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Page 1 of I Johnson, John From: Dugger, Rebecca Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 6:07 PM. To: Jordan, Jil Subject: FW: Mocek prep Another instance of them changing their minds. Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2007 To: Jordan, Jill Subject: Mocek prep Jill, | forgot to mention about another issue with the Dallas Floodway levees. The Corps stated to us in a meeting about a month ago in Fort Worth (witnesses include Becca, Jim Parrish, Kelly High, Paul Lehner) that it would be fine to apply fill against the levees from the backside. The fill material must have the same lack of permeability as the levees or better. This seemed very reasonable. However, Gene just mentioned to me (after our Team Room meeting) that his team has backed off that stance and now has problems with the idea of backiiling behind the levees. This is a big deal and I can't think of a reason for not allowing this. Backflling would actually support the levees and stretch out the seepage pathways through the levees, which is a good benefit. If the Corps is having trouble with backfling, then they are not going to be amenable to any flexibility regarding development around the levees. This would kill any chance of us having a deck park. This would be a good topic with Mocek. Maybe he would agree to a "geotech” summit to discuss the levees and what modifications could be acceptable? Greg 5/19/2009