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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY FORT WORTH DISTRICT, CORPS OF ENGINEERS P.O. BOX 17800 FORT WORTH, TEXAS 76102-0300 TFrewtox or APR 1.9°2006 Operations Division Mr. David Jessup, PE. SO District Roadway Design Engineer Texas Department of Transportation P.O. Box 133067 Dallas, Texas 75313-3067 Dear Mr. Jessup: Reference is made to your letter to our office dated March 16, 2006, submitting selected plan revisions for the proposed Hampton Road Bridge and your letter to our office dated ‘March 23, 2006, submitting a proposal to use the bridge deck drainage system that was shown in your original plan submittal for this project with modifications to prevent direct discharge of storm ‘water onto the levees, levee access roads, city streets, railroads, and the main channel of the Trinity River. My staffhas indicated that our review comments have now been adequately addressed by your plan revisions and that we are in agreement with your proposal to block selected deck drains over the levees and other discrete areas noted-aboverallawingithe rest of the drains to freely discharge into the atmosphere. Cares Corea, UTE We have determined that the proposed work will not adversely affect the operation and maintenance of the Dallas Floodway. It complies with the provisions of 33 CER, Section 208.10 pertaining to work within flood protection facilities constructed by the United States and is hereby authorized. As a matter of record, the proposed project falls within the jurisdiction of the Trinity River Steering Committee and requires the project owner to apply for a Corridor Development Certificate (CDC) through the loca! floodplain administrator's office. ‘Thank you for your interest ii our Hation's water resources. If you have ariy.questions or need further assistance with this project, please call Mr. Mark A. Sissom, P-E., at (817) 886-1582. Sincerely, Colonel, Corps of Engineers jo aste woueDistictiinginetin ees 24 ga ye eget