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ll Misor Tth & 7h chords, ¢ Pele Ra et eee ae Cee esd a ) ilallninnini Pia a LenSt ox Ser thar eats wien? WOO. Ted4e1— x3lgan THESE INCLUDE Tulo BASIC ek plant l token he eee utes Bega = a KOATLe— 314i SEVERAL FINGERING OPTIONS. Bx 34nx— 2xt4xe {x24an—Sxdais YOU EAN PRACTICE cae MALE ae sete Beadin 136241 — X3141% — dorrep cine) FOR A WHILE, AF 431416 — x3241K MANY, 7. sit TANT MAKES TT EASIER FORNOU. | 6, 4t Mane 4 i RerEATS, ls v EmT A DmT Gr Ci Fr | Blt eer abnit Dey aha] Chorm “E na aa Pe aT er ame a Sree Gm Bee Seo tse tor | gure apne Dun a a ser mszennml 3 3 po Wor, n0 slot, Do rod, UNCER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LEARN ONLY ONE FINGERING OF A CHORD AND Hope 1Har MUSIC WiLL Alias G¢ $0,KIND AS To Ler You use vouR “rer Fisleening. THe “commect s FINGERING DEPENDS ON THE CortPex?: WHAT CHORD(S) PRECEDED THIS ONE 2? WHAT CHORDS) FoLLaw? How, IF POSSIBLE, CAN THE ENTIRE PASSAGE GE FINGERED WITHOUT ANY EFFORT ON YOUR PART AT ALL 7 “TRY THIS ON YOUR OUIN: Bit Ey Amt D1 Gmt cy Fmt Bb EbaAbT Pint Gbz]) (any questions 2) de a Te Ren eT e RATE “R" (ATER: see Ex. 6 WW mms sexes). ONE Mote -.. How MANY WAYS (OTHER THAN THE ONE SHOWN) CAN You FIND To PLAY THESE CHORDS 7 Br BT L7 Lm At Amat D7 Dm GT Gm Co Cn Ft Fit BP B'nt Eb7 EbmT Abr Abmrete. ) (ra) il HNN HM NNN mi (ei) DON'T UIAIT “TIL “LATER” TO START USUI THESE FINGERINGS IN THE SONGS You PLAY. EVEN IFYOU'RE A ZGINNER, THOSE TUNES USE “71h” CHSRDS -- WHEN YOU Se “Miter”, TAY THESE Miron Tih cHoRDS. FOR ANVTHING ELSE, SOLVE THAT PROBLEM HOWEVER You'VE BEEN SOLVING IT UP To NowW,or Just SKIP OVER THAT PART OF THE SONG ). THESE CHORDS WILL NOT Be YOUTS UNTIL You Ger THEN oof OF THE STUDIES, AND INTO YOUR SONGS. Crore 7 oun) 4utigede TERS EE Ee “ie Coys = ioeagy — 283 fae > i) Te Bxecamene Nor AL me save peoii elie 7 Foaraete Siteren ce cine Te eel Fecal eliiees VARIOUS Seis. OF FICERINGS On er Er ee MM et if N cat Sounds 08 well as FiNGeXiNes. a cotional: L8r_f7 At pean cr fr Bh tbr abr Dr Gtr] "Br er ar Pham a pen 2 OR ee ER et 8 Oe Oe Oe eae PO Ture Thee Dre eee nln MM ees earn efaretesl 7 3 alae SES EEL TEST 5. miner Tn chords BREA TAR, 7 eee at B & A’ forms: 434541— 113421 ABA — 11342 mF TT Tie 7 ee i $ d : i [Bnet Enct Amt Dut Git ote. cy *£mn7 Smt Y EmT Bmt Raat anf LeL2in — K1e 324 (rincer-srme) Bb Beadnr nek aan Lx24an— nLnZen 6, The tiinor Tihs, hapa R= “E°E A’ gorinss whats — sh 3404 Leese i We ret «7 PY 7 ¢ oe ie BT EsnT, Br (Or _Lnit [At Dnt [Cr Ct Fr Bhat Pr hater DT Ghe Bit _ 2) come er ea came allen allem mney iif Gaccar Gee Se 5 Be Seo Sox Ser | Gm rn em Am 20 Zno Review of Tih & Revieus of “7th € i jtinor Ti chords: é. snivtior Tia chords: ~e* & AW Forms: “£" & “e"Fforms: ie Fin ahh vada 70 ae Tedd — Lig dat — a ten eaeeesrmed Le2sax— ¥44243~ v5p243—102 459 TBdt1 ns gx agix— x3idin— 151216 BxBdnv— x24 544 — K2494% —2aFd nr Dx34en— 2eiden — 421d