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386 a Memorandum = CITY OF DALLAS pare: June 26, 2009 ro. Meritorious Conduct Board suwecr Nomination for July Officer of the Month Award Senior Corporal Ray Cunningham, #5615, is currently assigned to the South Central Patrol Division on Second Watch. I have had the opportunity and pleasure of supervising him since March 23, 2009, He is truly an exceptional individual and an outstanding Beat and Training Officer. Senior Corporal Cunningham possesses the knowledge, skills, maturity, instincts and leadership that have made him stand above other officers. The aforementioned qualities have earned him respect and friendship from his peers and the community alike. His exceptional interpersonal skills are on display daily as he calmly demonstrates patience while training new recruits. Senior Corporal Cunningham exhibits a high level of street knowledge and is often called upon to assist C.A.P.E.R.S. and other units to identify suspects. On a daily basis, he instills in others, a sincere desire to become 8 the best in all of their personal endeavors, Senior Corporal Cunningham, in addition to his beat responsibilities and training di mentors youth sports groups. Senior Corporal Cunningham is currently assigned to Beat B748. His many arrests include Burglary of a Habitation, Burglary of a Motor Vehicle, Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Assault_and UUMV. All of the aforementioned arrests have been conducted with the utmost respect, professionalism and care under hazardous circumstances. His reports are concise and highly accurate. They contain all of the necessary information for detectives to make a complete and accurate investigation, which allows them to quickly and efficiently file prosecution reports with the Dallas County District Attomey. ‘The work ethic Senior Corporal Cunningham brings to the sector and Second Watch has been a major factor in the fight against crime. He is very conscientious about his job duties and is consistently trying to improve himself As a result, Senior Corporal Cunningham has developed outstanding observation and investigative techniques which have enhanced his effectiveness in combating the crime concems of the South Central Division, Senior Corporal Cunningham is a very effective officer, trainer and stakeholder of the Department. He brings integrity and professionalism to his rank. I am very proud and pleased with his work ethic and what he has accomplished while performing his assigned police duties. I am extremely elated to be his sergeant, because he is a textbook case of how a Beat Officer and Trainer does his job correctly the first time, and requires very little snrenoso18 "Dalian, The City That Works: Diverse, Vibrant and Progesive™ sunccmn Page 2 Meritorious Conduct Board June 26, 2009 supervision. 1 take great pride in nominating Senior Corporal Ray Cunningham, #5615, for the July 2009 Officer of the Month Award. Ifyou have any questions, please free to contact me at 214-671-4548 5 Abd tle Fosse Robert K. Sartin, #5555 Sergeant of Police ‘South Central Division Patrol Bureau ee TOTO eee)