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UO SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO LE Document Scanning Lead Sheet Jul-31-2015 3:59 pm Case Number: CGC-15-547154 Filing Date: Jul-31-2015 3:55 Filed by: DENNIS TOYAMA Juke Box: 001 Image: 05016425 COMPLAINT DONNA DINAPOLI VS. LYFT, INC. ET AL 001005016425 Instructions: Please place this sheet on top of the document to be scanned. © & 3° — M019 ones Clifford, LLP 1390 Market Stret, Suite 1200 AR RERe oreo Bee SBN Sb STS a she BT Write, Esq. (SBN: 246164) F ‘Sygerior Court of Calfornia San Francisco, CA, 94102 ‘County of San Francisco. ESI ERLSBO oy MtNOUGlS) 4812066 srry Fone IsureRion cour oF cauirorsia, counry oF SAN FRANCISCO JUL 31 2085 streeranoness: 400 McAllister Street src 408 Mosier Soest CLERK OF THE COURT, cmv 0 2 cooe: San Francisco, CA 94102 x 1 searcuuwe Civic Center Courthouse Deputy Geri ‘CASE NAME: DONNA DINAPOLI v. LYFT, INC, etal. CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET ‘Complex Case Designation 5 fie Unted pa aries a eeeeaeet | LU aell Oleg OANA O.A (Amount (Amount sale! mee) a demanded demanded is Filed with frst appearance by defendant excoods $25,000) $25,000 or les) (Gal. Rules of Cour, rule 3402) ——_|_oer: ‘ems 1-6 below must be completed (see insirucfons on page 2). Trak ore Bor Flow Te case ype hal ba! dosrbes i case Tet rel (3 FET ext oactnarany (0) Ato (2) 1) re 3.740 cotections (09) Uninsuced motorist (6) Provisionally Complex Cll Litigation (Gal Rules of Court rules 3.400-3.403) (1 Anstrusrtrade regulation (03) Construction defect (10) Mass tort (20) Secures ligation (28) EnvronmentalTaxc tort (20) surance coverege claims arising fom the stove listed provisionally complex case types at) Enforcement of Judgment Enforcement of judgment (20) Miscellaneous Civil Complaint [1 rroen Other complaint (not specified above) (42) Miscellaneous Civil Petition ‘Other PUPDIWD (Personal inury/Property a Other collections (09) ‘Damage/Wrongful Death) Tort Insurance coverage (18) } Asbestos (8) 1 otrerconsae sr Produc ably (24) Real Propery Nasi mepractca 48) (25) Eras comeinioerse ter IPOD (23) tondernaton (1) RgPIPOND m9 Ton rong evcbon 2) Business torvunfa business practice (or) L] Other eal property 26) ott (08 niawtut Detainee Detanation 13 ‘Commer (1) Fras (1) Reson (32) Inala rer (19) dos Pretesnonal nepigence (2) Jue Review Otter non-PUPDIWD tot 6) ‘Asset (8) Partnership and corporate governance (21) Petition re: arbitration ewars(11) [] cee petiton (rot specod above) (43) 3 wt ot mandate (02) [1 onerivsi review (9) Employment ‘Wrong termination (36) 71 one eee 2 Thiscase Trek couple ondorrlo 3.400 the Calforia Ros of Gout Whe cave scorpion, mark he Taba teen excotne fulcel nareborent aL Large numberof separately represetea pares ¢:{] Large numb of winesses ©] Extensive maton preci raising dca or novel e. I Coordnaton wih elated acions pending in one or more cours [aves tat ibe tne-consuring io reacve incshor cours, sakes, or coutren,orivafeder cout cE substantial amount of documentary evdence _&. (2) Subetenlpostugmert jude upervion 2 Remerdes sought (eck a that app: eI monetary b.C—] nonmonetey detrson or ince eet ©. —Ipuntve 4, Number of causes of ection (Speci: TWO (2) 5. Thiscaso Lois Lilienet acess action sut See an ae a cs ctroteecaxe varmy seem FAX ote July 31,2015 é Kevin Morrison, Esa, rf bon ane A ROTTT WOTICE « Piaintif must fle this cover sheet withthe fist paper fled inthe action or proceeding (except small claims cases of cases fled under the Probate Code, Family Code, or Weltare and instutions Code). (Cal. Rules of Cour, rule 3.220.) Failure to fle may resutt in sanctions, le this cover sheet in addition to any cover sheet required by local court rule. «= Ifthis case is complex under rule 3.400 et 88g. of the California Rules of Court, you must serve a copy ofthis cover sheet on all other partes tothe action or proceeding, * Unless this is a collections case