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Fror ‘Rice, Gene T SWF To: , ,, "Perrin, Les SWF <, Date: 1213/2008 11:24 AM Subject: ‘Oncor Relocation for Margaret Hunt Hil ridge ‘Good Moring ‘This morning we had an internal (Fort Werth District) meeting to discuss the current Oncor / Margaret Hunt Hil Brge proposal, There are a number of ‘Issues that wil require adaliona discussion with Oncor, including 1. The boring logs show sandiwater at 12° dopth The bridge plers that were installed onthe riverside of the lovee encountered these layers and caused significant problems during constuction. Furhemore, the constuction of thase pars wl now cequie post-constuetion remediation measures to alleviate the “substantia” isk caused by the constucton 2. When the proposed entrance ramps to the new NTA Ténity Parkway are ‘superimposed over the area, the proposed relocation site of tho tower that = est ofthe bridge is in dtect confit withthe ramp alignment. Ths tower wil key have to be relocated off the levee due to Ws confit 3. Two pressure sewer lines (12' and 16 diameter), one on each side ofthe bridge, currently pass under tho veo. These sewer nes create adional challenges to constuction ofa diaphragm wall, if such 2 wall were tobe Proposed as a remediation measure, Potential options are to move the towers ofthe levee or build a series of slaphragm walls to avold the prossure sewer lines Geotechnical Branch has not competad afl review ofthe plans/designe, but the issues idantiad would be show stoppers without futher planningldesign {have aleady contacted Oncor, THDOT and tho ciy requesting a meeting this aftemoon (3 December) you have any questions, please contact me Thank you Gone T. Rice, Jr, PE. ‘CESW-PMLC Gene.T 817-886-1378