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RE renderings +: Rebecca, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to review the renderings of the parkway cross sections. As you might imagine, we do have some comments, and although you have recognized some of the conments, I feel they are worth repeating. a.. any fill placed over the levee are considered part of the levee tenplate. Pajgthees,are not allowed to be planted on the levee or within 50 feet of the toe of the levee. c., Drainage from the roadway will not be allowed to flow toward / pond against the face of the levee. d.. Issues with clearance and penetrations of the levee have not been resolved and nay impact, the ability,to construct. the Reunian Gateway as shawn on ‘the cross-sections. Additionally, hydraulic modeling of the reunion gateway may inpact is design, en; NO investigations (geotechnical / hydraulic) have been conducted to show that the lakes will be allowed to be constructed within the floodway. . f.. I believe that NTTA / FHWA may have issues with trees planted adjacent to the parkway (with a certain distance). ‘Thank: you —_— Rebecca [mai 1to: rebecca. dugger@dallascityhall . com] April 06, 2007 10:49 AM From: Dug Sent Fr} day, To: Subject: renderings We recently asked cH2M-Hi11 and WRT to prepare some renderings of the cross sections of the Parkway for the purposes of, fundraising. we know they are subject to change and only conceptual at this time. However, Ji1i wanted you to look at then. Don't pick them apart as you would 100% plans and specs! after all, theyre only cartoons. We just wanted to know if there is some “fatal flaw” that you couldn't abide. For example, the lower cross section shows the road to be banked into the levee. The reason for this is that they used one of Halff’s cross sections that was in'a slight curve. Is that a problem for you? Also, the thing with the deck park ~ it may not have the clearance you guys are after, but I think that's sonething we still need to work to try and resolve. Anyway, is there anything else that just gives you heartburn (besides a pepperoni pizza with jalepenos)? ‘Thanks Page 1