under rule 3.740 or a complex case, this cover sheet willbe used for statistical purposes on CIVIL GASE COVER SHEET Tat ang aS gS Sea SO Ske doc rao 8 LexNexio Automated Calera Juice Counc Porm Feaistconeiet ane ibe ye ae \ © 9 INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO COMPLETE THE COVER SHEET To Plaintiffs and Others Filing First Papers. If you are fling a fist paper (for example, a complain) in a civil case, you must complete and fle, along with your first paper, the Civil Case Cover Sheet contained on page 1. This information wil be used to compile Statistics about the types and numbers of cases fled. You must complete items 1 through 6 on the sheet. In item 1, you must check ‘one box for the case type that best describes tne case. If the case fis both a general and a more specific type of case fisted in tem 1, check the more specific one. Ifthe case has muliple causes of action, check the box that best indicates the primary cause of action To assist you in completing the sheet, examples of the cases that belong under each case type in tom 1 are provided below. A cover ‘sheet must be fled only with your inal paper. Faure to flea cover sheet with the fst paper fled in a civil case may subject a party, its counsel, or both to sanctions under rules 2:30 and 3.220 ofthe California Rules of Court To Parties in Rule 3.740 Collections Cases. A “collections case" under rule 3.740 is defined as an action for recovery of money owed in a sum stated to be certain that is not more than $25,000, exclusive of interest and atfomey's fees, arising from a transaction in ‘which property, services, or money was acquired on credit. A collections case does not include an action seeking the following: (1 tort damages, (2) punitive damages, (3) recovery of real propery, (4) recovery of personal property, or (5) prejudgment wrt of attachment. The identification of a case as a rule 3.740 collections case on this form means that it will be exempt from the general time-for-service requirements and case management rules, unless a defendant fles a responsive pleading. rule 3.740 collections ase will be subject to the requirements for service and obtaining a judgment in rule 3.740. To Parties in Complex Cases._In complex cases only, parties must also use the Civil Case Cover Sheet to designate whether the ‘case is complex. Ifa plaintif believes the case is complex under rule 3.400 of the California Rules of Court, this must be indicated by ‘completing the appropriate boxes in items 1 and 2. if@ plant designates case as complex, the cover sheet must be served with the ‘complaint on all parties to the action, A defendant may file and serve no later than the time of its first appearance a joinder in the plaintifs designation, « counter-designation thet the case Is not complex, or, ifthe plantif has made no designation, a designation thet the case is complex. cM.o10 (CASE TYPES AND EXAMPLES Ao Yor conract ProvistnalyCompx chr Ligation (Ca. “2 Persona ry Proper Sch of Coxaciverany (8) ues ot Gout Ree 300340) Darapetentl Dest Srescnefresinvoase susan rad Rogan) uninsured Mtoe (he ‘Sota ote etn Conscience (0) ose raves ss reared wragt et) Gar ironeng at ton 0 ‘meron eet conacttey esr coer Series uesen 2) esate, ese fon Wa fe od roger) Enuronmetaods Tor 00) femed ofA) vegeta Sea ito one Si ‘hee pro eso yd orang rom pee Saray tar tet Cantaatrary Scores rabd coo : aidieeiaiaamaaia ‘conectora og. ony owes open cote canen ‘Asbestos 00 eokacsuiey rarer! Soar ‘ebowen Prost Dahage {elect Case-Seler Pant "a fer (st pakeses tees poe Site onsen Neeser Sete we Ry sis se etna etn ren Se a ee ‘ret 8h ser Sauget vaedent penctoe 03) Sto Saegtion arma Agency Aad egel aac ‘tor Coverage (rt rpad aes Payson Surgeons ter Cos) ole cate of Eto ce ates Heath Gore Coron Pant ‘hprenton Uae foes scan peur Cote ong Eocene te PIN 3) SaaS a, SE acinar icataneous Wi Complaint ea oo Cancoraton (3) ‘acon ort ay unyPOnND wren veton (8) Se, So tet eptad ra eal Propet 0.9. te) TO Tirta Posecson i Sel rony Decrsin Re eral Dee net roeeeas ony egigon niet ane rar Erna ess - pet eninen oe ra Ses Re pny nt nie: See eco silted Sea epbreoes se omni No-PUPDAND (Ota Tort inners Tote Busnes nin Deter cna Gil Canola wesie on Conenrea ronan comet cone erate fear Sy smote cy Pe Taner to ners or Faeseret 9) ‘oer Potten rot speed cent fe Str, ed en 3) Cet Fas 09 e race sacs eee wy ap Bee any Sober ProeasenaNegherce 5) Wi anda) mae togel arose Rr ele Manors ee aa She rea wc ‘actanders one St Secon dct eens Case ater eo ges ee emotion POD To Wit Oe ig Gout Case bh ald yen ion cote Peston Meng Trion (2) oe Sees ones 8), Nobo Appew-iabr eran: Ast aT aa CIVIL CASE COVER SHEET Lexitiext Automated Calfornis dita Conn Fos © ° M100 SUMMONS Bama, (CITACION JUDICIAL) ovo! iad NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (AVISO AL DEMANDADO): YFT, INC., SHANTI ADHIKARI, ANJANA ADHIKARI and DOES 1 to 50 YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFI (LO ESTA DEMANDANDO EL DEMANDANTE): DONNA DINAPOLI 'NOTIGET Yau have been sued. The court may dete apalral you wiRout your Boing heard unless you respond within 30 Gaye Read the information below ‘You have 20 CALENDAR DAYS after this summons and legal papers are servod on you to flo a won response at ths cout and have a copy served onthe plait. ltaror phone cal wl nt protect you. Your ten responee must be in proper legal form fyou want the cout to hear Your ‘ase. There may be a court form hat you ean se for your response. You can find these court forme and mote information atthe Callomia Cours Gnline Set-Help Center (ww. gowselho), your county lw library, or te courthouse nearest you. you cannot pay the fg fee, 03 the court clock fora fee waiver form. f you do na fle your responce on tne, you may lose the case by defou, ad your wages, money, nd propery ‘ay be taken without further warning om the court. ‘There are other legal rquremonts. You may want to cal an sttomey right away. Hyou donot know an atlorney, you may want cal an attorney ‘referral serves. you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible fo free legal serves from a nonprofit legal services program. You can locale these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Servicos Web st wn Jewfelpalfom, alfornia Courts Online Sel Help Conter (onr.courino.ea goviselfnel) or by contacting your local cout or county bar association, NOTE: The cout haa etafutry Hen for waived fees and ‘ests on any setleentor arbitration award of $10,000 or mare ina cl O28, Tho court's lon must be pak bofore the cout wil dams the ease, JAVISO! Lo han demandada. Sine respande dentro de 30 alas, a care puede decid en su contra sn escuchar su veri, Leela norman @ Continua, ‘iene 30 DIAS DE CALENDARIO desputs de que le enbeguon esta cacén y napeleslegles pars prosentr une respuesta por escrito en esta carta y hacer que so erreque una cope a demandarte. Una oara ona famada felefonica nol protegen, Su respuasta por escrlo Bore qu estar ‘en formato legal coneco si desee que procesen su caso en la crt. Es posble que haya un formulario quo usted pueda Wer para su respuasta. ‘Puede encontrar estos formulas dela corte y més inormacien enol Conrado Ayuda dela Corie do Calm fit¥). on a Diboteca de loyes do su condad o en la cate que lo quade més cere. ino puede pagar Ia cuols de prsantacién, pide a secretria Gea ore ‘que le. dé un forma do exencitn de pago de cuola. St mo presenta su respuesla@ tempo, puede order el caso por incumpmiono ya cote ‘Pods quia su sueldo, ner ybienes sin mas advrtoncia. hay ros requistosiegeles. Es recomendabie que Sane a un abogado inmeclalamente. Sino conoce a un abogado, puede fama a un sori de ‘romision a abogades. Sine puede pegar 8 un abogado, es posbo que Cuma con ls requisos para obtener servicios legals gratuite Ge un ‘programa do servicios legates sin nes de cro. Puede encontrar eslos grupos sin fhos do lucro