en — Bed4ee aban beads shsads 2 inde «es GEE Geen ee BEE eral l ; : i Fite H a] : Pian a Ge iF He PoE Fe ~ Bate MM ere ‘Bat “£7 “Em? ~ AT Asriy THis. FINGERSMGS In Ex.7 (THEN EX.B, LATER EXPERIMENT WITH CoMPINATIONS USING BOTH SETS) To THE CHORD STUDY BELOW? Bed Gu] Erwt faz] Ant Dx| Dnt Gr | Gam Cx| Ct Fr . Lebeit Abr] Ariat Dh | Dhmt GPa | Chace B7 axn~ 2n3g3% Fmt Bea|pemt hr | Bens wony: our on we wey, veo Ten FA ey eh Ee Trek Bi hab consstr oor me ciuetion 9 Margo's “ER sors: AS32100 — x 19351 10. iMmistors (e+) Don’t EXHAUST YOURSELF ON SSNs BES : THESE... COTSIDE OF COUNTRY LP19)—H1 3828 weain ae Ge Roti STYLES, moboagy deaise lsat s34oa1 — sazsa1 EYER PLAYS SERA Nee Rearraiitn ones ee OR MINOR CHORDS. GUT Si BAB 7 Get You GOTH CRAWL DeroRe You We wet ee + FIY, PUSH THE SETS (8 EX. oll ANDO THROUGH THE ORDER OF pH tH DOMINANK (BERD-C-CFD"EhAb-DP-G!), HA B ii “8 | tf Mazor, 7th, Minor £ mistos’ Tit chords, “CE” ' “A” sors: a @ WWoRK: OFT THIS STUDY on YoU OWN. FIND “LOGICAL” SETS OF FINGERINGS. £3 Br bm Pint | & Et Em EmT| A At Am Amt | D Dt Om mt [Gere OE ore Ti sarsonrea — aS = “Farner Fra rece 5m San 5 Seo OR Titesvee CAGED, commen ra hen hs. STUDY REDUCES A Common cHoRD-ParreRN CF. WNGERINGS, EXPERIMENT WITH OTHER FINGERINGS, BY ALL MEANS, BUT TRY To Keer The BASIC SOUyld oF THE PATTERN INTACT. J5x211 J3x24x x13334 KABEDORKIBIZR —-I3421% Be ¥ tsreccr | FF vl FEA vi ont wil | a7 | 8 eee prety | he | ch a Peer ener Ge Gi rd G GH | Gtr | CF Chin og Ciim7) GF Freel Ae Aba | pb Pim oz Dimt| gb SaecA | At | D Dm oz Dmz| A Gn reer BD ee. on uP we roicensaacs, HIGH AS You can REACH. wAghie iets Wanate Tae, SL han JB. same cisen-parrens 3 Sts Ste ; cooly 45 ABOVE, STILL USE ONLY "2" AnovA" FORMS, i Bona | oF FIN : : Kigun:| | € upifact: DP pezedn syzate 14. Usorkout on regise wovane ny 924i ousate we gait “C° Lovee xABiax 342412 wxazts Ta2ite 2 ae the “C" form: sasiay s3eate “eater. TET AUS eo Te some of rucst sreerenes Are Teo 7 et GP ins coe casita ne os f HE a ea Hat oe | Bary Berock av Give UF oN TIEN, GO ve aad | AD, WHERE THE PT a + pi pm Yom tom ies (FeRuays Gudeinsion) ¢ set ame) 4°G oa W Roar), so anal cee oun To Lower (HaedeRd FEES. TAM THIS: Dd DT Pm | Dm7 l i f ger Ebmt ete. OR eevee § PAGER, contre Me aun tutes a4 Fitte Plaxtx H3241x 19K2ix A3nitx A3iiin x G2ix« Bgedal Sees laenaae laste earlier AB. cece mecrsnve reommonn BE BE atte, tos, aes, AGAIN .-. THIS TIME COMBINING rf HAE { Me "CAND "E" FORMS? ‘i H gah RHE at i i it Kon: | “D | DT] G | GmorGmt| D | upiseer: EP Eby Al APmor A¥mT Eb ete. 16. Workout on the “£° and “e~ forms: Magoys LB. & A ote. “E forme Co far ‘Ee prm Mspors |B __ Ere Ar eke. (geview, ft helps, 5-8) ear ar oo Sets < [© Br Om Bri |E £7 Lm Em? | A Av ete. Bim Br PMT Lem et Em A Aimetc. “E'gorm “er gorm “E" form {arr 6th and Ip chords (3 sets of rem): "EB (or"@) form. Co form govin...., “E'Form “evgorm ‘porn —~Giaw ie os f Sea eeiA ratte Besaxn axtaee 