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Kaylee hare mgularserviet to Mn ot Bexpimo, Tor infomadon on he opeing bout of the Ppa Bitlis an bere to stay, connet the toute offer of qa, Brea and Nona at sonia beanasswnebruchoramat and wcronnonr en OTHER HIGHLIGHTS OF LOMBARDY ‘The Dome of Mons los cath nd much iter place tit then the chores af Man, Florence oh ent ein eran cd the ati ince pee indeed i hoses an etary wot Keown athe Stine Chipe of the Noth, the Capel i Teodlnds, ccm pate fouing essa pcgsere Tis Eerste el i deal oy OF Theadolids uch of the Lombards and founder of th asi hy te ranged 45 rene and cover the enti al ae “The Caer Art Galley Bergamo bs alo jut opened wee sre yar oF refcbishmen tnd iea ial fest of Renssance at Wha esl wonder ‘hot he galery ht the ary hse nel ome ad it he cag ‘he aiings ae a ee wr have the nese oF hing very closet thea Fighighrncal pangs by Lorenz Lat, Sandro Borel nd Annals Meine Moone nl CH 1480 “he Gy scum (usc of Sans Gis i Ba fers wonder jute ‘hemugh he cy cating px —itwal om the rif Horan wo ses hts tied cl oF Son Sino ad cw wl onthe ange: Sves Mr in Scan wid stains ans chor. the th centre Bit oF Sirs Gia comple wth roi depicting det - eer PR forse, se weve) sd the sonatey cise. 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