on a sto web Go Calton’ Legal Sarco, {Gow, eno! Cento de Ayude de las Cartes de Calfomie, (www 0 poniéndose on contacto con la cote 0 a! ‘colegio de abogads locales. AVISO: Por le, la corte ane derecho a reclamar le cusas los cbtas exenioe por poner un gravemen sobre ‘uslquierrecuparacin de $10,000 6 mis de valor riba mediante un acuerdo o une cancestn de arblrao on un caso de derecho cl. le que ‘agar ol gravamen de la corte antes de qu la cote pueda desechar el caso. “The name and address of re cout See UBER COURT OF CR Meornia, COUNTY OF SAN sranciscok C15 - 547154 Civic Center Courthouse 400 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 The name, address, and telephone numberof paint’ attomey, or plsintif without an attorney, i E Retin Mortian sn (Bar vTeSSTS Foshie Whe xa (ar HARTA)” on Fan oS 2266 ‘ones Cli Phone No.: (415) 431-5310 Market Street, Suite 1200, Sun Francisco, CA 94192, 4 a Deputy echo) JUL 3 1 2015 TI rio) A (adjunto) ‘For prost of service of this surnmonssUBé Poa of Sarvice of Summons (form POS-070)}) (Para prueba de entrega de esta citation use el formula Proot of Service of Summons, (POS-010)). NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: You are served 1. G2) as an individual defendant. 2. [=] 28 the person sued under the fctous name of (spect BY F AX 3, 1 on pehatr ot fpeciy: under: [2] cP 416.10 corporation) Oy ccP 416.60 (minor) 1 coe 418.20 etunct corporation) [=] CGP 416.70 (conservatee) CoP 418.40 (association or partnership) [=] COP 416,90 (authorized person) 3 other (specity): 4.1 by personal delivery on (dete: base att Tape ‘SUMMONS ‘ase dowa cnr g 8 a oe Sy Lexile Automated Colforna ion CRC . © PLD-PI.001 [PRevin Morrison, Esq. (SBN. 160331) and Josbua D. White, Esq. (SBN: 246164) ‘ones Clifford LLP 1390 Market Street, Suite 1200 IL, D San Francisco, CA 98102 atl SSoanty Pa ‘euervowe no: (415) 431-5310 xno nto (415) 431-2266 Ean aooness pions. artonvey For ney. Plaintiff, DONNA DINAPOLL ‘SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORMA, COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO sveeersooness: 400 McA nao aooness: 400 McA cemvanozpéooe: San Frank 0, CA, seancr we: Civie Center Courthouse PLAINTIFF: DONNA DINAPOLI DEFENDANT: LYFT, INC., SHANTI ADHIKARI, ANJANA ADHIKARI| and poes ito 50. ‘COMPLAINT—Pprsonal Injury, Properly Damage, Wrongful Death () AMENDED (Number): Type (check all that apply) (q] MOTOR VEHICLE LX] OTHER (specify: General Negligence Property Damage [ic] Wrongful Death Personal injury” [X] Other Damages (specify: Prejudgment Interest JUL 31 2015 SERS Ban Tou (2) action is A LimiTep civi_ CASE Amount demanded [__] does not exceed $10,000 exceeds $10,000, but does not exceed $25,000 [GZ] ACTION Is AN UNLIMITED CIVIL CASE (exceeds $25,000) (5) ACTION Is RECLASSIFIED by this amended complaint [1 trom timited to untim ‘Jurisdiction (check all that apply): [from unlimited to timited GC-15-547154 1. Plaintiff (name or names): DONNA DINAPOLI alleges causes of action against defendant (name or names): LYFT, INC., SHANTI ADHIKARI, ANJANA ADHIKARI and DOES I to 30 2. This pleading, including attachments and exhibits, consists ofthe folowing numiver of pages: 6 3. Each plointif named above isa competent adult 2. [1 except paint (name). (1) LJ a corperation qualified to do business in Cafornia (2) 1 an unincorporated entity (describe): (@) EJ] # public entity (describe) (4) FS aminor (1 an edut (@) [J for whom a guardian or conservator of the estate or a guardian ad litem has been appointed (©) EI other pect: (6) [1] other (specify): b. (7) except plaintitt (name): (1) LJ a corperstion qualified to do business in California (2) EJ an unincorporated entity (describe): (3) E12 pubic entity (describe): (4) £2) eminor (—) an adutt BY FAX (@) (] forwhom a guardian or conservator ofthe estate or a guardian ad item has been appointed (6) = other (speci) (6) 9 other (specify): information about addtional painitfs