1214an x20143 RLS Mute gaat het Bx334—) 2RASHD 420329) yaedx BAR HHDLAR Rosie ae age ZnOS3x 2KLS3x 2x153K ~ *St24> wDn143 20443 noi4in n3121n 312K + 4 (an mb = 9 Eis Bove, C7miner usesixecunes [BINT Bn BrwT £2 | Amt Ame AmTD | Guit Gmb GmT Ce | Fa, IN S%e, OVE > ECR E porm > Charm Ee chem. Cyarm “Eee oiyonm To ener (Gen) | Sta reer (Arm) | S60 Fear use Fieceinas Sporn "form gor Epon A Re IN ITb,Afove —-T 2x0 Frer “oves"| Fm ever (Shin) | 30m eer 5. Spr Eprh Co germ = Egor Gfarm ise sieaeeines | Spb ae vs Peg KGS 5 cee ie (orig) Jom reer Gow | Brn eres You crs See CHAT Om ,BmTs Binb ARE MERELY VARIANTS OM THE B'ntinos” SOUND. You Can ALéo SCE (ANd HEAR) THAT Bmé 16 ALMOST FDENTECAL To EA, WHICH 1$ DUST A GLAMOROUS Esevestih” SoUND, THIS TIONS HAY UNEN THE MUSIC CALLS FoR “£7”, YOU CAN USUALLY PLAY Bin, Bm, Bin6 of EY CHORDS To ADD W(TEREST To THE PROGRESSION. T CALL THis "dominant minor Substitution, Sivce” B" —Pontifant” To K+. CALL ST WHATEVER YOU LIKE, BOT Pracésce AND Se AT IN YOUR PLAYING? oy BT Ler [Av l | new Pein? Pemb Fim’ Ca Paint BT Pmt Pmo PMTET BT Lt LmT emo Emi isete- USE FSNGLPINGS IN STD OR MTom Mae cece ceeseeeet FT on STE Quarece on Tw ‘iw Tm on B0 OP ucasier {G. Masor Seventh and Sixth chords, OB HesHen “E'fForm- aM 46 WHEN THE HARMONY GETS A LITTLE MORE Le e-gorm be form INTERESTING HN, SAY, aeeassl'!_____—— MK SONGS, THE PLA isa lagar cylos as Ones Ee O2iA Ke 3gIK eK 13IK na?) “PRETEEN Ur er eis - Rudisen Beshun— Zelda» J 5a21n—(sde4sns —J30200 — Janie 6) an ~ 494326 is — AsSd3x 135201 — ZKd31 — 134744 — 13802, THe Ha an enti, FIT = AIT? af Th 2 Toe S€E00 WHEAT THE Music CALs, # Zatties “a 3, iis a FORA” G"EHCRD FORM ‘at oe Repit ies oe 7 Neem toe + SI Sa ml G6 G GF G¥lve) GS ose Fwcerincs H Mert e Urea arasl Gre a AI aa Saas tee Bt BG AF AG GTG6 i Fo ea Bhs aera 6 ght G Bo cugees Rd Bin ("e*term) 77 2 (Egorm) $9. “Businessmian’s chords? “sesjor ansone 3052 BEG Bee FAIS 19 REAL WORKING - GUITAR PLAYER 163626 Zxi53x Z4333n 2s453n Zn 1938 eure, $0 DiG iN ON “THIS SET. EVEN GP oes cn rn " Youre! SEEN ol LICHTLY THROUG Je Onsiex STUDIES E ae 4, ¥ <= a. G G6 Gmnt Gms 69 Wee | m €7 A Are Dr lage wora> BF Bb | Bin? Bmo | Gm7 Bmb Bm7 £7 | AF AS | Amt Amo | Ami Amo Aint DE on —> Bt | Bnit Bib [At | Anz Ame| FEES =) on —> Bb Biné fa Ao Amo De b MEMoRIzE THIS AS sstoun (Gai F).., Toten Puav aT aw FHLG, ABA, Bhas yisest as You cats? nusicgens: F [Gre | Am | D7 Gm_ |r A iad ie oat Nicht hat GmT Gio or C@(or ei) F6 epee | ve oa ial Ne Cec ll Ll | €. $5 LONG 98 USE'VE Gor THIS HuCH GOING, Lens AOD THIS "Ah Crono Tae ‘To TRE SET, AND PLAY: Z. a> (x) weayspone, F¥_ [Gmt| Amt] APT| Girt] Gbr| Fo lor FA Ea” Nay (Pogouinern sruDenTs: te 196 sounns sintae . a8 (Roo ont Bard, abeseven oe Dent | sion Ara 1-5-9 eee eT Serre Geeta Br awe” ( byor hb (sse2)— Yezaoe — Sez4 9 Veeverda, 4.408 4.05 nesic peso Bm £1 fia D1 Gm er F H th “ou PLAY Bint fans Fat APT Gm (en TU, (a (ra) 14) il Soh en ur bg