie #511425 | Denton Tess 76203-8017 | TRL 940.565.2026 | Fax 940.565.4322 | TRO 866.5652026 Try 940.369652 | yoewanted | preonsb@unteds