who are not competent adutis shown in tachment 3, rests Taare Sea ‘COMPLAINT—Personal Injury, Property ee obistnen auey Bon Damage, Wrongful Death Lessee Automated Calferie adel Counc Forms : oO S PLD-PL-001 SHORT THLE ease HOWE DINAPOLI v. LYFT, INC, etal. 4, [7] Plaintiff (name): |s doing business under the ftitous name (specify): ‘and has complied withthe fictitious business name lave 5, Each defendant ramed above is a natural person 2. [iC] except defendant (name): LYFT, INC. ©. [J except defendant (name): (1) [a business organization, form unknown (1) Lo a business organization, form unknown (2) Cd] a corporation (2) E) a corporation (3) EJ] an unincorporated entity (describe): @) FJ anunincorporated entty (soscrbo) (4) @ pubic entity (describ: (4) Es public entity (describe): (6) other (speci (6) [1 other (speci: b. [except defendant (name): 4. (1 except defendant (name): (1) [1 business organization, frm unknown (1) [1] business organization, form unknown (2) [2 2 comporation (2) [J a corporation (8) FT on unincorporated entity (descr) (@) EJ an unincorporated entity (describe): (4) [a pubte entity (desaribey 4) [J 2 public entity (deserve: (8) other (spocitys: © J other (speci: Information about adcitional defendants who are not natural persons is contained in Attachment 5. 8. The true names of defendants sued as Doe: 2. [1] Doe defendants (spacty Doe numbers): named defendants and acted within to Scape of ». [1] Doe defendants (specty Doe numbers): plaint. 7. [1 Defendants who are joined under Code of Civil Procedure section 382 are (names): were the agens or employoes of ether ployment. are persons whose capacities are unknown to 8. This courts the proper court because 2, [i atleast one defendant now resides in its jurisdictional ares, b. [i the principal place of business of a defendant corporation or unincorporated association is in its jurisdictional area, . injury to person or damage to personal property occurred ints jurisdictional area, 4. EJ otter (speci): 9. [1] Plaintit is required to comply with a claims statute, and ‘© [J has complied with applicable claims statues, or ». Is excused from complying because (speci) PIB Rr way 12H ‘COMPLAINT—Personal injury, Property Paseo Damage, Wrongful Death LextNest® Aomated California Judicial Coun Forms . oO a PLD-PI.001 ‘SHORT TITLE! ENE DINAPOLI v. LYFT, INC., et al. 10. The following causes of action are allached and the statements above apply to each (each complaint must have one or moro causes of action attached) a. (0) Motor Vehicle bo. CE] General Negligence ¢. [J Intentional Tort . 5) Products Liabilty 2. E] Promises Liability f. [J other (spent 11. Pleintithas suttered 2. [J wage loss b. [2] loss of use of property ©. FJ hospital and medical expenses 4. [52] general damoge 2. [) property damage £. oss of earning capacity 9. GE) other damage (speci) Wrongful Death Damages- See Attachment 12 and Prejudgment interest pursuant to Civil Code Section 3291 12, [The damages claimed for wrongful death and the relationships of plant o the deceased are ‘@, [XC] listed in Attachment 12. ». C0) as follows: ‘The wrongful death claim for the death of Shane Holland is brought by Plaintiff, DONNA DINAPOLI, mother of decedent, Shane Holland. 13, The relief sought inthis complaint is within the jurisdiction ofthis court. 14, Plant prays for ugment for costs of sult for such rele asi fa, just, and equitable and for a. (1) Lx] compensatory damages (2) E) puntive damages The amount of damages is (in cases for personal injury or wrongful death, you must check (1)): (1) according to proof (2) £5) in the amount of $ 45, [GE] The paragraphs ofthis complaint alleged on information and belief are as follows (specity paragraph numbers): All. Date: July 31, 2015 J. Kevin Morrison, Esq. » 4. Ge Mt TTYPEGR PRAT HAE) {SHRATIRE OF RANTFF OR TTORNEN pra ony aT ‘COMPLAINT—Porsonal wi Property Feed Damage, Wrongful Death Lexie Antomated California Judea Coun