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From: Branch, Anita SWF [mailto:Anit Sent: Fri 5/30/2008 11:05 AM To: Ajemian, Gregory Ce: Garcia, David ; Rice, Gene T SWF; Bowersock, Robert D SWF; Perrin, Les SWF Subject: DF, UT - Woodall Rodgers Drilling, SW Levee & Floodway 1. GREG - Attached is the SOW along with the drilling summary sheet (instructions on the types of borings/sampling | need) and approximate borehole locations for the drilling that we discussed in our hallway meeting yesterday. We have a Blanket Purchase Agreement with TEAM Consultants in Arlington for lab testing. Because the cost for this testing will be within my approval authority, we won't have to fool with Contracting to get the testing done. For that reason, the scope has been written to have the drilling contractor deliver the samples to the lab for me. Please give let me know if you have any questions about this work. 2. DAVID G - this drilling is being done because the pier drilling at Woodall Rodgers encountered large amounts of sand under the levee. This isa significant levee safety issue, so we need to try and delineate the extent of the sand, and then design an appropriate fix. 3. DAVID B - since we have so much trouble with our contracting group, we are going to take Greg Ajemian up on his offer to use his drilling contractor to execute this work instead of modifying the contract that we have with Stell. Please let Sim know that this work will not be forthcoming afterall. 4. GENE - | will be out of the office next week, but you can contact me if you need me to do anything else to get this work underway. Thanks, All! Anita «<>