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These pls are sire he tng pos fn ASME Vi, 1, Append. 7 & & 2 i 2 -aizesazre | eareiaras | _-oonaszase e a @ osareesia | _ts7aeeiee | _-avreresee e izveases | oswaeree | oxeooa01@ 7 oorcaesiz | _ooasveiea | avossoosa @ ‘aaezsts | _-oaoreeoe0 | onsve2s20 a vaaowoneo | —225saie2 | _oveesoesa 7 ~areareies | _ososeoser | _-corecsoo 7 -Saesesss7 | _orsrasise | omeestera « sseccose | taosieam | onreraeo by wing he equations below and tose corabed In ASME Append 2, sets lvls at he foloning Seals can e crpered wih th Uns eed flowing tam. Note hat be its aebased on ata te & ‘sexnbiy (able empaat (S,)- nado, Xs aed hat ents ae sled wih a ‘pecan tat sme load ying of the Nange ie secepata and dss aa in ost Mange eases when ‘Seemed aucun bot stesso ani artnet. These ppd wang te sass oan, one