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cct Jordan, 3411 Sent: Fri Feb 06 21:59:49 2009 Subject: Periodic Levee Inspection Report Marv: -—______—— RE Periodic Levee Inspection Report. txt The Report is being reviewed by an outside technical team however the District gngineers have provided me a ist of the most critical items as fol lows: * Levee Penetrations/condition at the DART Bridge * Woodall Rodgers eridge Cunderseepage problens; * Jail Construction US of Corinth sridge . * Miscellaneous Penetrations Associated with Powerlines & other utilities Encroachments Cincluding Bridges) Retaining wall at Rochester Levee Penetrations at Central waste Water Treatment Plant Levee Conpromised Gate Closures Levee Crest Below Standard Project Flood suggest you forward this information to your Engineers and operations. These will be some of the topics to discuss on wed.