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Altro is the first safety flooring manufacturer to recycle traditional safety flooring in-house

Altro Marine20 / Altro T20

Safety Flooring / Suelos de Seguridad / Sicherheitsbodenbelag

Steam IPT20807 WR85 / A1M85 / LRV 37

Rainfall IPT20810 WR135 / A1M135 / LRV 43

Cascade IPT20809 WR105 / A1M1 / LRV 71

Gull T20813 WR79 / A1M191 / LRV 46

Marlin T20811 WR203 / A1M203 / LRV 34

Reef T20801 WR20 / A1M20 / LRV 41

A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Flooring, full details available at

Shark IPT20812 WR201 / A1M84 / LRV 24

Tide IPT20808 WR71 / A1M71 / LRV 21

Altro Whiterock is frequently specified to complement Altro Marine for shower/wet areas. Altro Whiterock est recomendada para complementar Altro T20 en las duchas y zonas hmedas. Zusammen mit Altro Marine wird hufig Altro Whiterock ausgeschrieben um ein fugenloses Bild fr Duschen und Nassbereiche zuschaffen. The complete hygienic flooring & walling solution. La gama ms completa de suelos y revestimientos higinicos. Die hygienische Systemlsung fr Wand und Boden

Seagrass IPT20814 WR137 / A1M137 / LRV 37

Fen IPT20815 WR242 / A1M242 / LRV 19

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Light Reflectance Values measured in accordance with BS8493:2008. Exact material match with samples cannot be guaranteed. No podemos garantizar que el material del suelo de seguridad coincida exactamente con el de las muestras. Eine exakte bereinstimmung des Materials mit Mustern kann nicht garantiert werden. Codes: WR = weld rod, A1M = mastic, LRV = light reflectance value. Cdigos: WR = Cordn de soldadura, A1M = Mstique, LRV = Valor de Reflectancia de la Luz. Abkrzungen: WR = Schweischnre, A1M = Altro Mastic Dichtmasse, LRV = Lichtreflexionswert


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Altro Marine TM 20 / Altro T20 safety flooring

Flooring Type Tipo de pavimento Belagsart Classification For Use Areas de uso Einsatzbereiche Slip Resistance Resistencia al deslizamiento Rutschsicherheit* Thickness Espesor Total Gesamtdicke Wear Layer Capa de uso Nutzschicht Flexibility Flexibilidad Flexibilitt Weight Peso Flchengewicht Roll Dimensions Dimensiones del rollo Rollenabmessungen Light Fastness Resistencia a la luz Lichtechtheit Sound Insulation Aislamiento acstico Trittschal Wear Resistance Abrasin Verschleiverhalten Indentation Punzonamiento Resteindruck Fire Performance Reaccin al fuego Brandverhalten Chemical Resistance Resistencia a los productos qumicos Chemikalieneinwirkung** Castor Chair Abrasion Huellas de sillas de ruedas Stuhlrollenbeanspruchung Under Floor Heating Calefaccin por el suelo Fubodenheizung Electrical Behaviours Caratersticas elctricas Elektrisches Verhalten VOC Emissions Emisiones de VOC VOC Emissionen EN 13845/ EN 13553 EN 685

Safety flooring Suelo de seguridad antideslizante Sicherheitsbodenbelag 34 & 43 34 y 43 34 & 43 Esb DS R10 / Class C 2 mm

EN 13845 EN 13893 DIN 51130 / DIN 51097 EN 428

EN 429


EN 435

Pass Conforme bestanden 2.5 kg/m2 2.5 kg/m2 2.5 kg/m2 2 m x 20 m = 40 m2

EN 430

EN 426

EN 20105-B02

ISO 140-8

13 dB

EN660-2 EN13845 EN 433

Group T / Grupo T / Gruppe T


EN 13501-1 EN ISO 9239-1 EN ISO 11925-2 EN 423

Class Bfl-s1 8kW/m 2 Pass Clase Bfl-s1 8kW/m 2 Conforme Klasse Bfl-s1 8kW/m 2, bestanden Good Buena bestndig Pass Conforme geeignet Suitable Apto geeignet

EN 425

EN 12667


2 kV Antistatic 2kV Antiestticas 2kV antistatisch

Low/Pass/Approved Baja/Conforme/Aprobado gering/geeignet/zugelassen


prEN 15052 Section 01350 AgBB/DiBt

This product has never contained phthalate plasticisers. Contains Bacteriostat. * We recommend the use of Altro Aquarius for combined shoe and barefoot use in wet and dry areas such as hospital bathrooms and Altro Marine 20 / T20 for barefoot use in wet areas such as swimming pool surrounds. ** Caution Ketone/Aromatic Solvents. Please contact Altro for further technical advice regarding staining and chemical resistance. Certain chemicals may cause staining of vinyl. Traffic stain can be caused by oil residue, certain cleaning agents, asphalt and anti-oxidants in some types of rubber. Installation and Maintenance All Installations in accordance with Altro safety flooring instructions and Local Codes of Practice. Please refer to Altro Cleaning Card for maintenance advice. Failure to install and maintain Altro flooring in accordance with installation instructions can affect its performance and slip resistance. Floors should be protected from other trades and thoroughly cleaned before handover. All information is correct at the time of print and is subject to change without prior notice. Visit us at for more information and updates.

Vinyl Take-Back Scheme


Contains bio-plasticiser & phthalate-free

Altro Limited a company certified by SGS to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Distributor label

EN14041 0120 GB06/72664

For further technical information please visit Si desea obtener ms informacin tcnica, visite Weitere technische Informationen finden Sie auf unserer Website

+44 1462 707700 +34 91 549 52 30

Manufactured by: Altro Ltd. Works Road Letchworth Garden City SG6 1NW, United Kingdom