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4 Texas Department of Transportation TRAL DALLAS AREA OFFICE*P.O, BOX 133067* DALLAS, TX. 75313-3067*214-320-4400 April 1, 2009 Randy Rogers Vice President Williams Brothers Construction Co,, Inc. P.O. Box 66428 Houston, TX 77266 RE: Control: 0196-07-026 Project: STP 2006 (438) Highway: SP 366 County: Dallas Dear Mr. Rogers, This correspondence is to inform Williams Brothers Construction Co., that as of this date TxDOT has been instructed by the United States Corps of Engineers (USACOF) that all work within fifty (50.07) feet of the toe of the Trinity River Levee System has to cease until further analysis of the stability of the levee has been completed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 214-320-4400 or Pat Poston at 214-320-4416, Sincerely, Darel ZoH ZL. David T. Lott, PE. Central Dallas Area Office CC: Area Office Files Project Office Files THE TEXAS PLAN REDUCE CONGESTION « ENHANCE SAFETY « EXPAND ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY «IMPROVE AIR QUALITY INCREASE THE VALUE OF OUR TRANSPORTATION ASSETS. opp ovAMGICE