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QC etes Vettes sites SOLARIS After Sales Press Career Contact Solaris Shop Castltén de ta Plana ops for Solaris wolleybuses ‘Caselln de a Plana, the ony Spanish city to have reintroduced a trolleybus system, has opted fr new Solaris trlleybuses,. le for sx Trolling, The vehicles wil be el ‘The ides rum Via Reserva comprises the delivery of ix standatd-enat Tiolino trlleybuses with the eye-catching MetroStye desig. The tection sytem wil be provided by Skoda Elec, Due tothe fect that trolleybuses in Casellon dela Plana run on segregated alignments with articular sections for uided buses, the ordered vehicles willbe fitted with an addtional beter pack ensuring off wire operation It will so ellow 2 trolleybus to ge independently to diagnostic station Batteries willbe cheroed while the veces ae in operation using the overbead wire or though battery chargers a depos