Forme © ° PLO-P1-001(1) ‘SHORT THLE DINAPOLI v. LYFT, INC,, et al. FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION—Motor Vehicle {umber ATTACHMENT TO [3X] Complaint (—] Cross - Complaint (Use a separate cause of action form for each cause of action.) Plain (namo): DONNA DINAPOLI MV. 1. Pleintif alleges the acts of defendants were negligent; the acts were the legal (proximate) cause of Injuries and damages to plaintif; the acts occurred on (date): November 1, 2014 st (place): Hwy I-80 Westbound, 0.9 miles west of Riverside Avenue, Sacramento, CA MV- 2, DEFENDANTS [AC] The defendants who operated a motor vehicle are (names): SHANTI ADHIKARI and TO does 1 to 5 b. [2] The defendants who employed the persons who operated a motor vehicle inthe course oftheir employment ‘re (names): LYFT, INC. and Does 5 to 20 ©. CZ The defendants who owned the motor vehicle which was operated with their permission are (names): ANJANA ADHIKARI and TO does 21 to 25 4. [32] The defendanis who entrusted the motor vehicle are (names): LYFT, INC., ANJANA ADHIKARI and Does 25 to 30. ©. CE) The defendants wns were ihe agents and employees ofthe other defendants and acted within the scope ‘of the agency were (names): LYFT, INC., SHANTI ADHIKARI and TX does 26. to 30 §. [21 The defendants who are lable to plainiffs for other reasons and the reasons forthe labilty are [ised in Attachment Mv-21 [XC] 28 follows: Each defendant was acting as an agent, servant, employee, special employee, alter ego, successor in interest, partner, joint venture, lessee, and/or licensee of each ofthe other defendants. In addition, each defendant hes ratified and approved the acts of each of the other defendants. Each ofthe members ofthe joint venture, andthe joint vente itself, are responsible forthe wrongful conduct of a member acting in furtherance ofthe venture. (1 does 31 to 40 Page Tempepeat Spars oo CAUSE OF ACTION—Motor Vehicle ‘Caine ton 12 uobni er enay 07 LerisNexu® Automated Calfornt Jute! Comet Forms © ° PLD-PI-001(2) ‘SHORT TITLE: ENGR DINAPOLI v. LYFT, INC., ct al. SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION—General Negligence Page _5 ‘ci ATTACHMENT TO CX] Complaint [—) Cross - Compiaint (Use a separate causo of action form for each cause of action.) GN-+4. Plaintiff (name): DONNA DINAPOLI alleges that defendant (name):LYFT, INC. and CO bees: 41 to 50 ‘was the legal (proximate) cause of damages to plain. By the following acts or omissions to act, defendant negligently caused the damage to plaintiff (on (date): November 1, 2014 at (place): Hwy I-80 Westbound, 0.9 miles west of Riverside Avenue, Sacramento, CA (description of reasons for lability): Defendants, and each of them, negligently and carelessly investigated, researched, hired, employed, retained, contracted, supervised, controlled, instructed and trained defendant SHANTI ADHIKARI and ‘was the legal and proximate cause and a substantial factor in causing the death of SHANE HOLLAND, plaintiff DONNA DINAPOLI's son, Furthermore, defendants, and each of them, intentionally and/or carelessly created the impression that SHANTI ADHIKARI was LYFT, INC.’S employee and/or agent. Plaintiff and decedent SHANE HOLLAND reasonably believed that SHANTI ADHIKARI was LYFT, INC.’S employee and/or agent, and plaintiff and decedent SHANE HOLLAND were harmed because they reasonably relied on their belief, Furthermore, each defendant was acting as an agent, servant, employee, special employee, alter ego, successor in interest, partner, joint venturer, lessee, and/or licensee of each of the other defendants. In addition, each defendant has ratified and approved the acts of each of the other defendants, Each of the ‘members of the joint venture, and the joint venture itself, are responsible for the wrongful conduct of a member acting in furtherance of the venture, Sees ‘CAUSE OF ACTION—General Negligence ile iad ater sony 007 exisexis@ Automoted Calforma Juco! Count Frm